What Is a Gatefold? 5 Benefits of Gatefold!

Looking for a good folding method for invitations, brochures, important information, artwork, or advertisements? Look no further than the gatefold. A gatefold is created in a way that encourages the reader to unfold its pages. What is a gatefold? Read on to find out more about folding method.

What Is a Gatefold in Printing?

Gatefold in music industry

Let’s start with the question “What is a gatefold?”. In printing, it means an oversized page that is folded into a book or magazine. A gatefold is created using two parallel folds, which results in the creation of six pages (three panels on each side of the paper).

A gatefold can be used for various purposes. From invitations and brochures to a medium to present important information as well as advertisements. A gatefold brochure often showcases a larger inside image with relevant information on the side panels.

When folded, gatefolds are quite compact. This makes it easy to hand them out or send them via direct mail.

The Panels

The side panels are about half the width of the center panels. They fold inward, meeting in the middle without overlapping each other.

Sometimes, a gatefold is folded inwardly one more time. This is what is known as a double gatefold or closed gatefold.

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A regular gatefold has six pages. A double gatefold has eight (four panels on each side). The panels of a double gatefold have roughly the same width.

Paper Sizes for a Gatefold

A gatefold brochure is created by folding a sheet of paper. The following are the paper sizes that are often used to create a gatefold.

  • 5” x 11”
  • 5” x 14”
  • 11” x 17”
  • 11” x 25.5”

Why Use a Gatefold?

What Is a Gatefold

It is flexible when it comes to paper sizes

That’s right. You can use a paper size as small as 8.5” x 11” and as large as 11” x 25.5” for your gatefolds.

It creates a sense of suspense

A gatefold creates a sense of suspense with each opening of a panel. If your designs are graphic-heavy, you certainly want to consider gatefolds.

It is effective to communicate your message

Gatefolds, especially double gatefolds, allow you to communicate your message to your audience effectively. You can place your initial message on the first spread. Then, place more detailed information with each opening.

Gatefolds are a direct mail-friendly option

They contain a lot of information and graphic, but they don’t consume much space as they can be folded. Especially so for double gatefolds.

Outside Printing

The gatefold folding method is also used in the music industry as a form of album packaging. When folded, a gatefold cover has the same size as the standard LP cover.

Unlike standard covers, gatefold covers enable artists to include artwork, song lyrics, and liner notes in their album covers.

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So, what is a gatefold? It is a document folding method that parallel folds a sheet of paper into three panels on each side, creating a total of six pages. You can use various paper sizes to create a gatefold. It is a format that allows you to pack a lot of information in a small space.

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