4 Types of Foil Stamping Printing and The Machines!!

The digital printing industry is super extraordinary today, there is a new printing technique everyone should know, and it is foil stamping printing. Hot foil stamping makes digital printing more luxurious than ever. Get all details about this printing technique below.

What Is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping or foil printing is something more awesome than ordinary printing projects since foil printing has a professional look. It is going to be the most creative asset, both for your company and brand. Foil stamping is a process in printing that is adding sophistication and class to your projects.

The printing process of hot foil stamping is involving foil, pressure, and heat to add a matte or shiny effect to your graphics or designs. Knowing how to foil printing can enhance everyone’s vision and will help you plan out the best timeline and details for upcoming printing projects.

Foil Types for Foil Stamping Printing

The printing process is using foil as its main material, and foil itself comes in various colors and textures. To ease you in choosing the right foil for your upcoming foil printing projects, get to know the details of four foil categories. By understanding the categories, you’ll be able to choose the best one.

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Metallic foils

  • Metallic foils

These foils have the look of various precious metals, like copper, silver, or gold. Those colors of metallic foils are the most common ones but you can also find some other metallic foils, such as metallic colors (blue and red) or rose gold color.

  • Pigment foils

The second category of foils doesn’t have any metallic look, however, they come in various options of gloss or matte colors. Pigment foils are perfect to pull out logos or text in a more eye-catching texture and color.

  • Pearl foils

These foils are going to enhance an ethereal and pearlescent sheen to many translucent or transparent colors. You can use pearl foils to give more tactile shine to your design. They are going to be a gorgeous yet subtle option for business cards, invitations, and other elegant stationery.

  • Holographic foils

Before you apply holographic foils, they will have a silvery look. But they will reflect various colors when people see them after application. This is going to give an impression of a rainbow or holograph that makes them look youthful and fun when you are using them in the right way.

Best Foil Stamping Printing Projects

foil stamping printing

Even though foil stamping looks excellent, it is not best for all printing projects. You need to know what kind of printing project will look excellent with these foils. The simplest business card will be more impressive with a silver sheen and a bronze foil.

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But some other products may look terrible when you add foils to the surface. However, foils will make these printing projects more incredible:

  • Invitations

Invitations for some big moments like weddings, gala events, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Foils that stick to the writings will make those invitations look more outstanding. Those invitations are going to look splendid and shiny.

  • Business stationery

A business will look more upscale with hot foils on some promotional media. Hot foil stamping on reports, envelopes, letterheads, and business cards will enhance the look and professionalism of a business. Pick the right foil type so that a business can look way more professional.

  • Promotional materials

Promotional materials like catalogs, booklets, and brochures will look more exclusive with hot foil stamping. However, you need to check the product and the business before adding hot foil stamps on the promotional materials. Don’t use hot foil stamps if the business theme doesn’t match.

  • Packaging

Many types of packaging look awesome with foil stamps. The best one is wine labels that look super luxurious with foil stamps. The other types of packaging, like stickers, labels, and boxes, will also look awesome with some touches of foil stamp.

Various Machines to Make Foil Stamps

Hot Print Machine

There are three different categories of foiling machines you can use to make hot foil stamps. Those categories are roll presses, straight stamp presses, and clamshell presses. Clamshell presses are the best for medium projects while the roll and straight ones are perfect for bigger items.

Foil stamping printing is an exclusive printing project that is going to enhance the look, professionalism, and elegance of a digital printing product. By understanding this stamping printing, you’ll know how it enhances many products.

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