What Is Perfect Binding and 4 of Its Advantages!!

The way you bind a publication will affect its look, its affordability, and durability. Choosing the best binding technique is going to help you make a long-lasting, cost-effective, and stylish at once. One of the best binding techniques to consider is the perfect binding.

What Is Perfect Binding

This binding technique is perfect for various types of publications, including catalogs, magazines, and books. The look of a perfect binding is aesthetically great and it is also cost-effective. But before choosing this binding technique, you need to know everything about this technique first.

To use this binding technique, you need to group many pages and bind them together using adhesive. The adhesive is going to create a professional, crisp, and clean printed product. The technique involves printing sheets that contain various pages and then you need to lay them out properly.

When creating the layout, you will have to fold the sheet and then create a group of some pages, the term for these pages is signatures. And then you need to stack the signatures together. The edges of signatures that are forming the spine should be roughened so that the adhesion will improve.

4 Advantages of Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Every single binding technique has different advantages. If you are considering this binding technique, you need to learn about the advantages of the binding technique and compare it with some other techniques. Below are some advantages carried out by this special binding technique.

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  • Valuable look

The look of this binding type is much better, cleaner, and more organized than the other binding types, like the saddle stitching. If you are looking for a binding type for a more professional publication, perfect bind is the better type to consider.

  • Printable spine

If you want to print a lot of pages, perfect bindings are also a brilliant option since many pages are going to create a wide spine. The spine of a perfect bind allows you to print a specific design that matches the cover you use for the book or publication.

  • Long-lasting

A perfect bind is a special technique since it uses a strong adhesive that is going to help you have the publication for a long time. If you want to print promotional material that doesn’t last forever, you may want to consider another binding type.

  • Allows you to be creative

The perfect bind allows you to interleaf pages creatively and use papers in different finishes, colors, and weights. This is impossible if you are choosing saddle stitch binding. To create a more creative publication with various types of paper inside, you need to consider this binding type.

Those are only four examples of perfect bind advantages. There are some other advantages you may get. Compare these advantages with the advantages of another binding type to find the best one.

Among so many available binding types, perfect binding is one of the most famous options. However, this binding type is not for all types of publications. You need to learn about this binding type first, like its advantages and what is it best for before comparing it with another type and choosing the best.

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