What Is a Rack Card? 4 Simple Tips for Good Rack Card!

It is quite unlikely that you haven’t encountered a rack card before. Yes, those glossy promotional pieces of paper that you find in a hotel, restaurant, or theater. Those are rack cards. But what is a rack card exactly? Below, we explain everything you need to know about the card.

What’s a Rack Card?

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First thing first, what is a rack card? It is a promotional piece made of paper. A typical rack card is glossy, comes in full color, and includes pointed messaging, interesting imagery, as well as key contact information, among others.

Rack cards are commonly used to advertise areas, tourist spots, or venues. Since rack cards are a marketing tool, they need to be as visually arresting as possible. They need to be concise as well, as they are promotional pieces meant for curious attendees who don’t have much time for a long conversation.

What Size is a Rack Card?

Rack cards are usually small enough to fit standard-sized racks. The standard dimensions are 4” x 9” although some businesses use a smaller size like 3.5” x 8.5”.

Who Uses Rack Cards?

Any business or organization can use rack cards. They are most commonly used by businesses or organizations in the tourism industry. Rack cards are popular for places like lobbies, waiting areas, showrooms, as well as tradeshows.

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How Do Rack Cards Attract Customers?

In most cases, a rack card is targeted at foot traffic. This is why the marketing message and design of the card must entice the people walking or standing nearby. The aim is to have a curious attendee notice your message, take the rack card with them, and ultimately respond to your call to action.

What to Put on a Rack Card?

It can be anything related to the business. The construction of rack cards is straightforward, but their application is quite versatile. You can print rack cards with any content or layout of your choosing.

It can be maps, directions, upcoming events, promotional offers, information about your products and/or services, discount coupons, QR codes, or anything else that can help build awareness and sales. Most rack cards have a vertical orientation, which allows them to be put in a display rack.

What Makes for a Good Rack Card Design?

rack card

Be eye-catching

Rack cards are meant to be enticing. Include intriguing graphics, engaging photos, and large, easy-to-read, and understand messaging.

Think textured

The cards are tactile items. Adding texture to your cards can help make a good first impression.

Be clear

You need to be as concise and as clear as possible with your message. Make it simple and easy to understand. Make your call to action clear.

Make it easy

If you want to attract customers, make it easy for them to purchase your products and/or services. Give them a map and directions to your store, a short URL or QR code to visit your website or signup for a service, etc.

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What is a rack card? It is a glossy promotional piece that advertises something, usually areas, tourist spots, or venues. Rack cards come in small sizes, the standard being 4”x 9”. Businesses use rack cards to target curious attendees who can’t have a long conversation.

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