Brochure vs Flyer: 5 Comparison in Definition and Printing Characteristics!!

Marketers use several printed marketing tools, such as flyers and brochures, to promote their products and services. However, many people do not know the difference between brochure vs flyer. They think these two marketing materials are alike because they have many similarities.

Brochure Definition

Brochure Definition

A brochure is a type of printed marketing material with several pages printed on both sides of brochure paper. These pages contain images and information about a company’s services or products. Companies must make their brochures engaging, to the point, and short to attract potential customers. 

Brochures come in various sizes. In addition, companies usually print this marketing material on high-quality and thick paper because they want to make it durable so everyone can keep it longer for future reference.

Brochure Purposes

The purpose of distributing brochures to potential customers is to sell products and services. Marketers generally only distribute this marketing material to those who show initial interest in their products or services. They do it because printing brochures is costly.

Brochure Folds

Companies fold their brochures in various ways to make them more attractive. Some popular brochure folds are:

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Brochure Application

Brochures are printed for:

  • Restaurant menus;
  • Trade events;
  • Corporate meetings, etc.

Flyer Definition

Similar to brochures, flyers are a printed promotional tool. It generally contains images and a short message printed on one side of the paper. Moreover, this short message is information about a one-time event. 

Because flyers do not function as references, they have a shorter lifespan than brochures. Moreover, companies will make numerous flyers to promote their products, services, or events. Therefore, they only print flyers on small-size and thin paper so they can cut the printing cost. 

Once flyers are printed, marketers will give these printed materials to everyone they meet at events or outside public places. They will try to distribute this printed marketing material to as many people as possible so more people will get their promotional messages. 

Below are examples of flyer usage:

  • For announcing a discount sale;
  • To announce new establishments, e.g., new supermarkets, restaurants, and clubs;
  • For event announcements;
  • To promote new products or services.

Brochure vs Flyer: Printing Characteristics

Brochure vs Flyer

You can see the differences between flyers and brochures by comparing their printing characteristics.

Printing Characteristics of Brochures

  • The paper used in printing brochures is generally thick paper stock with excellent quality. The purpose of using high-quality paper is to impress customers and to make brochures more durable.
  • Brochures always have multiple pages. Therefore, you will find that they are printed on both sides and have several panel pages.
  • Brochure sizes are mostly 11×25.5 inches, 11×17 inches, 8.5×14 inches, and 8.5×11 inches.
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Printing Characteristics of Flyers

  • The paper used in printing flyers is thin paper stock. The purpose of using this paper is to keep the printing cost low.
  • Flyers generally have one page only, but you can also find them with printed pages on both sides.
  • Companies make flyers in smaller sizes so that marketers can easily distribute flyers to potential customers. Flyer sizes are 8.5×5.5 inches, 8.5×3.5 inches, and 8.5×11 inches. However, some companies also make them in 11×25.5 inches, 11×17 inches, and 8.5×14 inches.

Brochure vs Flyer: Other Differences

Aside from the different printing specs, brochures and flyers also have differences in other aspects. Below are the comparisons between brochure vs flyer.

Paper Folding Method

Brochures have a single sheet of paper folded in a particular style. Meanwhile, flyers have an unfolded single sheet of paper.


Brochures serve as a marketing tool and a product or service reference. On the other hand, flyers are for promoting a one-time event.


Brochures have detailed information about the company, product, or services. Meanwhile, flyers contain short information.


Creating and printing brochures require a lot of money because this marketing tool is expensive. However, it is not so with creating flyers. Flyers are affordable so companies do not need a large investment to create and print them.


Companies distribute their brochures to potential customers who show initial interest in their products and services. On the other hand, they distribute flyers to as many people as possible to make them aware of their products, services, new establishments, or events.

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Brochures and flyers are both printed promotion tools. However, they are different. The differences between brochures vs flyers are in their printing specs, prices, functions, distributions, and information written on these printed materials.

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