What is Printer Toner, Advantages, and 6 Tips When Choosing One!!

It is normal to be confused with many options of the printer, especially a printer toner. You might have a question such as what is printer toner and why is it different than other types of printers. The answer is always the purpose of using the printer and your budget.

The printer toner is an alternative to get the best quality printing output. It is different than printer ink where people know that printer toner is more affordable and eco-friendly. The popularity of printer toner is also huge recently and you can find many brands in the market.

If you have node any ideas about this type of printer, how to choose the toner, and what the advantages are for choosing this type, here is some information that you have to know. 

What is Printer Toner?

What is Printer Toner

Printer toner is an alternative that recently has become a huge technology in printing. Printer ink is still leading, yet some people move to printer toner. But what is printer toner? The printer works with plastic granules as the main material to print on paper. 

The work of printer toner is similar to the inkjet printer. The only difference is the material. The machine will control the color and the vital part of this printer toner is the printing drum. The configuration consists of four-color cartridges that are exactly the same as the printer ink.

The Advantages of Printer Toner

  • Faster experience

What is printer toner main advantage? It is a faster experience and better than inkjet printers. The toner works faster to increase your productivity at work. Installing and replacing the cartridge is easy and fast, so you can save time amidst your busy working-hour.

Looking for the toner cartridge on the market is also easy. The availability is high for all types of toner. Having this printer toner will help you to save time because the compatibility from a third-party manufacturer is high as well. 

  • Excellent output

If you expect an excellent output from a printer toner, it won’t upset you. The output is nice, especially for the black and white. Graphic printing is clear and crisp. The difference between monochrome has shades that will help the user to interpret graphics better. 

You can expect to get a sharper look from the picture you print. It has become the biggest advantage if you question what is printer toner benefit. The level of precision from printer toner is high. The images appear super clean and close to the documents.

  • The toner lasts longer

Another advantage that you can get from what is printer toner  cartridges benefits is the toner lasts longer. The toner is not working like an inkjet printer. When you buy a toner cartridge, it is the volume of pages is higher. You can use one cartridge to print up to 2500 pages.

  • A low-cost option

Choosing a printer toner is a wise option to save more money. The price is lower than an ink cartridge, yet the output is excellent for graphic printing. You can try a generic toner that is compatible with your printer toner. It is lower than OEM, but the price s very affordable for a productive office.

  • Eco-friendly

What is printer toner different from other types is the level of eco-friendly. The Toner cartridge has a remanufactured version which becomes the lowest version of the toner cartridge. It is a recycled version and it is very eco-friendly. By using the toner, you help the environment as well.

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Choosing The Toner for Printer Toner

Choosing The Toner for Printer Toner

Not only the question of what is a dry printer toner when you are considering buying this type of printer, but also the type of toner. It is very vital to choose the best toner for your printer since it will affect the quality and durability of the printer. Here are some tips to choose the toner. 

1. Choosing the color

First thing to do is you have to choose the color. Check the type of your printer. If your printer only supports black and white printing, then you have to choose a black toner cartridge only. It has the same case if you are only printing black and white only for the work.

Choosing black only when you only need this color will save you more money. The black toner is cheaper than the color cartridge. Adjust with your needs before choosing the printer toner. There are many reasonable prices of toner at the market in a package with black and colors.

2. Get to know your printer model

The printer model is also as important as choosing the color of the toner. Some cartridge brands sell the product to fit certain models of printer toner. You have to know the model of what is printer toner by checking the numerical model on the sticker when you buy the printer.

If you don’t have any idea to choose, you can tell the model of the printer to the seller and let them search for the best size for your printer. The numerical codes are how you get the compatible toner. But don’t worry, some toner cartridge brands recently have made the toner to fit a lot of printer toner models.

3. Choose the model of the cartridge

Printer Toner Models

There are three models of toner cartridges: OEM, compatible and remanufactured. You have to choose the toner wisely because they have its own benefits and price. Adjust your capability and compatibility with your printing preference. In some markets, it may be hard to find a certain model.

