8+ Easy Steps on How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer!!

HP printers are popular because this brand is very reliable when it comes to the printing process. The result is always excellent, and you can convert the printer into a sublimation printer. If you wonder how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer, check the tutorial and tips below.

Getting A New HP Printer

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer

The best way to convert the printer to a sublimation printer machine is to choose a new printer. It is easy because it is never used before. The used one may fail to convert, so it is better for getting a new one. The pristine condition will be faster and smoother in the conversion process.

Why is a new printer required? There will be a process where you have to mix sublimated colorants with the ordinary ink that the HP printer uses. To get the maximum benefit when you use it, the new printer will be working well. The printing output is excellent as well.

Do all HP printers work well to convert? The answer is NO. You have to ask the HP authorized sellers for the model that can convert HP to sublimation printer. The available ones in the market may be different for each area. So, make sure your chosen model is available to convert.

Choosing the Ordinary Inks

Since the part of how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer is mixing the ink, you have to prepare the best inks to mix. It is not always the expensive one, but the best quality print will come from reliable ink brands. So, you have to choose it carefully.

The colors of the ink for sublimation printers need to fit the enamel designs. Not only the ink, but you also have to consider the type of paper which you can use for the new mode of the printer. If both of them are not compatible, the output will be bad, and some issues might appear while printing.

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If you don’t understand enough about the compatibility, you can consider asking the HP technician about the model. Certain HP printers that can convert into sublimation printers might need ink from the same brand. It can avoid the whole issue, especially the component-damaged case.

Choosing the Sublimation Inks

Sublimation Inks

After choosing ordinary inks, you can choose the sublimation inks. It is important to step into how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer. If you are not used to sublimation printers, this step may be confusing because the refills of this printer are hard to find at the market unless you can mix and match.

After that, you can fill the tank with this sublimation ink. The removal and refilling process is not hard. It is only finding the right one that might fail you unless you convert them first. As the technician whether the HP printer model, you can use other sublimation ink from other brands.

Installing The Driver

This step is very important because it relates to the printer and personal computer commands. The driver of the sublimation printer will be different from the normal mode. So, downloading the driver and installing it is the vital step of how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer.

Where to download the driver? You can visit the official website of the HP printer and find the model of your printer. From the list of options, you have to download the sublimation printer drivers. Remember, you have to download only from an authorized website to avoid viruses.

Getting an Embedded CISS System

To get the best performance of your HP printer, you have to choose the CISS system. This is the method to reduce the cost of printing itself. So, you don’t have to use cartridges all the time. The CISS system will continuously supply the ink to the printer.

Getting this embedded CISS system is not hard. The process of how to turn HP printer into sublimation printer by getting CISS is practical and fast, only a few minutes. You might not be familiar with this process and you can ask the HP printer technician for the best explanation about this system.

Starting to Download The Software

Doing this process is not as simple as you think because you have to install sublimation software on your personal computer. Without this software, your printer might not work. Download the software according to the HP printer model you use that has been converted into a sublimation printer. It’s free.

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What can you do by opening the software? You can start designing the T-shirt on it and adjust the image on the template. You have many options to change the color of your design in this software. The templates available in the software help you to beautify your work.

The software also allows you to adjust the proportion of the image on the T-shirt design. You can see how the final design will look before you print them from the sublimation printer. You can design in small or big sizes, according to your needs. It is practical and fast.

Starting to Print

Remember, it doesn’t mean that the printer will print the design on the T-shirt directly. You only print the design on paper, so make sure that the paper quality is high because it will represent the color you choose. Usually, sublimation printers work well for letter-sized paper.

How to print the design on paper? You can click the File and select the print command after that. There is a printing option that will appear on the menu box. Choose a sublimation printer and start to print. See how this process works on your HP printer.

This process might take a few minutes, especially for some HP models. The output will represent how the mixed colors from ordinary and sublimation ink work to give the actual color on the paper. If it fails, you might need to find other brands for the ink. This is part of the trial and error of how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer.

Checking The Image

sublimate the T-shirt

It is important to check the result of your image on the paper after it is out from the HP printer. The colors might be different and sometimes, you will see some lines or gaps. It means that the output is a failure printing. You have no choice but to repeat the printing process.

The lines and gaps on the printed paper cannot be used to sublimate the T-shirt. The result will be ugly even after you heat and iron the garments. So, checking the image closely will determine whether the design will appear well or otherwise.

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Ironing The Fabric and Heat Press

Before you see how the design will be on the T-shirt, you have to iron the fabric and it is important to check whether the converting printer is going well. The garments shouldn’t be wavy and wrinkled at all. Though your design is good, messy garments will mess up the product.

The ironing process should be from both sides of the shirt. You have to adjust the temperature of the iron as well. Check the type of garments first and get to know the right range of temperature to iron the clothes.

After that, the last step of how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer is the heat press. If the output is good, then the sublimation printing process is working. You have to press the design under the heat properly. It can be the hardest part, so be careful when you are in this process.

Tips on How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer

1.    Choose the Best Inks

Inks play a huge part in how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer. If you don’t choose the best inks, the output might be upsetting. Sublimating the design on the garment will fail. It is such a waste. Contact the HP authority to ask about the best inks for sublimation printers.

2.    Only use the new printer

Even though a used printer can be converted into a sublimation printer, the output might be bad and you cannot convert it again to the ordinary printer. So, you have to use a new HP printer to convert it into sublimation printer.

3.    Always ask the technician

Some processes might be hard, so you have to ask the technician first before doing this process. HP technician will help you in case you find some issues while converting the printer into sublimation mode.

It is possible to have a sublimation printer if you have a new HP printer. You only have to follow how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer as per the guide above. It is easy and fast, yet you don’t have to spend much money to buy a specialized sublimation printer at the market.how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer

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