6 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Using Mailing Indicia!!

Mailing indicia is very beneficial if you send bulk mailings because it can save cost and time than stamping on each manually. Popular as a permit imprint, the mailer prints the postage information on the upper corner of the envelope to show that the sender has prepaid

What You Need to Know About Mailing Indicia

Mailing Indicia
source: pe.usps.com

There are several essential things that you need to know about this permit imprint. Those help you discover what makes it different from the postage stamp. 

  • An Indicia is Not Real Postage 

An indicia does not require payment to print the postage. Instead, it belongs to the mail when you have printed its envelope. You usually purchase the postage when you mail it from the postal bulk mail unit. 

  • It is Permit Only

Indicia needs a postal permit for when you want to use it. Using a mail house for a direct mail campaign requires a permit number rather than securing the owned permit. The graphic designer may add the indicia into the actual artwork file of the mailer or your printer can add it into the artwork file before you print it. 

A printed mailing permit indicia on each envelope signifies that the sender has paid it so it is no longer using a postage stamp

  • The Imprint Format

To meet the postal service requirements, you must print the indicia in the upper right corner like the normal position of the delivery address. However, the post office does not need to put a cancel imprint across it like what we usually discover on the postage stamp. 

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Remember that there are specific rules for using mailing indicia based on the postal service. An indicia must comprise specific information and apply a fixed format. Besides, the mailing requires further processing from the post office that has given the permit

  • Number of Mailings 

An indicia is not for individual mailing but for sending mailings in batches. You usually need to send 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail once to use this imprint stamp service. Its minimum number is unavailable for Parcel Select Ground, Bound Printed Matter, and other exceptions. 

  • It requires USPS payment

Both stamps and indicia are applicable for bulk mail but you will purchase the same postage. However, you must purchase USPS at one time before using indicia for bulk mail to get the authorization for permit imprint. The payment is around $275 but you do not need to pay using stamps.

There is no correlation between purchasing the postage and the email barcode. Instead, it is for USPS when processing the mail before delivering it. 

  • More economical 

Using the indicia helps you to save money for each mailing piece so it is worth trying if you have at least 200 mailing pieces to send. You only need to complete a postage statement form to get a discounted rate and it does not include any presorting step. 

Mailing indicia is convenient and simple which helps you save both money and time if you must send bulk mailings because you do not need to put the address manually. Pay attention to the requirements of the postal service to enjoy maximum benefits.

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