How To Bypass Epson DRM with 3 Different Methods!!

Epson is one of many famous brands of printers and it has users all around the world. Unfortunately, famous printers don’t mean they have fewer problem than others printers. That’s why users of Epson printers are looking for details about how to bypass Epson DRM.

What Is DRM in Epson Printers?

DRM is not only in Epson printers but also in many other printers, it stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM is in the long-term strategy inside ink cartridges, many printer companies are using DRM so users of their products must replace the ink cartridges every time.

Printer Brands

Many printer companies like Lexmark, Canon, Epson, and HP are all using DRM to make printer users buy their ink before they need to replace the cartridges. This makes printer users spend too much money because the DRM protection blocks them to use the printer before replacing the cartridge.

Third parties are now offering a much better solution: bypassing the printer’s DRM so that you can refill the ink cartridges yourself. This way, printer users all around the world can save money and don’t have to pay a high price to replace the cartridge.

How To Bypass Epson DRM and Save More

There are several ways to bypass the protection of DRM and maximize the use of your Epson ink cartridges. Below are some ways Epson users use to bypass DRM protection. You may also want to try these methods and save more.

  • Bypass the printer’s ink cartridge

Ink Cartridges

Many inkjet printers by Epson have this special metering system, which will give a message that alerts users when there is a low ink cartridge. And then the microchip is going to shut down the Epson printer and block the printer to do any job until you install the new cartridge.

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How to bypass this without trying to replace the cartridge?

  • Open your Epson printer’s lid first and then hold down the printer’s ink button,
  • Open your cartridge’s lid only when the holder of the ink moves to the position, and then close it again without trying to remove your ink cartridge.
  • Now close your Epson printer’s lid and try to print something. This is the simplest method that is going to bypass the Epson printer’s ink cartridge.

You may want to try this simple method but keep in mind that this method will only work on printer models that the cartridge has no microchip.

  • Shake the Epson printer’s cartridges

How to bypass Epson DRM by shaking your printer’s cartridges? Keep the Epson printer’s power on and then lift the cover of your printer. Don’t move until the carriage of your printer is no longer moving back and front, and then follow some steps below.

  • Put out all cartridges of your Epson printer simply by pressing the tabs in your cartridges and then lift them out.
  • Turn off your printer and then wait for a minute or more until your printer is completely off. Unplug your printer from the electricity source and then wait for the printer’s memory to get reset.
  • Next, shake every ink cartridge of your Epson printer and let the cartridges redistribute the ink in them.
  • Place your cartridges in your Epson printer just like their original position before connecting your printer to the electricity source
  • Reset your cartridge

Instead of considering ink replacement, try resetting your ink cartridge and bypassing the protection of DRM. To reset your cartridge, you need to remove your printer’s cartridge carefully before checking the cartridge end which has copper contacts.

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In many printer models, there is a reset button you can find above the copper contacts. Simply press the button carefully using some small subjects like a paper clip’s end. After resetting each cartridge, place it back in position.

The three methods above are the best answers to how to bypass Epson DRM. If you want to save more money, then trying those methods can help.

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