What is Printer Duty Cycle and Why Is It Important?

When you are about to buy a new printer, you will see the printer duty cycle in the description. It is important specifications when you buy it, so you need more knowledge about how it is. Read the explanation below to know more about the duty cycle in the printer.

The Definition of Printer Duty Cycle

The definition of duty cycle in the printer is in numbering with a page per month as the tail. It is the number of pages that the printer can print without any breaking down. The printing output will be out well as long as the range is still under the duty cycle.

For example, a printer has 2000 pages per month duty cycle. It means the maximum work for the printer is 2000 pages only to have the best result. If you print more than the number, the output might not be as good as under 2000 page-range.

The Importance of Duty Cycle on Printer

printer duty cycle

  • Output expectation

It is important to know how productive you are working with the printer. If you work for a home office, the printer with a low-duty cycle will not be a problem. However, if the user is very busy, you have to find a printer with a high number of duty cycles.

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This capacity is decided by the manufacturer. Each printer will have a different duty cycle as well. It is an adjustment for the user whether they need a high or low-productivity printer. Usually, printers with high-duty cycles have a more expensive price tag in the market.

  • Maintaining the components

It is also important to maintain the printer components if you don’t want them worn out in less than a year. You have to follow the guideline of the duty cycle. After the number passes the limit, the printer should take some rest. It will increase the lifespan of your printer.

This is why knowing your productivity could help you to find the best model printer. Even though a printer has its period to use well, you can have better output and the components will not get damaged easily. You can avoid going to the service center to replace the components.

How If We Exceed The Numbers of Duty Cycle?

Your printer will not find a problem immediately. However, if you keep exceeding the number of printer duty cycle, the components will be worn out. The lifespan becomes shorter than it should. Some models might not be able to fix again after a few months.

What is The Sign of Exceeding the Duty Cycle?

Slow speed

The general sign of the printer passing the duty cycle is the speed is going slower. It will not help with your productivity. The printer should take some rest for some time before it is ready to use again.

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Poor quality

Another sign to worry that you have passed the monthly duty cycle is when the printing output is poor. It means that the printer cannot work in normal conditions. The more you print, the worse output comes.

It is important to check the printer duty cycle on the machine you have. It is part of maintaining the whole components, so it won’t be worn out too fast. The duty cycle is a basic guideline for the user to create a better and safe environment as well.

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