Print Paper Sizes of 3 Different Paper Series!!

Various print paper sizes allow you to choose the right size for the publication you want to create. But you need to understand the difference between each paper size so that you’ll know the best one for different publications. Below are details about different paper sizes in the printing industry.

3 Series of Paper for Printing

The most famous paper sizes are the A5 or tabloid paper and the A4 or letter paper. However, they are not the only paper sizes available. At least, there are three different series of printing paper and each of them contains various paper sizes.

  • The A Series

Print Paper Sizes a1-a10

The A series is the most famous one in the ISO standard and many people around the world always use the A series constantly. There are eleven members of the A series, starting from A0 to A10. The bigger the number, the smaller the size of the paper.

Format of the A series Size in inches Size in millimeters
A0 33.1×46.8 841×1189
A1 23.4×33.1 594×841
A2 16.5×23.4 420×594
A3 11.7×16.5 297×420
A4 8.3×11.7 210×297
A5 5.8×8.3 148×210
A6 4.1×5.8 105×148
A7 2.9×4.1 74×105
A8 2.0×2.9 52×74
A9 1.5×2.0 37×52
A10 1.0×1.5 26×37

This series’ system has an A0 format as its basic, which has an area of one square meter. To make the next paper sizes, you only have to fold the basic format of the A series. For example, to get the A1, fold the A0 in the middle and you will get the size you need.

  • The B series of print paper sizes

The other series of printer paper is the B series, and the members have wider a wider range. B-series papers have bigger sizes than A-series papers. The size of the B series’ papers is based on the geometric of two sheets from the A series. 

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Format of the B series Size in inches Size in millimeters
B0 39.4×55.7 1000×1414
B1 27.8×39.4 707×1000
B2 19.7×27.8 500×707
B3 13.9×19.7 353×500
B4 9.8×13.9 250×353
B5 6.9×9.8 176×250
B6 4.9×6.9 125×176
B7 3.5×4.9 88×125
B8 2.4×3.5 62×88
B9 1.7×2.4 44×62
B10 1.2×1.7 31×44

What does it mean the size of the B series’ papers is based on the geometric of two sheets from the A series? The size of a B4 paper for example is between the size of A4 and A3 and the size of a B5 paper is between the size of A5 and A4.

  • The C Series

Usually, people use papers of the C series for envelopes, the space it offers is enough to accommodate a sheet from the A series. You can fit the A series paper inside the C series envelope as long as they have the same number. This means the A5 paper will fit inside the C5 envelope.

Format of the C series Size in inches Size in millimeters
C0 36.1×51.1 917×1297
C1 25.5×36.1 648×917
C2 18.0×25.5 458×648
C3 12.8×18.0 324×458
C4 9.0×12.8 229×324
C5 6.4×9.0 162×229
C6 4.5×6.4 114×162
C7 3.2×4.5 81×114
C8 2.2×3.2 57×81
C9 1.6×22 40×57
C10 1.1×1.6 28×40

The various print paper sizes are available for different purposes. Before choosing the right paper size, you need to know the publication you are going to make. Different series of papers are for different purposes of publication.

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