4 Solutions for Brother Printer in Error State!!

What will help you fix a Brother printer in error state? Electronics can help us do many things much more quickly and easily. But sometimes, electronics experience errors and require us to fix them first before they can function normally again.

How Do I Fix My Error Printer?

You don’t have to bring the printer to repair when you figure out that the printer experiences an error. All you have to do is perform some solutions below. Don’t panic when seeing an error message on the screen so that you can fix the error successfully.

1. Check the cable and the network

One thing that may cause an error state on your Brother printer is the connectivity issue. That’s why the first thing you should do when facing the error state is to check the cable that connects the computer and the printer.

  • Run Control Panel on your computer and then access the section of Devices and Printers.
  • Click on the connected printer, and make sure that the printer you want to use has an online status.
  • If the printer doesn’t have an online status, right-click the printer and then check the online status. You are going to see a message saying Ready instead of Offline.
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Usually, this method is going to fix any minor error on a Brother printer. However, if it doesn’t help, you need to check the second solution below. 

2. Fixing a Brother printer in error state: restart

Brother printer in error state

Sometimes, restarting an electronic device is the best way to end any error or issue. Simply restart your Brother printer when you are facing an error state. Below are the easiest steps that will lead you to restart the Brother printer.

  • Press your Brother printer’s power button and wait for the printer to enter its off position.
  • Now disconnect the printer from any electrical outlet and then wait for a few minutes.
  • Reconnect everything and then restart your Brother printer, check if this method can solve the error.

Wait for at least 30 seconds or more before turning on your Brother printer again. This is going to let your printer get enough rest so that it will be ready to start working again. Just like us, electronics also need to get some break from their routines.

3. Check if there is any paper jam

Paper jam in your Brother printer is going to cause an error state as well. Not enough paper will also make your printer deliver an error message. Before trying some other solutions, you need to make sure that you place enough paper in the printer tray and that no paper jam blocks the printer to work.

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4. Clear your computer’s printing queue

The next solution to fix an error state is checking the printing queue on your Windows 10 computer. Your printer possibly stops working because there are too many documents in the queue. Check and clear the printing queue before trying to print any document.

  • On the Control Panel, open the option of Devices and Printers and then right-click the printer you want to fix.
  • Next, choose to See what’s printing and then cancel all documents from the queue.

Those documents are from the previous printing job you haven’t finished. They burden your Brother printer and make the printer unable to print new documents. It is great to check the queue before you start printing any document so that you don’t have to experience an error state at all times. 

The Brother printer in error state is not a big issue to fix. As a user of a Brother printer, you need to learn some easy steps to fix the error state. The four methods above are the most common solutions that can help fix any minor error state in a Brother printer.

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