4 Details About Plastic Comb Books!!

There are so many binding types and techniques available, but many people love to make plastic comb books. The plastic comb binding technique is one of many old techniques you can consider. However, before choosing this binding type, you need to learn about this comb binding technique first. 

Facts About Comb Plastic for Comb Binding

The plastic comb binding technique involves the use of different comb sizes and there are different colors available. If this is going to be your first time creating publications with the plastic comb binding technique, here are some facts about this binding technique you better learn.

  • Binding combs sizes

The size of plastic binding combs varies so you can choose the right one for each project. The smallest binding combs available are the 3/16-inch plastic combs. The small-sized plastic combs are perfect for a publication that only contains some pages.

The biggest plastic combs available are the 2 inches plastic combs that can carry up to 400 sheets of paper. The plastic comb that is 1.25 inches or bigger has an oval shape. But the smaller plastic combs will have a round shape.

  • Plastic combs colors

The colors of the plastic comb also come in various options so that you can match it with the logo of your company. Those available color options will also allow you to match the color with the cover of the publication. The most famous comb colors are clear, navy blue, white, and black.

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But there are many other color options available for plastic comb books. If you want a specific color but it isn’t available, consider ordering printed combs that have PMS colors. Or you can also place a custom color for your publications.

Keep in mind that PMS printing can be super expensive and ordering a custom color for your plastic comb books require you to place a huge quantity order. Some printing businesses will require you to place 10,000 to 50,000 pieces for a custom order.

  • Combs hole pattern

Plastic comb binding usually is using a comb that has nineteen holes with 9/16 inch rectangular holes in the center. This type of hole is used by almost all plastic combs around the world.

  • Finishing

If you choose to use the plastic comb binder technique, you must punch all sheets you want to bind. And then you must finish the documents by using this specific tool named a plastic comb opener. Smaller comb binder systems have a machine with an opener on its top.

Or you can also find a stand-alone opening device for the plastic comb binding technique. This opener is going to spread the plastic combs to let you insert the pages onto the spine’s fingers. You can also use the opener to edit bound documents when you have to remove or add pages to the book.

Plastic comb books become one of the most binding techniques desired by many clients. If you too want to use this plastic comb binding technique for your upcoming publication, get to know some facts and details about the technique first.

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