The Best 10 Printer Brands 2024!!

Buying a printer among printer brands available in the market can be super challenging. Besides the model, you will find many brands that sell printers at competitive prices. The quality of printing can be different and the way we have to maintain the printer varies.

It is important to buy a printer from reputable brands because the replacement and quality will get affected. If you choose to buy a printer from an unknown brand, it will be difficult to maintain the quality of the device. The printing result is usually not satisfying as well.

Therefore, which are printer brands that will give you the best result for your office or work? Here are some of the best brands that you will find in the market.

The List of The Best Printer Brands 2024

Printer Brands

1. Canon

Canon Printers

We have heard that Canon is always one of the best printer brands in the world. They always renew the model every year, at least once or twice. This company has been popular ever since because they design a printer with a clean design and easy to operate for a newbie.

  • Technology

As a leading brand of printers, Canon always renews their technology for the best printing result/ Their change is very fast because they have to fit and adjust themselves to the need of the customers. They have many types for home-business, office, school, etc.

  • Reasonable cost

Canon is one of the best printer brands because they sell printers at a reasonable price. It is not too expensive for standard printing, so the customers can pick the printer that suits their needs. They have sales at the ends of the season as well to help everyone afford this brand.

  • Easy maintenance

Canon is also a printer brand that all devices are easy to maintain. It is simple and dusty free, so you don’t have to worry if the machine will have some issues because of dust. If there is an issue, you can buy spare parts from other printer brands. It is practical for most users.

  • Cheap ink replacement

If you buy a model inkjet printer, you don’t have to worry about the price of the ink. Canon has the best deal for the ink. The seller who sells the inks for Canon is everywhere offline and online.

2. HP

HP Printers

This brand is one of the most popular printer brands. This brand has been around for a long time and people recognize this as a printer brand that has high durability level. If you want to get a printer in the market, HP should be on your consideration list.

  • Durability

The material of the HP printer is high in quality. They are durable for years. For a busy office, the printer will help you to invest. The machine is excellent and you won’t easily find any problems. You only have to replace the ink and find them on the market at affordable prices.

  • Long warranties

This is the advantage you won’t get from other digital printer brands. HP gives a long warranty for the buyers and it is generous. The service center is available in many areas. During the period of warranty, the company won’t allow you to pay a single penny to pay for the failure you experience.

  • Replacement ink is not a problem

Some printer brands only allow the user to replace the ink with the same brand as the printer. It is different from HP because this brand allows you to use replacement ink. As long as the type of ink is suitable for the printer model and the quality is high, the printer works well. 

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3. Brother

Brother Printers

Brother is one of the high-quality laser printer brands on the market. The brand is well-known because it is user-friendly. For a beginner who has no idea about the printer before, Brother won’t be such an issue. It is very easy to install. Another plus, the Brother printer is affordable. 

  • Wireless printing

Some printer brands might still use USB, but Brother doesn’t. The brand is an all-wireless generation. It helps the user to print the document easily. Printing from tablets or other devices from a distance is no longer a problem. You can print and scan as well from a linked device. 

  • All-in-one printer

The Brother printer is not only a device to print but also other activities such as faxing, scanning, and copying. This is why this brand is popular among all-in-one printer brands. At an affordable price, the user can use one device for office requirements. It is a machine that can work for multiple purposes. 

  • Best printing result

Brother printers are not upsetting. The design is compact for the office and the printing quality is excellent. This printer is very popular among graphic designers because the result aligns with the expectation. If you want to produce some graphics on paper, the Brother printer is highly recommended.

4. Epson

Epson Printers

With high-speed printing technology, Epson is very famous among printer brands. For productive use, Epson is highly recommended. It is reliable for a busy office or home office. This brand provides all-in-on tasks to fulfill your duties requirements.

  • Free-heat technology

After using the printer for some time, t is normal if printer brands are getting heat. However, Epson will not easily get heat. This printer has the technology to cool the device. The printing quality will be excellent because the paper won’t curl because of the heat.

  • Energy-saving

Epson claims since more than a decade ago that their printer is energy-saving. The power the printers consume is less than 83% of other printer brands. With this technology, the user will reduce energy consumption to save the environment. 

  • Affordable

The printer from Epson is very affordable. The availability in many areas is so high, so they are selling at a very competitive price. The printers are multiple purposes, so a user can save a lot of money y buying this printer. The spare parts of Epson are cheap as well. 

5. Xerox

Xerox Printers

Even though Xerox is more well-known as a photocopy machine, this brand has had printer production since a long time ago. However, Xerox printers are better for a small-scale business or home office. Even so, the quality of this brand is not disappointing.

  • Short warming-up session

To work well, a printer device usually takes a little time to warm up. Xeros doesn’t need to do that. The printer can be used immediately once the power is ON. For a busy home office, the printer will help you to save time. It is very helpful and efficient.

  • Excellent output

The printing quality is excellent and affordable. The ink is efficient and you don’t need to buy it often. The small fonts are readable and crisp. For local printing, Xerox quality is not upsetting. At an affordable price, you will have a printer that helps you to save a lot of money.

