4 Types of A4 Folded Printing and It’s Benefit!!

A4 folded printing is one of several printing methods available. This shows the result where the paper has a style to bring the information. Usually, you will see this style in leaflets. Since it is one of the important methods to know, check the definition and its multiple benefits in this article.

What is A4 Folded Printing?

A4 Folded - Tri Fold
A4 Folded – Tri Fold

The printing activity has several methods. One of them is an A4 folded style that usually exists to bring information in the form of leaflets. The size of the paper is A4, but the information is arranged into different columns and sections. It is one of the ways to attract more interest from the reader.

You have to prepare the design of the paper in A4 size before printing. The themes, backgrounds, and fonts are the main parts of this printing. You can have multiple designs on a piece of paper. People tend to choose double-sided printing as well to save costs.

The Dimensions of A4 Folded

The folded leaflet from A4 size will have different types according to the folding style. The dimensions for each fold will be different. The flat size itself is 297mm x 210mm. Here are some finishings that will be divided into different styles:

  • Single fold    : 105 x 297 mm
  • Cross fold    : 105 x 148 mm
  • Z-fold : 99 x 210 mm
  • Tri-fold        : 99 x 210 mm
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The best paper to fold in A4 folded printing is 130gsm and 170gsm. These options are the best because the paper can be folded well. The higher density will only create unnecessary wrinkles in the middle of the folded part. The paper is more eco-friendly for leaflets and saves the cost.

Type of Folded

1.    Single fold

A4 Folded - Single Fold

The single fold means that the A4 paper only has one fold and it is usually in the middle of the paper. The dimension will look like an A5 leaflet. Sometimes, people call this style a half-fold style. It is the simplest and doesn’t require many designs and columns to present the information.

2.    Cross fold

The cross fold is A4 folded style which has been folded several times. The variation of this style will be based on how you will deliver the information. Normally, the cross fold has several ways. The most popular folding style is the French fold.

3.    Z-fold

Another name for this style is Concertina. It means this folding style has a zig-zag style. The leaflet will have six pages to twelve pages. It is good to deliver much detailed information on a piece of paper.

4.    Roll fold or Tri Fold

The roll fold is also a popular style, and another name for this is tri-fold. There are three sections of this style. So, the leaflet will have about six pages double-sided.

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The Advantages of A4 Folded Printing


If you want to deliver a lot of information, A4 folded printing is the best option. The information will be more detailed, and the space gives it a chance to deliver greater information. It is a cheap option even though the printing is double-sided.

The best marketing material

The style of this printing is the best option to deliver some marketing materials. Usually, the outlets share brochures to make sure that the potential audience will read the reference. The format and size are the biggest considerations because it is handy.

More contents

The printing also allows you to deliver more information on a single paper. Each fold can have a different theme, background, and information. You can deliver contact, profile, and service that you can offer to potential customers.

A4 folded printing is the method to deliver more information on a piece of paper. It has many benefits to pour more content effectively and low cost. Choose this printing method to share the content with your potential customers with interesting and attractive content.

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