3+ Reasons for Smudging Ink on Printers and How to Prevent It!!

Having smudging ink on the printing pages is messy. It doesn’t look professional and it also looks lame. Do you know that there are reasons for smudges and smears? Depending on the causes, there are also different types of solutions, so be sure you know what it is.  Common Reasons for the Smudging Ink Accumulated … Read more

7 Common Printer Problems And How To Solve Them

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5 Reasons Why Your Printing Is Striped or Dotted and How to Solve It

When you want to print your important document, the entire page is full of dotted lines. This is not a coincidence but there are parts of your printer that are malfunctioning or damaged. There are several reasons why printer prints have lines and dots. 1. Cartridge Head is Clogged This is the first assumption most … Read more

The Troubleshooting Guide to Printer Drivers: How to Fix the ‘Printer Driver is Unavailable’ Error

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