3+ Easy Steps How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone Minecraft!!

Playing Minecraft on an iPhone is fun because this device is smooth when it comes to this game. However, to maximize the experience, the controller is required. You need to know how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft. Here is the tutorial and other information about it.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone Minecraft

How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone Minecraft

Activating the Bluetooth

The important feature to connect the controller to the iPhone is Bluetooth. Without this feature, it will be hard to play Minecraft with a PS4 controller. So, you have to go to the setting on your iPhone, and then turn ON the Bluetooth feature.

Choose the Controller

There are many types of PS4 controllers that you can pair with the iPhone, but mostly they have Bluetooth features as well. You have to know the Bluetooth button on the controller. Press the button until the light on the controller flashes as the sign that it is turning ON.

Pair the Device

After that, you can pair both the controller and iPhone with Bluetooth. Pairing them together should be from your iPhone. Make sure the model of the controller appears on the screen. Wait until the process finishes. After that, it is ready to play Minecraft.

Connecting with DualShock 4 Controller

Among the PS4 controller options, the DualShock 4 is the best series so far even though it has been discontinued. The size of the DualShock 4 controller is pretty small and it is very convenient to use and hold by gamers who have small hands.

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The design of the DualShock 4 is also pretty light with delightful color. Compared to the previous one, the DualShock 4 is lighter. For a long time, this controller is very comfortable. The Bluetooth option is at the top right of the controller.

The motion on the DualShock is also responsive and easy to use to play Minecraft on the iPhone. This is why how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft gets attention from many gamers. They tend to change the controller with this. Bluetooth is fast and responsive as well.

Connecting with Pro Controller

Although the pro controller is expensive, the way how to connect PS4 Controller to iPhone Minecraft is easy and practical. This controller is developing from time to time. The size and the weight are perfect for Minecraft for a long time.

The button to set the connection with the iPhone is responsive and they have a Bluetooth button to directly connect with the device. The size is precisely perfect and you might not find it in other types of PS4 controllers. This is one of the modern controllers nowadays in the market.

This pro controller needs to be woken up by the user before it connects to the iPhone. It may be a hassle, but it is one of the advantages because it is more under the control of the user. It is easy because you only have to turn it ON and press the Bluetooth button to connect with your iPhone device.

Connecting with Xbox Controller

Choosing The Controller for Minecraft Gaming on iPhone

Xbox controller is an excellent option because the features in this controller are rich and modern. This hardware is very powerful because the controller doesn’t need much pressure while controlling the game. How to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft is much easier.

The controller has some buttons and one of them is the Bluetooth button. You can connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth easily. By pressing the button, you can automatically turn on the Bluetooth feature. Pairing it with an iPhone is not an issue. There is a flashlight to blink as the sign to connect.

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Using this controller is very comfortable because the size is not too big or too small. The hand-sized one has been designed with a D-pad. It is easy to handle and the buttons are easy to reach. The controller is wireless and Bluetooth is the best option to connect it to other devices, including iPhone.

Connecting to Generic Bluetooth Controller

This controller is the most popular gamepad to use because it is available in the market. Even though the use is generic, this gamepad can play Minecraft on your iPhone. It is because this gamepad has Bluetooth features and is popular because of its high durability.

Connecting the iPhone to this controller is easy because you only have to turn on the Bluetooth on the iPhone and press the Bluetooth activation button on the gamepad. This gamepad is specialized to connect itself through Bluetooth for all devices.

This controller is also cheap and many brands have produced this type. The size of the controller is nice for big and small hands. The buttons are comfortable to press. However, the motion of the controller is limited. You cannot play Minecraft only by moving the controller.

Choosing The Controller for Minecraft Gaming on iPhone

Choosing The Controller for Minecraft Gaming on iPhone

1.    The compatible

Before you learn how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft, you have to know which control is compatible with Minecraft. Not all kinds of controller can be connected for Minecraft gaming because this game need controller support.

2.    Choosing by the brand

It is important to know which brands of controllers offer the best experience for Minecraft gaming on iPhone. Brands have their quality and capacity. So if the brands are so-so or lower, it may not be able to support playing games on the iPhone.

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3.    Right size

Choosing the controller to play Minecraft on your iPhone should be adjusted to the size of your hands. It is gonna be uncomfortable if you choose a small controller while your hands are big and otherwise. You might have to buy offline to feel how the controller is right for your hands.

4.    The feature

The most important for choosing the controller is the feature. Bluetooth feature is the only connectivity of how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft. If Bluetooth is not available, then you cannot use the controller at all to play.

The Advantages of Using Controller for Minecraft on iPhone

How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone Minecraft

Wireless and supportive

The controllers available nowadays are supportive to play Minecraft games on iPhone because they are no longer with a super long cable. The wireless controller is comfortable to use and you can play it anywhere as long as it has a full battery.

Easy to move

Some controllers are easy when it comes to how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft because they don’t only rely on buttons but also on the 3D move. Only by moving the gamepad can you control the Minecraft game. This is the feature that people like the most.


Minecraft on iPhone is fun to play and it is more fun with a controller. Most controllers are compatible with the iPhone as long as they have Bluetooth features. Plus, Minecraft doesn’t need a hassle feature from the buttons to play.

Sharing with any iPhone

As long as the controller has Bluetooth features, you can use it to connect with iPhone in any model. The controllers are supportive even of the latest iPhone series. There is no special connection and setting, except the Bluetooth feature.

The method of how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone Minecraft is not difficult. The only reliable feature to connect those two devices is Bluetooth. Therefore, make sure that the controller has Bluetooth. It connects fast to the iPhone after it gets activated

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