5 Ways to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Mac!!

Some people use their Brother printer along with a Windows computer while others connect their printer to a Mac device. If you are a Mac user and you face Brother printer offline on Mac, learn some methods to fix this error. Below are the right ways to remove the offline status.

How to Fix Offline Status

Brother Printer Offline on Mac

An offline status is one of some general errors in Brother printer, no matter what OS you use on the computer. Usually, Mac users see this offline message when they are about to print a document. This error prevents Mac users to print anything from the printer.

  • Restart your devices

Which device should you restart to fix this offline status? You must restart both your Mac device and your Brother printer. And then wait for a few minutes after restarting those devices until you see the green light on the printer.

After restarting both devices, you need to check your Brother printer and make sure that the status already changes. Usually, restarting the printer will change the offline status to online. Then you can use the device to print again.

  • Connect the printer to a network

When your printer doesn’t show online status on your Mac, you must check its network connection. If there is yellow or orange WiFi light, then you may want to try connecting the printer to a WiFi network.

  • Open the Menu on your computer and then access the Network section where you can open WLAN settings.
  • Next, choose the option of the setup wizard and then select the SSID you want to use before entering the password of the WiFi.
  • Hit Done when you are done following the steps above.
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After setting up the WiFi network, you must check the Brother printer offline on Mac and make sure that it turns online.

  • Make Brother your default printer

The other troubleshooting that is going to fix your Brother printer trouble is using it as a default printer. Here are the simplest steps to make Brother your default printer.

  • Access your Mac computer’s system preferences in the settings.
  • And then access the section of Print & Scan where you are going to see all devices that connect to your Mac computer.
  • Now click on the dropdown menu to see a list of available printers. And then choose Brother as your default printer.

By choosing Brother as your computer’s default printer, all printing jobs will be delivered to the Brother printer. Mostly, the offline status appears because the printer isn’t the computer’s default printer.

  • Disable your Mac’s firewall

Disable your Mac’s firewall

Sometimes, Brother printer is offline because the computer’s security programs or firewall block your printer. Try turning off the security apps like the firewall on your computer and then try setting up your printer again.

  • Open your computer’s settings and locate system preferences where you can find Security & Privacy menu.
  • Access the Firewall section and then turn off this feature.
  • Check your Brother printer and try to print a document.

A firewall is protecting your computer but it also prevents your Brother printer to access the network connection and get the data to print. You can turn the firewall on again later.

  • Update everything

Two essential things you need to update are the firmware and printer driver. Sometimes, Mac users get the offline status because the driver and firmware they use are older versions. Update them by downloading them from the official website of Brother printer.

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Brother printer offline on Mac is a simple issue you can fix by using one of the five methods above. Try the easiest one before moving to the more complex methods. Those steps will turn the offline status into online.

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