8 Solutions for Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi!!

Some users face this Brother printer not connecting to WiFi issue. The issue comes up when the printer cannot establish a proper connection with a WiFI network. Some different reasons make this problem happen on a Brother printer.

Causes of Brother Printer Connection Failure

A printer that doesn’t want to connect to WiFi is very troublesome because it will stop printing. When you are in hurry and you need to get the documents, this trouble can cause a more serious problem. Sometimes, the printer even shows a connection with a WiFi router but it still doesn’t want to print.

That’s why users of Brother printers need to research and then find the best solutions to fix the issue. But before trying to fix this connection failure problem, you need to know some reasons behind the error. This way, you’ll figure out the right troubleshooting for the right cause of the error.

  • Your driver is out of date

A printer driver is responsible to make sure that the hardware that connects to your computer can work properly. Printer drivers contain hardware devices’ functional code. If you are using a corrupted or outdated driver, you will likely face a problem like the Brother printer not connecting to WiFi.

Check your printer driver regularly and always download the available update to make sure that your printer works smoothly at all times. And make sure that you get the driver for your printer only from the official website of your printer manufacturer. Don’t get any driver from another site but Brother’s website.

  • Firmware issue

The firmware also has an essential role on your Brother printer since it makes sure that the printer can run on your device. Keep in mind that the firmware contains specific codes that will make a printer compatible with some devices.

If your Brother printer can’t connect to a specific device, your old printer will fail to pair and also run with more modern devices. Updating firmware can be a great solution to this problem. You will learn how to update your printer’s firmware from the details on this page.

  • Low network signals

Low network signals will trigger many issues, including cannot to connect the Brother printer to the WiFi network. There will be a different issue related to the network that is blocking the printer’s connection. And you have to figure out which issue is blocking the connection.

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Don’t worry, you’ll find many solutions to fix this connection issue on this page. Now, that you know the three things that cause connection failure on your Brother printer, you are ready to figure out the troubleshooting. Try the troubleshooting one by one and see which one works for your printer.

Fixing Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

Fixing Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

So many troubleshooting options are available to help Brother printers users operate their printer normally again. Below are some best ways that will help you fix the connection failure. Try the first one before moving to the next method if the first one doesn’t help.

  • Examine your wireless connection

First of all, you must check your WiFi and internet connection status since it may cause a connection failure issue. If a WiFi network isn’t working as it should, your Brother printer may show you an error message. So, make sure that the status of your internet connection is working properly.

You should also check your Ethernet cables and router, all of them must be properly connected. If your WiFi connection is fine, then the problem is in the printer. This means you need to move to the second troubleshooting below.

  • Power cycle your device

The most useful technique to learn is power cycling devices. The power cycle focuses on resolving many problems easily. To fix the connection failure issue on your Brother printer, power cycle your router first since it will reboot the router and everything related to the router.

  • Turn your Brother printer on first and then tap on the Menu button on your printer.
  • Use the down and up buttons to check the option of Network.
  • If you are using a touch panel, reach the Network option by pressing the next button.
  • Click the button of Network Reset and then press 1 or Yes on the dialog of reset network.
  • Reconnect your Brother printer to a WiFi network when you are done resetting the router.

Before power cycling your device, make sure that you get the internet configuration details with you. By power cycling, you reboot the printer and the router.

  • Use the WLAN report

Another solution for Brother printer not connecting to WiFi is using the WLAN printer report. By using the report as well as the error code you see on the display, you will know the exact problem of your device. Here are the steps to print the WLAN report.

  • Open the Brother printer settings and then choose the WLAN reports.
  • At the top side of the WLAN report, you will see the Connection status. If it says Connection: OK, then you can move to the next section.
  • But if you don’t see the connection status, you will get a message saying Failed next to an error code.
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Each error code has its error status and needs a different solution. You need to learn about each error code and its meaning. That’s how you figure out the right troubleshooting for Brother printer connection failure.

  • The error codes and their troubleshooting

Eight error codes require different solutions. Below are the eight error codes that may appear on the WLAN report and how you can fix the error that your Brother printer is facing.

Error Codes Meanings Troubleshooting
TS-01 The wireless setting isn’t activated. Turn on your printer’s network interface.
TS-02 Wireless access isn’t detected Power cycle the printer’s system or reconfirm the network key and SSID.
TS-03 Security or network setting is incorrect
TS-04 Encryption/authentication not supported Change the router settings.
TS-05 Network/SSID key mismatch Reconfirm network and SSID key.
TS-06 Incorrect wireless security information input Check the information on wireless security. 
TS-07 Can’t check WLAN access with activated WPS. Make sure that the WPS connection technique is on the access point.
TS-08 Detecting several WLAN access points. Check a dedicated access that is close to your printer and is active with WPS.
  • Update the firmware

Firmware problems can also make your printer won’t connect to WiFi networks. It is crucial to update your firmware to make sure that your printer is up-to-date with the latest technology. The steps below will lead you to update your firmware successfully.

  • Visit the Brother printer’s official website and then check whether your Brother printer has installed the firmware on the Windows system.
  • Open the tool and then click on the Administrator before clicking on the firmware update. Enable the checkbox before moving to the next step.
  • Check on the latest firmware before tapping on the Submit button. On the printers list, choose the printer model of your own and then tap Next.

After following the three simple steps above, the update will start and will need 15 minutes until it completes. You are going to see a message saying successfully completed when the process is done.

  • Update your Brother printer driver

Update your Brother printer driver

The driver of your printer is responsible to make sure that your hardware works properly in Windows. You must always check the driver and update it.

  • Run Control Panel and then access the Hardware and Sound section where you can find Device Manager.
  • Choose Printer and then click on the drop-down to find your Brother Printer. Simply right-click on the printer and then select Update driver.
  • Select the first option so that your computer will search for the latest driver software automatically.
  • Let your Windows search for the most relevant driver and then download it, then you can run the installer to finish the installation setup.
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When you are done updating the driver of your Brother printer, restart the system and printer. You can also use the Driver Easy Tool to update all system drivers automatically. The tool is going to scan, detect, and also update the latest driver.

  • Other ways to fix the issue

There are some alternative ways to help you fix Brother printer not connecting to WiFi issues. For example, consider comparing your computer’s IP address with your printer’s. You can find the IP address in the report of network configuration.

Simply make sure that the IP addresses have matching numbers. Or, you may want to try factory resetting the network settings. This is going to remove almost every single detail, including the IP address and password, and restart the connection between the network and the printer.

Those are some best solutions that may help you solve the printer’s connection problem. But if you cannot fix the issue with those solutions above, then you need to contact the customer support of Brother printer. Share your problem and they are going to provide the best solution for your issue.

  • Consider optimizing your PC

Is it possible that your PC is the main trouble? If you think so, then you may want to consider optimizing the performance of your PC. To do so, use the advanced system repair tool. It is going to fix various Windows errors, and probably help your printer to start working normally again.

After downloading the tool and installing it, the tool is going to scan issues that cause problems. Then the screen may show you there is a problem with the printer connection. Click fix all issues now and wait for your devices to be ready again. 

Brother printer not connecting to WiFi issues can be serious, especially if you are in hurry to get papered documents. Fortunately, there are eight methods you can try to fix the issue. If none of the methods above can help you with the issue, contact Brother printer’s customer support.

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