XL Ink Pros and Cons vs Regular Ink

Wasting Ink

How many types of ink cartridges do you know? Many people know the regular cartridge without knowing anything about the XL ink. Some cartridges have the XL sign on them and the sign confuses users of printers who need to get new ones for their printers. What Is the XL Ink Cartridge? Some printer manufacturers … Read more

7 Benefits of Network Printers and How to Set It Up!!

Business today is using technology like file sharing, cloud computing, and other aspects of technology. However, many industries are still using printers to print documents. Various types of printers are now available, including network printers and local printers, which one is the much better option? Get to Know Local Printers Local printers are the ones … Read more

Add Network Printer CMD: How to Do it in Windows 10 and More!

Network Printer

Network printers still play essential roles in the daily operation of businesses. This printer can be connected to several computers via a Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable. Moreover, users can only gain access to this printer by adding it to their PC, e.g., add network printer CMD. Network Printer: What is it and Its Advantages … Read more

4 Best Cleaning Solution for Printheads, No More Clogged Printheads!!

Best Cleaning Solution for Printheads

Inkjet printers are a great choice for small offices and homes. They can deliver high-quality images and documents at a relatively low cost. Unfortunately, clogged printheads can lessen the quality of the images and documents. To clean them, you can use a cleaning solution for printheads. Printer Heads Cleaning The printhead is a printer part … Read more

8+ Easy Steps on How to Install Scanner Driver Manually!!

8+ Easy Steps on How to Install Scanner Driver Manually!!

Scanner drivers are software that can signal, run and communicate from scanners on a computer. How to install scanner driver manually is one of the essential steps in preparing the scanner hardware to work. One hardware other than printers that are often used is the Scanner; its function is to scan documents or images to … Read more

5+ Simple Steps for Brother Printer Low Toner Override!!

5+ Simple Steps for Brother Printer Low Toner Override!!

It is possible to apply Brother printer low toner override. There is no doubt that genuine Brother toner is highly expensive. While you want to buy a genuine one, you consider that you can override your Brother printer’s low toner.  The good news is you can do it as easy as 1-2-3. First Method of … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Printer is Printing Blank Pages and It’s Solutions!!

Why Printer is Printing Blank Pages

One of the most annoying things about a printer is when it abruptly prints blank pages, especially when you’re in the middle of printing essential papers. Don’t be worried if your printer is printing blank pages. There are solutions to this problem and these are simple enough to do on your own, even if you … Read more