What is Die Cutting Printing Process and its Purposes??

Die-cutting printing is familiar if you work in the printing or packaging industry. This printing method is very beneficial for product packaging design. It creates a professional and consistent look for each package produced by a company

What Does Die Cutting Printing Means?

Die cutting is one of the printing methods usually used in a manufacturing process in which a die goes through cutting and forming into a particular design or shape. You also can find this method in the packaging process as it cuts and prints to a customized pattern or measurement correctly. 

You can use this method to press a decorative pattern or shape into a larger piece of material. Another use of it is making a hole in paper using the same press usually used in letterpress printing. It is why die-cutting focuses on the 3D shape of paper or the material characteristics. 

Like most printing processes, die-cutting printing operates automatically. Thus, it enables them to make many pieces of the same shapes to achieve uniformity. It is also a versatile method because you can cut the whole material or only the edge of it

Types of Die-Cutting Machines

Printing press die-cutting features a metal object having a sharp edge that functions as a cutter. You can discover two common types of die-cutting machines in manufacturing, manual and digital. The manual type has a crank to arrange material for cutting. 

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It also features motors to revive the pressure. The metal die goes to the machine’s roller and benefits from the pressure to cut the material into preferred shapes depending on the shape of the die. Meanwhile, the digital die-cutting machine uses software to control the cutting process

The digital type does not feature steel dies because it comes with a blade in the machine that does the work. The software helps to choose the shape and can create it through various devices like a phone, computer, tablet, and a specific cartridge

The Purposes of Die Cutting Method

Die-cutting printing

Die-cutting printing offers several purposes which are beneficial for our daily life. You can look at the purposes below and determine which one you belong to when using this method. 

  • Functionality

Like its name, it conducts the cutting process to create a printed piece more functional. For instance, it makes a window in a mailing envelope so you can see the address or primary information about the content although the envelope is completely sealed. 

Another example is a hole or cuts on a door hanger so you can hang it from the doorknob. Even some simple business cards or pocket folders have specific shapes through a die-cutting process. 

  • Promotional 

The popular purpose of die cutting you often see is creating printed pieces for promotion, either a business or product. It solves the routine by making unique holes, shapes, contours, and many more. For instance, it makes rounded corners or custom shapes in business cards. 

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Die-cutting printing has a crucial role in the printing and packaging process to make the results far from boredom. Creating packaging with a more eye-catching design can improve the appearance and increase sales when you use it for business.

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