4 Easy Steps on Fixing Nozzle Too Close to Bed Issue!

Checking The 3D Printer Temperature

You should know the normal distance between the print nozzle and the bed. If nozzle too close to bed, the nozzle is going to scrape against the bed and damage some parts of the printer. You need to level both parts properly since repairing damaged printer parts is costly. How to Know If the Nozzle … Read more

XL Ink Pros and Cons vs Regular Ink

Wasting Ink

How many types of ink cartridges do you know? Many people know the regular cartridge without knowing anything about the XL ink. Some cartridges have the XL sign on them and the sign confuses users of printers who need to get new ones for their printers. What Is the XL Ink Cartridge? Some printer manufacturers … Read more

11 Ways to Fix Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer Access Is Denied!

Windows computer is now the most famous computer type people use around the world. Unfortunately, this famous OS isn’t free from any trouble. One common problem is Windows cannot connect to the printer access is denied, you need to fix it immediately to start printing normally again. Reasons for Access Denied Error on Windows Computers … Read more

Why Would Printer Be Offline? 4 Easiest Solutions!!

my HP printer keeps going offline

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10 Solutions for Why Won’t My iPhone Connect to WiFi!!

Fixing WiFi Network Connectivity Error on iPhone

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Why Won’t My Brother Printer Recognize the Ink Cartridge?

A Brother printer, or any other printer, may experience minor issues like it doesn’t recognize the cartridge. Some users wonder why won’t my Brother printer recognize the ink cartridge and need to find troubleshooting. This page contains every detail you need about this minor issue. What Makes Brother Printer Don’t Recognize The Cartridge? One of … Read more

Why Is My Touch Screen Not Working on My iPhone?

The Best Ways to Fix iPhone’s Unresponsive Touch Screen

Why is my touch screen not working on my iPhone? You may also want to know the answer to this question if you experience touchscreen errors on your iPhone. Any version of the iPhone, starting from the 6s to the latest one, may experience this issue and you’ll have to find a solution. The Reasons … Read more

6 Solutions for Why Is My Printer Not Printing Correctly!

Why is my printer not printing correctly? Some users yell at their printers hoping that it will make the printer magically able to print the documents. Yelling doesn’t help, so you better learn the best solutions to fix the issue and make your printer work properly again. Common Printer Problems and Solutions Printers are an … Read more