The Definition and Purpose of The Roll Fold!

The paper for leaflets is folded differently. One of the most common styles is roll fold. The fold doesn’t only create a better look for the leaflet but also increases the strategy of marketing or promotion. Here are the definitions and purposes of this fold style.

The Definition of Roll Fold

Another name for the roll fold is barrel fold. This is the style where one section will be inward and it continues in the same direction. Usually, this fold will have eight different panels. One of the folds that will be at the center has the largest size.

Although it has different multiple panels, the folded panels have the same size. The roll sequence can be different, from the right or the left. This fold doesn’t mean rolling the paper into the tube, yet the style is still rolling up the sections. Each section usually has its information.

Where to See Roll Fold Leaflets?

This folding style is commonly seen in restaurants. The restaurant that has a menu list for one time usually uses roll fold style to maximize the space. It is also helpful for the customer to check the menu section on the paper. Other roll-fold styles are on flyers, brochures, and mailers.

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You might see the folded paper in this style for a form or response card that contains many questions in different sections. It helps people to fill in the information. Another paper that uses this style is coupon where one panel can be torn off because of a perforated section on one side.

How Many Rolls in a Folded Paper?

The number varies, but usually, roll-folding is common for eight panels. Each side of the paper will have four panels. You can create a folded paper with five panels and six panels. So, the total panel is doubled from each size. More panels are possible if you have much information to share in different sections.

The Purpose of Roll Fold Style

Roll Fold

Creating multiple panels

Since showing all information on one-sided paper is boring, creating multiple panels with a roll-folding style is a better solution. With multiple panels, it helps the reader to make up their minds about the information that they will get from the leaflets.

More information to show

The subheading on one-sided paper is also boring, and you have to create a different size or font to make it different. You can save more space with the roll-folding style, yet much information will be delivered well without different sub-headings or making many paragraphs.

Creating more attractive leaflets

Despite showing one full leaflet, the roll-folded style is more attractive. It increases the curiosity of the readers, especially if you can design the section differently but with the same theme. So, this is a good option for marketing because people tend to read all information served there.

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Roll fold style is popular for leaflets because it divides the information section. Instead of one-sided paper, then folded in rolls will be more interesting, and gain curiosity. It is a good option if you plan for marketing or promotional purposes with this folding style.

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