Should I Collate When Printing and How to Do It?

Printing can be easier with the collate option if you have many pages in one document to print. But should I collate when printing in every printing activity? Certainly not. You have to know when and how to do it for sequence printing. Here is the information about collate printing to help you.

What is Collate Printing?

Should I Collate When Printing

Collate printing is like collecting and combining pages while you are printing. This is the best option to print when you have many pages to print and more than one copy for each side. Collate printing will be in order, so you don’t have to arrange the pages anymore once the output is out.

The printer machine can recognize this command and it helps you to save more time. Instead of copying the same pages, the machine will print the whole pages first and repeat the process until the number of copies is done. The user doesn’t need to separate the pages anymore.

Should I Collate When Printing?

You can do collate printing if the number of pages in one document is more than one page. Later, the machine will print it in sequence and on repeat until the number of papers you want to print is completed. Should I collate when printing one page only? The answer is no because there is nothing to collate.

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The Use of Collate Printing

Magazine and Manuals

Both magazines and manuals are made by the publishing company. It is very common to collate printing because it increases efficiency and productivity. The user doesn’t have to separate them anymore since they print thousands of magazines and manuals at once.


High-performance printing for booklets can use the idea of collate printing. Once the process is complete, you can share the booklet immediately without separating each page of the booklet. This is a useful and helpful method for school purposes.

How to Do Collate Printing?

This is an option that you will find in the printing preview. You have to set it first on the setting because collate printing is not the default setting. This is one feature that will be available for all printers of the models and the brands of the printers themselves.

Should I collate when printing will only work when you have more than one page in a document to print into multiple? This option is helpful because you don’t have to separate the pages anymore. You can find the option on print preview before you print the whole document.

The Advantages of Collate Printing

Keeping each copy

If you don’t want to miss a single copy while separating the documents, then the question of whether should I collate when printing is no longer an option. You can keep the file separately. You only have to separate the last and the first page while the document printing is completed.

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The process is consistent

The printing mode of collate printing is more consistent. The machine will not leave a single page out, so you can be more relieved. When you are printing one document into many copies, collate printing will help you with this. It will look like the original documents that you want to print.

Fast and efficient

The advantage of collated printing that will not make you think twice is the speed and efficiency. You don’t have to separate the paper when it is out. After the printing is completed, you don’t have to separate each paper into the whole document. It’s efficient and reliable for a large number of pages.

The question of whether should I collate when printing is no longer a question when you have known the advantage of collate printing. It is fast and efficient if you are printing many pages in a document. However, it is not working for printing one page only. Change the setting before you print.

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