Office Space Copier Vs. A Multifunction Printer!!

Some home offices need an office space copier while some others need a printer. What if someday you’ll need both products? Can you get a product with a printer and a copier instead? Below are some details about multifunctional printers you need to consider for your home office.

Office Space Copier or Printer?

If this is the time for you to replace the copier at your home office, you need to sit down and think. Is it better for you to get a new photocopier or do you need a printer instead? Today, there are multifunctional printers that will help you do many tasks with one simple tool. What makes a printer more special?

Both multifunction printers and office copiers are crucial for your home office. Both tools have a printing program and they will produce paper copies at excellent speed. Also, both of them require toner. However, there are some differences between an office copier and a multifunction printer.

It is crucial to learn the differences between a small office copier and a multifunction printer. By knowing what makes them different, you will know which product is the right one for your home office. Find the differences between them below.

Differences Between a Printer and a Copier

Office Space Copier Vs. A Multifunction Printer

A copier will make duplicate copies of your physical document. You don’t have to connect the copier to your computer network. But a printer lets you send documents from your computer network so that the printer can print them. Many printers come with a physical copier function.

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And many multifunction printers today come with various additional capabilities. Dig deeper and you will figure out the best option for your home office or small business. Here are many things that make a copier and a printer different.

  • Different functions

A standard copier can do only one thing: make copies of your physical documents. But a multifunction printer or an MFP has so many different functions. This printer has a special ability to securely print, copy, fax, and scan. Some of the MFPs can even staple and hole-punch your documents.

A copy machine from an older model may have the ability to print in black and white or color. An MFP can handle both modes easily. Depending on the model unit you own, both multifunction printers and copiers may have the ability to produce printed materials at high quality.

  • Copiers are a bit faster


Sometimes, a copy machine is a little bit faster than a printer. However, you may not see the difference in a short time. If you have a document and want to make a thousand copies of it, then a copy machine will be the best solution for your need.

However, if you only need to make a small number of copies every day or every week, you don’t have to get a copier. A multifunction printer will help you copy easily and quickly enough. That’s why a multifunction printer is more suitable for home offices and small businesses.

  • User friendly

When the first multifunction printers hit the market, they were cumbersome and hard to use, especially when you need to switch between different modes. But now, multifunction printers are more intuitive than ever. You can make a copy easily, simply by pressing a button on the printer.

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An office space copier is also user-friendly, but less user-friendly than multifunction printers. A copy machine has various settings and buttons that make the simple copy task becomes a daunting task. If you are looking for a simpler machine for your home office or small business, an MFP is a great choice.

  • Printers are versatile

Because of the various tasks, an MFP can handle, many people today want to replace their copier with a printer. Many workers in offices are relying on multifunction printers to scan and email documents easily. Those printers allow you to turn a physical document into a PDF document.

Copiers are a much better option for those who need to make a large number of copies every day. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a machine that will only make copies since MFPs replace their popularity.

An office space copier is a great tool for offices and businesses. But a multifunction printer is now more famous than a copy machine. Learn about the differences between both machines so that you can see what makes a printer more special than a copier.

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