Which is Better Inkjet or Laser Printer for Photos? 9 Things You Need To Consider!!

 A printer is one of the hardware that has become a daily necessity, which is better Inkjet or Laser printer for photos? A printer certainly has its function by the specifications and uses to support the work.

Influencing Factors: Which is better Inkjet or Laser Printer for Photos?

Which is better Inkjet or Laser Printer for Photos

Before choosing to use the two printers, ensure you know the differences in function, price, flexibility, speed, ink resistance, and quality. However, before going any further, do you know what an Inkjet or Laser Printer is?

Inkjet is one type of home printer that serves to print photos with perfect results because of its high resolution. So don’t be surprised if this printer is the choice of many people because it is generally more compact and has a more affordable price.

While the laser printer is a text or document printing machine, for this type of printer, if it uses to print photos, it usually has a resolution that is less than the maximum. It is because traditionally printed documents will form waves when passing through the laser’s heat.

So, have you concluded which printer is the most suitable for photo printing? You need more information about the comparison of Inkjet and Laser printers.

1. Ink Usage

Of course, there are differences in ink types between inkjet printers and laser printers. For inkjet printers, black, blue, cyan, and magenta spray inks use. As for laser printers usually use toner or powdered ink with good quality to get better print results.

2. Print Quality

When viewed from the function and quality produced, Inkjet printers or those that use special photo inks can produce higher-resolution images. However, a laser printer is a solution if you need a compatible printer to print documents quickly and have maximum results.

3. Print Speed

Laser printers are for office use, with a print speed of 15-100 pages per minute. But Inkjet printers are only capable of printing 16 pages per minute. Therefore, in terms of speed, laser printers have a more significant document print volume than inkjet printers.

4. Price

Apart from the quality produced and the speed of document printing, what distinguishes between Inkjet printers and Laser printers is the price. The initial capital that must spend to buy a laser printer will usually be more expensive than an inkjet printer. Not to mention, toner prices are higher, and cartridges need to replace frequently. Alternatively, you can use refill cartridges or printer infusions.

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5. Flexibility

Then the following difference between Inkjet printers and Laser Printers is the flexibility and space required. If you don’t have ample room, then an inkjet printer can be the solution because this home printer is practical and easy to move. Unlike laser printers with a larger size, this printer requires ample space and is difficult to move.

6. Treatment

In terms of maintenance, Inkjet printers are more accessible because they only clean the printer body from dust and dirt. Besides that, don’t forget to do regular service to keep it durable. As for the maintenance of Laser printers, it will be a little more complicated and more challenging to repair by ourselves if it is damaged. In addition, spare parts for this laser printer are also more expensive. They must take them directly to a service center.

7. Technology Used

The use of Inkjet printers usually uses nozzle technology in the cartridge head or ink with standard spraying techniques. At the same time, the laser printer is not much different from a copier with the principle of static electricity. Or it can be interpreted if the LaserJet uses a laser beam that penetrates photoreceptors that move horizontally, then produces a copy of the text or image.

8. Number of Fans

Regarding the number of enthusiasts in the community, both Inkjet and Laser printers are pretty balanced because they adapt to their individual needs. The average use of Inkjet is usually for schools, homes, and offices with a scale that is not too large. At the same time, laser printers are generally used for mass printing documents or correspondence and require quick results.

When to Choose an Inkjet or Laser Printer?

When to Choose an Inkjet or Laser Printer

After knowing some information about the differences between Inkjet and Laser printers, then when should you choose one of the two printers?

Here are situations where you should choose an Inkjet printer including:

If you want to print a small number of text documents, you can use an inkjet printer that is usually readily available at home.

If you want to print a certain number of high-resolution photos or images.

If you want to print documents or photos at a low cost but have pretty good quality.

If you want to print a simple black-and-white document because the cost is more affordable than another.

If you want to print documents or simple writing files, you should use an inkjet printer because it is more compatible and portable.

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The following are situations where you should choose a Laser Printer including:

If you want to print many text documents, you can use a laser printer because it can print 15-100 pages per minute.

If you want to print correspondence documents in bulk in large quantities.

If you want to print a text document with good sharpness and quality.

If you want to print a simple black-and-white document quickly.

