3 Things to Consider and Benefits of Saddle Stitch Binding!

The saddle stitch binding is one of the methods to bind the pages together as a booklet. This method has been popular because it has many advantages besides the low-cost reason. Here is a further explanation about this binding style which you find in most books.

When to Use Saddle Stitch Binding?

Saddle Stitch Binding Example

This option is perfect for the booklet which has a small number of pages. The saddle stitch works well since the size of the staples might not be able to bind together for a thick booklet. The maximum number of pages for saddle stitch is only 60 pages or fewer.

Using saddle stitches for a thin booklet is the best choice to minimize the cost of printing or publishing. This method has been popular ever since, yet you have to adjust the size of the staples. The number of a staple at the edge will affect the strength of the binding.

Things to Consider about Using Saddle Stitch

The number of the staples

If the booklet has particular width, you might need more than two staples at the edge of the book. Using one staple only even though you position it at the center of the binding will create a messy look. The booklet will be uncomfortable to read.

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The type of the paper

It’s important to know the type of paper before you bind together the booklet with the saddle stitch binding. Sometimes, a paper-like carton might not work to have this method because it is too thick. The number of pages is essential to consider according to the paper.

The type of the staples

Staple material has different types, and it will affect the strength of the booklet binding. The most used is a galvanized staple. It is available all over the world. The strength is good but will be rusty over time because of the moisture.

Another type of staple that you can consider is a copper staple because it looks coated. It improves the aesthetic look of the booklet as well. Copper is a clean option even after a decade. The strength of the saddle stitch binding is also good.

Advantages of Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding

It is a perfect binding method

Binding with glue sometimes is not recommended because of the quality of the glue. It is different from staples because this saddle stitch binding is strong and supportive enough. 

Good for a small project

This style is perfect binding if the project has a small-size booklet. Since the small-size booklet doesn’t need special binding, staples are the best option that you can choose. It is fast and you can do it by yourself without any help from professionals in the printing industry.

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Cheap and light

Another advantage you can get from saddle stitch is how light and cheap the material is. You don’t need extra cost for binding the paper. The staples are very light to use and won’t add much to the booklet.

Saddle stitch binding is the best option if you consider a cheap method to bind a thin booklet. The binding method is strong enough with the staples. The method is fast to do and you can do it yourself. Staples are everywhere in the market and become the most popular binding tool nowadays.

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