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4. Check the page yield

The page yield is the capability of a printer toner to print a certain amount of pages. It is very important to know, especially if you use the printer for a very productive workplace. It helps you to save a lot of money, so ask the seller. The best one is over 2000 pages.

If you only print some papers over a long period, they may not get affected. It is different when you are busy. This aspect is a big consideration. You can check what is printer toner page yield on the sticker or packaging. Factors such as paper size and printing frequency may make it different.

5. Choose the guaranteed product

Make sure the toner cartridge you are choosing is a guaranteed product. It is how you ensure that the working condition is proper for the printer. The warranty of a toner cartridge is usually starting from 1000 pages or more. Usually, only generic and OEM which have a warranty from the manufacturer.

Some top brand usually offers a lifetime warranty for the printer toner and toner cartridge. It is very convenient for the buyers because they can easily claim according to the damage. The average warranty is a year for OEM and 2-3 months for generic and remanufactured. 

6. Bulk buying option

A bulk buying option is wise if you are actively using printer toner. You can afford them at a cheaper price. The bulk buying of packs can save more than ten percent of the original price. This offer is usually coming from the brands themselves. 

However, this option is not wise if you are not productive or only print in a single color such as black and white. This bulk buying option is a good choice for a super busy office. The budget is pressed and you can manage the finances wisely for printing purposes.

The Type of Printer Toner

Brother Toner Cartridges

1. OEM

OEM is the original toner that is only for a given printer. This toner is the most expensive one, yet the market always provides this product because the output is always excellent. Some information you have to know about OEM toner can be read below:

  • Purpose

What is OEM Printer Toner? This toner only works for a specific printer. If you consider using this OEM, then you have to know the type of printer before buying. The OEM toner will not be working for other types of printer toner. 

  • Warranty

The best thing about this printer toner is the warranty. You can claim the warranty if you find out that the cartridge doesn’t work as it should. The period of warranty may be different based on the brand you are choosing.

  • Quality

The quality of the printing output is superb. It is reliable if you print some graphics or photos because the color is sharp. Among all types of printer toner, the OEM printing output is the best. However, you might find out that the price is very expensive on the market.

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2. Generic 

What is printer toner generic? This toner is from a third-party manufacturer. Usually, the brand only creates the specialization of the toner cartridges. The quality is not far from the OEM. However, the generic is the most sold toner cartridge because the price is more affordable.

  • New parts

The generic printer toners are from the new part. They create the model is not exactly the same as OEM since there is intellectual property. However, the new part is the reason why many people choose this. It is more affordable than OEM, but the new parts make them more durable.

  • Output quality

The generic printer toner delivers high-quality output. At a lower price than the OEM version, the printing quality is good at a more affordable cost. If you are super productive and quality is not your priority, then the generic toner cartridge can be the best option.

  • Affordable and everywhere

The price of the generic toner cartridges is reasonable with the quality it delivers. The markets sell many brands of this generic toner cartridge, so you can browse the best one. However, the best toner cartridge is always coming from trustworthy manufacturers. So, be careful. 

3. Remanufactured

Remanufactured Toner

This toner cartridge comes from recycled material. The Toner is checked and cleaned before being remanufactured. It is a wise option to keep the environment safe. This toner cartridge has the lowest price among all types. 

  • Output quality

Since the material is from recycled material, the output quality is also the lowest. If your work abandons the printing quality, then the remanufactured one is safe to use. For printing such graphics and images, this toner cartridge is not reliable to print a sharp-quality image.

  • Leaking risk

The leaking risk to the printer machine is big. It is different from OEM quality. The recycled material may be imperfect and a potential hole does exist. This risk is quite dangerous because you have to reprint the paper. If the leaking is bad, it may damage the printer. 

  • Eco-friendly

The toner cartridge is the most eco-friendly. You use recycled ones and it helps to keep the environment safe. The price to get this toner cartridge is also cheap. You can significantly save the environment and also the wallet to purchase this. 

This option is more costly than a laser printer. However, the advantages of what is printer toner are useful for a busy and productive workplace. Follow the tips above to get the best toner cartridge and get all the benefits this product offer.

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