5 Printer Problems and Solutions!!

As an important machine for office and school, the printer always supports your productivity. However, you might find some problems after using it for some periods. Understanding the printer problems and solutions will help you overcome low productivity and can use the machine again. Here is the list.

Bad Print Quality Printer Problems and Solutions

You might set the wrong setting

Commonly, some users fail to recognize the correct setting on the printer. It ends up having bad printing quality and you have no choice but to throw the paper away. If this happens to your printer, check again the setting such as the type of paper selected.

More than the number of duty cycle

Each printer has its printer duty cycle. If the use has passed the number, you will find the printing quality is bad. This problem won’t be solved unless you make the printer rest for a while. You have to change to another machine 

There is Warning and Printer Won’t Print

Usually, other problems and solutions that you need are when the screen has an error or warning message. The printer will not work if the message hasn’t disappeared yet. So, you have to dismiss the message first to start printing again. It is an easy solution to follow the command on the message.

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If the message still appears, you can dismiss this issue by doing the reset for the printer. Turn it off and let it be after some time. Usually, the problem is about troubleshooting and you can easily fix it. The message will not appear anymore after you restart.

Printer is Unresponsive

Another common problem that printer user face is unresponsive printers. The printer doesn’t work how it should. However, you can examine some issues that might be the reasons why the printer is unresponsive.

The first is checking if the printer is ON. The second is checking the paper tray. If there is no single paper on it, the printer will not work at all. The cables should be connected to the computer and also the source of power. If you use a wireless connection, check the connection again.

Check the Security Setting

Security settings may be the reason why the printer is not working. This problem is easy to fix by checking the setting. Usually, unauthorized access is the reason why the security disallows it to work. That access may contain malware that will breach privacy.

It’s better to have the latest installation of the security setting. The latest one will protect the printer and ensure that hackers will not breach your data or documents. Or if you have no idea, you can reset the setting to default and restart to print again after that.

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Paper Jams Problem

Paper jams are a common problem that you will find in any model printer. It shouldn’t be a big problem when the paper is stuck. There might be foreign objects that disallow the paper to be out. Sometimes, the main cause of paper jams is overfilling the paper on the tray.

Therefore, the printer problems and solutions for this matter are by removing the stuck paper manually. You can check the condition of the inside because you might have inserted paper improperly. If you are using thick paper, it is way better to feed them one by one rather than putting them on the tray.

Slow printing

Another problem is that you must understand what the solution is when the printer prints too slowly. It is the issue that happens to many models. The waiting time to print is also taking too long. The result of the printing is also poor even though it is as simple as a black-and-white document.

The solution for this problem is checking the setting. If you set it correctly, the slow printing is preventable. For example, duplex printing is a feature for double-sided paper. If you set it for only one-sided, the printer tends to work slowly.

Another way to make it work is by setting the password in your printer. Some printers have this security setting and it will protect the printer itself. This protection becomes a more important specification. You can always change the password once in a while.

Those printer problems and solutions above will help you to fix the printer without the help of a technician. Sometimes, the problems are not that serious. You can fix it by yourself and not spend much money by going to the service center.

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