The Saddle Stitch Binding Page Count and Risks!!

Saddle-stitched binding is a good method for thin booklets. Considering saddle stitch binding page count is something you have to do because this method is limited for the best durability. How to Count the pages using this method? Here is the information you need to know.

What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

Saddle Stitch Binding Example

Saddle stitch binding is the method to bind some pieces of paper together and create a booklet. It is the easiest method of binding that has become popular decades ago. You don’t need any specialization to do this because the binding method will only use staplers and staples.

Even though the term saddle stitch has the context where it is stitched, actually the stitch itself is coming from staples. It is also cheap, and you can find the tools in the market. The spine of the booklet will have the staples after they are folded into two pieces, yet the number of pages is four per paper.

The Number of Saddle Stitch Binding Page Count

When you fold a paper, the number of pages will be divided into four. This is not the least of the saddle stitch binding page count because four pages don’t need a staple. There is nothing to bind at all, so the pamphlets look like a fold.

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The least page count for saddle stitch binding is eight pages. The maximum number for perfect binding is 92 pages. If you bind more paper into the saddle stitch, there will be a risk that the staple will not hold all the pages well. It ends up with messy binding, and the durability is low.

The Risk of Too Many Pages

The page creeps case is common if you have too many pages to bind with saddle stitch. This is the case where the inner part of the pages sticks out and will ruin the look of the booklet. The cover can not cover the inner part, so you have to trim the creep or reduce the number of pages.

Since the trimming process might ruin the design of the paper, you have to consider the thickness of the paper you use for it. Fewer pages will avoid the noticeable page creep in your booklet. The type of cover will be the thing you have to consider as well.

The Example of Maximum Pages for Paper

105 gsm paper

105 gsm paper is the most—used paper in the printing industry since it is lightweight, yet durable. With this paper, you can have about 64 pages of booklet because the thickness is standard. You don’t have to create a space on the design for the booklet on this paper.

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128 gsm paper

The 128 gsm paper is thicker in the industry, yet many people use it for better results of the font and image on the text. However, the maximum number of pages for this booklet is only 48 pages. So, you have to carefully choose the paper if you don’t prepare the spine line.

The saddle stitch binding page count should follow the guideline since it is important to create the proper booklet. The thickness of the paper and page count are two considerations for keeping the quality and durability of the booklets.

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