If you want to print documents or write files, you should use a laser printer because it is more compatible than others.

How Do Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers Work?

You can see that this Inkjet printer has two technologies used, namely piezoelectric and thermal technology. Through this piezoelectric technique, the printer will move electrically and then use the heat of the bubble (thermal) during the printing process.

In addition, there are two types of Inkjet printers. These, namely conventional cartridges, use special black ink or cartridges that contain three colors. The second is an Inkjet printer with a printhead cartridge or ink tank with a hose to each tank or an infusion printer.

As for how the laser printer works, it uses the electrostatic principle or pattern formation with LED (Light Emitting Diode) rays. The laser beam will then perform a horizontal movement to form and produce copies of the documents or images to be printed or imaging devices commonly called toner cartridges.

Most laser printers intend to produce only black-and-white prints without color. However, apart from monochrome printing, many color laser printers already have four cartridge configurations like those in inkjet printers.

7 Printer Recommendations to Print Photos with the Best Results

7 Printer Recommendations to Print Photos with the Best Results

Various types of printers are available to suit your document printing needs. Printers previously only capable of printing text can now be used to print photos, posters, flyers, and other graphics with better color quality and resolution.

To meet the need for the best printers to print the best photos and images, digital companies continue to innovate their printer products. Here are seven recommendations for the best printers to print photos with the best resolution.

1. Canon Inktank PIXMA-G570

The Canon Inktank PIXMA-G570 is one of the suitable printer recommendations for you if you want to produce good photo prints but with a limited budget. This printer has six types of ink colors and can print 3,800 sheets of 4R photos without margins.

The price starts at $70. With a price of less than $70, you can print your photos at a more economical cost and with unquestionable quality. Worth it, right?

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2. Canon PIXMA-G670

Canon PIXMA G670 Serial Printer was created to minimize printing costs. It is because, usually, the amount of ink used to print a photo is more than a single document.

Canon PIXMA G670 is also specially designed to print photos efficiently. In addition, these latest G series are equipped with an ink bottle design with a nozzle design to fit the mouth of the Ink tank, making it easier to fill.

3. Canon ImagePROGRAFPRO-300

The next photo-only printer is the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300, specifically designed for professional photographers. This printer is not cheap and has remarkable advantages over other Canon series.

One of the advantages of this printer is that it has a tank system with ten colors. In addition, there is a Chroma Optimizer which functions to prevent the bronzing effect so that the quality of the photo prints looks professional.

4. Epson L805

If you have a small budget but want to have a photo printer, this Epson L805 can be an option. This printer does not have a large print volume, but you can print up to 3,000 photos in a year.

Although the price is not too high because it is not a professional type of printer, this Epson L805 has a one-year warranty. The resolution is up to 5,760dpi. This printer has photo prints with a combination of up to six ink colors.

5. Epson SureColor SC P903

Suppose you are a photographer and have a photo printing business with a large budget. In that case, the Epson SureColor SC P903 printer can be a solution because it can print photos with maximum quality. Its minimalist design makes this printer smaller than its predecessor, the SC P807.

In addition, because the size is not too large, this printer does not take up too much space. There can be no doubt about the photo quality; of course, the printer must use original Epson ink, namely the Epson UltraChrome PRO10, which is specifically for this printer.

6. Epson SureColor SC-P6000

The following photo printer recommendation is the Epson SureColor SC-P6000, which has the most advanced color printing technology. With a printhead, this printer with nozzle technology removes ink dots of various sizes according to the size of the photo.

In addition, photo printing results are also more detailed with balanced and consistent color combinations. In addition, the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 printer equips with a calibration feature that is useful for managing the calibration of printers connected to a network.

7. Epson EcoTank L15150

This Epson L15150 printer has heat-free technology that functions to make the printer work efficiently. With waterproof ink technology, this ink can also print 52 sheets of 4×6 photos in just 43 seconds.

In addition, the Epson application provides this printer’s supporting feature, allowing it to print photos wirelessly. In addition to using a personal computer, through this Epson application, you can also do slim printing from a smartphone without having to move it to a personal computer first.

That’s information about which is better Inkjet or Laser Printer for Photos, comparisons, when to choose one, how it works, and some product recommendations. Hopefully, this information can be a reference for those who want to find a home or professional printer.

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