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  • Supporting paper types

The device supports many paper types. It is a device to help your professional needs/ If you want to do some work with other types of paper, the printer will adjust the output. It may not be found in other printer brands, but Xerox does it excellently.

6. Kodak

Kodak Printers

Kodak has become one of the most popular printer brands in the world for photo specialization. At first, Kodak is all about photos but now they are expanding as a company that creates printer machines as well. They have many models already with great advantages.

  • Compact design

If you want a printer brand that has a compact design, Kodak can be a great option on your list. The design is very good looking for a multi-purpose printer. The machine doesn’t only print the paper but also scans and copies it. It is an all-in-one machine in one device. 

  • Best output

Looking for a printer for photos? Kodak is one of the best printer brands to do it. The colors are bright and as same as the document you have. The printing quality is glossy which you will not find from other brands. The printing process is also very fast. 

  • Low-budget

The printer is very cheap. For a low-budget purpose, you can rely on this Xerox printer. The price on the market is cheaper than other brands. The ink replacement and other parts are also cheap. You can have this printer for a long-last purpose. 

7. Samsung

Samsung Printers

As a worldwide brand, Samsung joins the market by producing a lot of printer models. The brand is suitable for the user who tries to find an affordable printer from a good reputation brand. Samsung is always producing eco-friendly devices and printers are everywhere on the market.

  • High performance

You can rely a lot on the Samsung brand for a printer machine. It always delivers high speed and the best output of printing. The machine can be compatible with many brands of laptops, computers, and other gadgets. The work is very fast to support your busy office.

  • High security

This brand has promising security. You will find there is an option to protect the printer with a password feature. The printer won’t allow an unknown device to print unless the owner enters the password. This is a great way to protect the user from any intruders.

  • Less cost

Among other printer brands, Samsung is popular as an economical brand. The cost to print a paper is very affordable. The machine has anti-heat technology that will prevent paper-curling cases because of the heat. It is very supportive for a business on any scale. 

8. Toshiba

Toshiba Printers

After hitting the market with laptops, Toshiba is coming with printer devices. Even though they are not as popular as other printer brands, Toshiba has a very good reputation in the electronic industry. It is reliable for business, busy office, and home office users. 

  • Wide-format

Printing from Toshiba printers allows you to have the best results in many formats. It supports your printing business and the result is excellent. It is not only to print ordinary paper but also labels, stickers, etc. The user only has to adjust the size and format of the device.

  • Integrated printer

Toshiba produces an integrated printer. It is not only printing from devices such as laptops and computers, but also cloud-based storage. You can manage the printing process easily since Toshiba has supported features such as LAN and Wi-Fi.

  • User-friendly interface

The interface of this printer is user-friendly. The installation is easy even for a newbie. For complicated tasks, Toshiba printers are helpful. The streamlining and workflows are efficient. You can customize based on your business. 

  • High security

Toshiba offers legit security. The feature’s name is MFP. The user can protect the data with critical information. It is a good feature that is available in an affordable printer like Toshiba. You don’t have to worry anymore about protecting your intellectual property.

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9. Fujitsu

Fujitsu Printers

Fujitsu has decent-quality printers. They have new models every year to hit the market. Among other printer brands, Fujitsu is less popular yet the quality of printing is excellent. The brand is well-known in Asia, especially in Japan as an electronic device brand for laptops and printers.

  • High-speed printer

Fujitsu is superior because it is a high-speed printer. They can print fast, especially for the black-and-white output. There is a setting to separate the documents that will help you work on them without standing next to the machine all the time. The risk of black pages is also minimum.

  • Efficient

Fujitsu is a multi-function device. It is not only to print documents but also to scan and copy. You don’t require multiple devices for an office. Simply one device from Fujitsu can work and support your work. The design of this printer is compact, so it is suitable to put on the desk.

  • High-quality output

This printer is one of the cheap printer brands that give you a high-quality output. Photos and graphics outputs are well-done. The content appears exactly the same as the document you expect to be. For the scanner feature, you can have a high-quality color image.

10. Lexmark

Lexmark Printers

Lexmark is a good option if you want to have a printer for a very productive office. This printer is different than other printer brands. The specialization is for office only since the size is very big, similar to the machine of photocopy that you find in a big scale office.

  • Big paper handling

Since the machine is huge, the paper handling is up to 2300 pages. You don’t have to put the paper on repeatedly. For office usage, it is very convenient and saves time. It is expandable up to 2500 pages if you add another media tray. The tray is available for any size of paper.

  • High-speed printing

Lexmark is reliable when it comes to speed printing. The speed is up to 50 documents per minute for black and white. For the color pages, it is about 20 pages per minute. The output is excellent because Lexmar has 4800 color quality. The result is always consistent and sharp.

  • Direct and wireless printing

Another advantage that you can get from this brand is direct and wireless printing. This capability allows you to print from Cloud-based storage. It is very convenient because you don’t have to move the document to the laptop or find out the USB cable only to print. 

Choosing the best printer among printer brands available on the market may be confusing. The model and reputation should be in your consideration. Those brands above are the best and easier ones that you’ll find everywhere.

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