Brother MFC-L8610CDW Default Password: What is it and How to Change it!!

Brother MFC-L8610CDW is a great laser printer that allows users to have monochrome prints and color prints. Similar to other Brother printers, the MFC-L8610CDW comes with a default username and password. What is Brother MFC-L8610CDW default password

Why does Brother Printers Have Default Password?

Brother equips all its printers with an administrator password and username. Brother printer users need this password and username when performing the initial setup of their printer. In addition, they can also use it for resetting the printer to factory settings when the device has printing problems.

Below are setup types and tasks that require Brother printer’s default password and username.

  • Configuring network settings
  • Accessing Remote Setup
  • Performing a Firmware Update
  • Accessing Web-Based Management
  • Accessing BRAdmin

Seeing that the printer password and username play an important role in performing the essential tasks above, Brother recommends printer users change the default password and username. Therefore, their printer and computer will have a better protection system against unauthorized access.

Brother MFC-L8610CDW Default Password and Username

Brother MFC-L8610CDW Default Password and Username

What is Brother MFC-L8610CDW default password and username? The MFC-L8610CDW printer users can find the password on the label attached to the back of this printer. The MFC-L8610CDW default password contains 8 characters and is next to ‘pwd:’.

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You must remember to write all 8 characters next to ‘pwd:’ when you use the default password to set up your MFC-L8610CDW printer. This password does not only contain numbers and letters, but also special characters, such as colons, brackets, and dash.

If you cannot find the password on the back label of your printer, you can use ‘initpass’ as the password. Moreover, the username is ‘admin’ or ‘user’.

How to Change the Default Password

Changing your Brother MFC-L8610CDW default admin password is essential in protecting your computer and printer against unauthorized access. To change the password, you can follow the following steps.

  • Open the browser on your computer.
  • Click the browser address bar and type in: http://printer’s IP address. For example (Note: the printer’s IP address is also the print server name)
  • Enter Brother MFC-L8610CDW default password into the box.
  • Click the Login Password tab or the Administrator tab (whichever you find on your computer’s screen).
  • In the Enter New Password box, type your new password.
  • Type the password again in the Confirm New Password box.
  • Click Submit.

What if Printer Users Forget their New MFC-L8610CDW Password

You must remember your new password so you can access the Remote Setup feature, Firmware Update tool, and other features in the future. To help you remember this password, you can write it down and store it safely.

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Unfortunately, some MFC-L8610CDW printer users forget their password and do not have any written record of this password. If it happens to you, you must reset the printer to factory default settings. After that, don’t forget to use the default password to log in and change the password.

Brother MFC-L8610CDW default password is ‘initpass’ or 8 characters found on the back label of the device. MFC-L8610CDW printer users can use this password to set up the printer and access particular features. However, they must change this password after the initial setup.

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