The Best Methods of How to Get Brother Printer Out of Sleep!!

Brother printer is one of the best printer brands in the world. Since many people use it, you have to know how to get Brother printer out of sleep because this is a technical issue that usually occurs on the printer. To resolve the issue, here are the popular methods.

How to Get Brother Printer Out of Sleep from Setting

Being stuck in deep sleep mode is normal, but you have to resolve this issue quickly to be able to use the Brother printer again. Usually, the screen will show the message continuously that the printer is in sleep mode. The error can be resolved by following this guideline:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and choose the General Setup/Setting.choose the General Setup/Setting
  2. There are some options in the settings and you have to choose have to choose Ecology
  3. After that, click the OK button below the options sleep time
  4. Go to the navigation and choose “Sleep Time” on the menu and click OK.
  5. Choose the selection of Cancel on the list. The deep sleep status will appear after that.
  6. Click the OFF option and OK.
  7. You have to restart the computer system and see whether this solution works to wake your Brother printer up.

This method of how to get Brother printer out of sleep is the main solution because many printers are able to experience this issue. This method is practical. If you are scared to do this, ask the Brother technical support.

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Checking The Power Issue

Power issues can be the main reason why the Brother printer enters sleep mode. With less power, the printer is not able to work properly. You have to check the power of the printer to the port. You might need to replace the power cable if it is required.

Even though it is not a technical issue, try to move the Brother printer somewhere else. Get power from different sources. If it is working when the printer is not in deep sleep mode anymore, it means that the printer is doing well unless the power issue ruins how it is ON.

Restart The Device

One of the methods how to take Brother printer out of sleep mode is restarting the Brother printer. It can be a frustrating option if you are using it in the middle of your busy work. However, this is the simplest you can do even though it takes time.

You have to turn it off and be fully off. Wait for several minutes before you can turn it on again. This method is usually working for Brother printers. It is a simple reset for them, but it doesn’t have any bad effects. It usually wakes up after being stuck in a deep sleep mode.

To make the process perfect, you can unplug any cables on the printer. The electricity sends the signal and heat to the Brother printer. Unplugging the cable should be done when the printer is completely off to avoid any damage to the printer.

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Pressing Go

Another tip that you can try is pressing the Go button or OK button that exists on the printer. The option will be different according to the model of your printer. You have to do this continuously to make the printer wakes up from its sleep mode.

Usually, this button will wake up the printer from sleep to ready mode. It is simple, but it is not always working. However, if the printer shows that the printer is ready to use, the problem is already resolved. If it is otherwise, you have to try another way how to get Brother printer out of sleep methods.

Checking The Driver

The driver can be the main reason why the Brother printer stops working and chooses to be in sleep mode. The missing system, like an inappropriate driver version, is disturbing the Brother printer. If the driver needs to be renewed, you have to update it immediately.

The latest driver version makes sure that you don’t find any problems while working with the printer. Hence, checking the version is important. You have to install the driver’s latest version, so the Brother printer will work properly again.

Setting as Default

It is important to set the printer as default because it will wake the printer up. Some series might not need this method, but others do. So, you can change the default printer on the settings. Go to the device manager and choose the particular model, then set it as default.

This how to get Brother printer out of sleep is working well and efficiently. Some printers only perform well when they are the default device. Meanwhile, the personal computer only automatically defaults to the latest use of the printer.

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Contacting The Tech Support

The last option that you can do is to contact technical support from Brother. This is the way to protect the condition of the printer. Plus, the technician will resolve the issues safely. So, you don’t have to worry about the case since they are more experienced.

How to contact them? You can visit Brother printer website and go to the Support option at the bottom of the website. You can write your report about the printer which is in sleep mode. The technician will contact you to solve the question after some time.

How to get Brother printer out of sleep is not difficult by following the methods above. This issue is common for Brother printers, so you don’t have to worry much. You will be able to wake the printer up and use it again as usual.

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