10 Benefits from Managed Services Cost Savings!!

Managed Services Cost Savings

Managed services cost savings are crucial things when you run a business so you can allocate the costs for other priorities. Using managed services enables you to assign complete control of a specific function to the service provider. You should assess the needs and circumstances before transferring the duty.  How to Define a Managed Service? A … Read more

6 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Using Mailing Indicia!!

Mailing Indicia

Mailing indicia is very beneficial if you send bulk mailings because it can save cost and time than stamping on each manually. Popular as a permit imprint, the mailer prints the postage information on the upper corner of the envelope to show that the sender has prepaid.  What You Need to Know About Mailing Indicia There … Read more

6 Easy Methods on How to Remove Sublimation Print from Shirt!!

How to Remove Sublimation Print from Shirt

Sublimation shirts are famous for their design longevity. However, this long-lasting ink can be a drawback when you make a printing mistake on a sublimation shirt. Thankfully, you can try several methods on how to remove sublimation print from shirt. What is Sublimation Print? When it comes to shirt printing, there are several printing techniques … Read more

8+ Steps on How to Price Printing Service Efficiently!!

How to Price Printing Service

Before you decide to create a business in the printing industry, you have to make a good plan, especially on how to price printing service. The printing service is promising if you know how to calculate the factors properly. Here are some considerations that you must pay attention to. Considering The Equipment The printing equipment … Read more

4 Types of Foil Stamping Printing and The Machines!!

foil stamping printing

The digital printing industry is super extraordinary today, there is a new printing technique everyone should know, and it is foil stamping printing. Hot foil stamping makes digital printing more luxurious than ever. Get all details about this printing technique below. What Is Foil Stamping? Foil stamping or foil printing is something more awesome than … Read more

FedEx Print and Go Prices 2023: How Much Does Printing at FedEx Cost?

The FedEx Office Stores

FedEx Print and Go offers convenience and high-quality printing services. You can print an important copy that you need just by dropping by any FedEx office. In this post, we tell you what FedEx Print and Go is, how it works, as well as FedEx Print and Go prices. What Is FedEx Print and Go? … Read more

What is Die Cutting Printing Process and its Purposes??

Die-cutting printing is familiar if you work in the printing or packaging industry. This printing method is very beneficial for product packaging design. It creates a professional and consistent look for each package produced by a company.  What Does Die Cutting Printing Means? Die cutting is one of the printing methods usually used in a manufacturing … Read more

What Authors Need to Know About Comic Book Dimensions and Formats!!

Standard comic book dimensions

Since there are many options for printing comics available now, knowing about comic book dimensions is essential for authors. The comic is a book genre that has large fans. Selecting the right format, dimensions, and binding can contribute to the success of transforming your physical comic book.  Standard Size of Comic Book  The book’s dimensions consist of … Read more