What is Saddle Stitched and 4 of It’s Benefits!!

The booklet you see in general usually has a saddle stitched at the center. It is the method to bind together the paper, so the booklet will look neat. It also becomes the partition to ease the reader into getting information in the booklet. Read more information about this binging method and its benefits.

The Saddle Stitch Definition

Saddle Stitch Binding Example

There are many binding options available for your booklet and one of them is saddle stitched binding. The saddle stitch is the method to bind the booklet together, so the reader will be able to easily read the booklet. The paper is also folded into two sections, giving you a larger number of pages.

Even though this method has limitations, it is the cheapest and easiest among other methods. Usually, the saddle stitch works well for booklets such as magazines and pamphlets. They only have a few pages and it is possible to apply this method well.

The position of the saddle stitch is at the center of the page or booklet. It can be more than one staple to make sure it is strong enough to bind the paper together. Many people use this method because it is cost-effective and easy to apply for thin folded booklets.

The Construction of Saddle Stitched

The construction is easy because you only have to fold the paper in half size. If you have paper 30 x 40 cm, you can fold the part of 40 cm in a half. Later, the size of the paper will be 30 cm x 20 cm. You have a fourth page after that, eg: 20 pages become 80 pages.

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Where to put the saddle stitch? It will be at the center of the page. You use a stapler to staple the center, and the bigger the size, the more stapler. The size of the staple is also important because it affects the strength of the booklet binding.

After you staple them at the center of the book, they bind together. Usually, the first and last pages are the cover and you can use different quality of paper for this. Remember, the construction only allows you to bind thin booklets since the saddle stitched method is too fragile for thick booklets.

The Maximum Page for Saddle Stitched

There is a requirement to have saddle stitch binding for the booklet. Since a paper can provide up to 4 pages, it is nice to have a maximum of 32 pieces of paper. When you fold those 32 pieces, you can have about 64 pieces with about 128 pages.

The number of pages will affect the durability of the saddle stitch method, especially if the size of the stitch is small. Even though you bind them together by more than two staplers, sixty-four pieces of paper all at once might be ruined. So, you have to make it into the maximum number.

You also don’t need to create a saddle stitch if it only has four pages after folding. It is such a waste of a stapler since there is no page to bind at all. You can simply make a fold for the paper. It is nicer, and there are a lot of folding styles available according to the purpose and aesthetic.

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How Many Staples to Use for a Booklet?

Saddle Stitch Binding

The number of staples will follow the size of the booklet itself. Mostly, the booklet only has staples, and they are not at the center. Usually, the position of the staples has a particular distance. It’s neither at the center nor the edge since it only decreases the strength of the staple.

How about using only one staple in the middle of the booklet? It is possible even though it only fits when the pages are fewer. You don’t need to staple the spine with many stitches because it will ruin the aesthetic. As long as you staple it right, the strength of the saddle stitch will support the booklet.

The Books for Saddle Stitch Binding

There are various books that you can bid together using the saddle stitch binding. Catalogs and magazines are common, but you might need a stapler that has a bigger size. Catalogs and magazines are books that have extraordinary textures and the thickness thicker than ordinary paper.

You might also find a manual book using saddle stitched binding because the manual is simple. The book is given freely by the manufacturer as a guide. The method will save more money for the manufacturer. Manuals only have a few pages as well in general.

Brochures that have multiple pages commonly use this method to bind since it is cheap. It is also a faster way to combine the whole page. Other examples of using this method are comic books, mailers, price lists, and calendars.

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The Benefits of Saddle Stitch Binding

The cheap method

No other methods that will be cheaper than saddle stitched binding. It is the method that everyone will likely use. The stapler is very common in many printing industries as well. The cost of using staples is very low, and you can bind the booklet with one or two staples only.

The fast way to bind

Another reason to choose the saddle stitched method is that this is very fast. You only use a stapler to make them bind. There is no other option, and the tool can be found everywhere. It is simple and fast. In a minute, you can staple more than five booklets.


Another benefit that you can get from this method is its high durability. The staples are from aluminum, yet the shape after stapling will follow the thickness of the booklet. As long as it is not rusty, the durability of this method is high and reliable for long-run production.

It is light

The staples are very light. The size of the staples is small. It almost doesn’t add up to the weight of the booklet. It is reliable even though you are binding the bulk. For mailing stuff, it will not be an issue since it doesn’t count much.

The saddle stitched booklet will have higher durability. The booklets will look neat because of the binding method. There is no particular style since all staples used for stitching have the same shape.

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