How Many Books are There in the World: The History and Statistics!!

How Many Books are There in the World

Books are one of the oldest things in the world. The first books date back thousands of years ago. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are numerous books in the world. How many books are there in the world right now? Let’s find out. The History of Books We cannot separate the history of … Read more

Printout Price: How Much is It and How to Calculate Printer’s Cost per Page!!

How much is the Printout Price Considered Good Value

How much is the cost of printing a page of document or photo? Well, the printout price depends on many things, such as paper types and ink types. It also depends on where you print it. Printing documents and photos using your printer of course costs differently from printing at an outlet. Printing Documents and … Read more

What is Printer Toner, Advantages, and 6 Tips When Choosing One!!

Choosing The Toner for Printer Toner

It is normal to be confused with many options of the printer, especially a printer toner. You might have a question such as what is printer toner and why is it different than other types of printers. The answer is always the purpose of using the printer and your budget. The printer toner is an … Read more

The Best 10 Printer Brands 2022!!

Printer Brands

Buying a printer among printer brands available in the market can be super challenging. Besides the model, you will find many brands that sell printers at competitive prices. The quality of printing can be different and the way we have to maintain the printer varies. It is important to buy a printer from reputable brands … Read more

7 Easy Steps of How to Print on Vinyl!!

7 Easy Steps of How to Print on Vinyl!!

Vinyl is printable material that recently has become a trend to print some labels and stickers. Since the type of material is different than ordinary paper, you need to know how to print on vinyl to get the best result on its surface.  The material is unique because the surface itself has water-resistant content. The … Read more

Understanding Printer Ink Cost per Page and 3 Reasons Why It Is Expensive!!

Understanding Printer Ink Cost per Page

Have you ever thought about the printer ink cost and how it affects you? Yes, you notice how expensive it can be. But it’s also a necessity that you can’t easily dismiss or replace. Calculating Your Average Printer Ink Cost per Page Keep in mind that this calculation disregards the printer models and focuses on … Read more

5+ Easy Steps to Remove Printer Ink From Clothes!!

5+ Easy Steps to Remove Printer Ink From Clothes!!

How can you remove printer ink from clothes? This is such a bothering thing because you can hardly avoid it. Basically, removing the stain is very easy though you should be very careful.  You can remove the stain from your clothes and hands altogether. How To Remove Printer Ink From Clothes!! Even if it is … Read more

8+ Types of Printer Paper GSM and Why is It Important to Know!!

8+ Types of Printer Paper GSM and Why is It Important to Know!!

Have you ever heard of GSM? Maybe you are familiar with this printer paper GSM related to document printing, especially if you are familiar with various printed products such as brochures, covers, magazines, invitations, books, etc. Some of these products are printed in large quantities to meet customer demand. However, do you understand that we … Read more