How to Recycle Printer Cartridges, 3 of Its Advantages!

A lot of printer users usually recycle printer cartridges. The main purpose is to lower the cost of printing, especially if the user has a printing business. The cartridges are common to recycle, but are there any advantages and disadvantages? Here is the information you might never know before.

How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

Going to the retailer

Retailers usually will accept empty cartridges. Even some of them will pay you some cash for this. The big retailer in the specialization of printer cartridges welcomes anyone who brings the cartridges as long as it is not in damaged condition.

Going to the supplier

Check the brand of your printer cartridges and see if they will welcome recycle printer cartridges. Some big brands will accept it because it is a big benefit for them. Especially those brands which have eco-friendly programs and sell recycled cartridges as mid to low-grade ones.

Mailing the cartridges

You can send the cartridges to be recycled by the supplier by mailing them to their office center. The location has its own place to accept it. So, you can check if this option is available near your area. This way might not benefit you from getting cash, yet you participate to protect the Earth.

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Using recycling toner

The recycled toner is another solution if you have recycled printer cartridges. Though the quality is not as high as the new toner, you can save money. This option is going well if you can abandon the printing quality, such as printing to revise or printing for one-time information.

Recycle Toner Advantages

recycle printer cartridges

Reducing pollution

The most important form of this movement is reducing pollution. The printer cartridge is made from plastic. Throwing it away will create a huge mass of trash on the land. It takes thousands of years to partially decay. By recycling it, you also save the environment.

You get some cash

The suppliers usually dare to pay the consumers who bring printer cartridges. Producing the cartridge is very expensive, so using the recycled one is saving their production cost. Though the money is not huge, at least you have something to exchange. 

Joining the program

The program of recycling printer cartridges is available for some big brands. This program has the purpose because they can save more oil. The printer cartridge needs a lot of oil to produce a single cartridge. Supporting this program means you also support the use of less oil.

Recycling Printer Cartridges Disadvantages

Recycle Printer Cartridges

It is no longer reliable

The recycled one will no longer be reliable when the user uses it again for the printer. The used cartridges have lower performance than the new ones. You must expect it when you don’t plan to give them to brand suppliers but reuse them again with recycled ink cartridges.

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Low quality

Using recycled printer cartridges will also give you low-quality output. It is not a good decision to recycle when you expect the best outcome from your printer. So, instead of using recycled ink, it is way better to give the cartridges to the supplier of the brand.

Unsuccessful refilling

Refilling the cartridge might invite some unforeseen issues while printing. You are encouraged to give it back to the supplier rather than choosing it to be refilled by yourself. It only creates waste. An inexperienced refill might end up worse. The output of printing is messed up and wasted.

Is This Option Available for All Brands?

Unfortunately, this program might not be available for all brands. The recycling option is a huge program and the method of recycling might not work for the low-cost cartridge. The low-cost ones are already sold using one-time material and it is hard to recycle.

It is better to check the brand of the cartridge before using the refill. If it is not compatible, the printing quality is lower than what you expect even though the printer is high quality. You can go to the recycling option for the material only, not the cartridge one.

Why are Recycle Printer Cartridges Profitable?

Producing one cartridge itself is expensive, more than producing the printer. The company for this specialization makes more money by selling the supply product. No wonder they are willing to buy the used printer cartridge at a very competitive price at the market and make it a program.

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What is The Best Decision for an Empty Cartridge?

It depends on the location or area you live in. If there are no suppliers that accept recycled printer cartridges, it is better to refill them with better-quality ink cartridges. However, this option might not be good if you expect the best output from it.

You have to check if the recycle printer cartridges is going well with the printer machine model. You might find some issues with this idea because it is no longer compatible with the model. You can consider doing it with the advantages and disadvantages above.

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