Simple Guide on Installing Jyers firmware ender 3 v2 Download – Get It Here!!

The latest Jyers firmware ender 3 v2 download is one thing you need for your 3D printer. Updating this firmware will ensure your printer goes smoothly. Now you can avoid mistakes whenever you want to print something fancy.

Why You Must Get for Jyers Firmware Ender 3 v2 Download

Jyers Firmware Ender 3 v2 Download
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Some of the most popular 3D printers use open-sourced software as their firmware. But JyersUI or Jyers come on top of other firmware for various reasons.

Primarily, this firmware comes with a pre-compiled package. But you also can download the version without and do a manual compilation. Feel free to choose which firmware version suits you best.

The high key to choosing one without pre-compiled is you can add some of your settings. Of course, you’d need to know a lot about coding and firmware building. It also means you can choose which feature you want to include.

However, if it’s your first 3D printer or you don’t want the hassle of compiling, the pre-compiled package is the answer. You will only need to download the complete package and install the firmware right away.

Jyers is one of the software that uses Merlin as its original code. Even though it’s not the only one, many people consider Jyers as the most complete and easy to install. 

What Does Jyers firmware ender 3 v2 Update Cover?

This firmware can save you a lot of time and difficulties. Many 3D printer owners claim this firmware also fixes some known bugs in the machine. For example, the stock firmware won’t allow you to change the filament mid-printing.

You can change the filament midway when you’re using Jyers
firmware. You also can do PID autotuning and Live-adjust Z offset tuning. This
is perfect for you who aim for precise perfection in the detail.

Jyers software is also compatible with BLTouch. It’s one of the most popular add-ons on various 3D printers. You don’t have to worry that you will lose this feature after installing Jyers Firmware.

But above all, this firmware is very beginner-friendly. You can have your first printer, and Jyers will make you feel like you’ve been doing it for years.

You can ask any 3D printing community their opinion on Jyers. Almost unanimously will agree that Jyers is better than any stock firmware. Some even go as far as saying that Jyers made them feel like having a new printer.

How to Install the Firmware?

The first thing you have to do is to download the latest version from the Jyers Github page. You need to look for a version that will support your 3D printer. In general, the latest version covers everything the previous firmware didn’t. 

The installation process itself is quite simple. All you need is to have an empty SD card in FAT-32 format for your 3D printer. You can use the SD card on your 3D printer, or buy a new one specifically for new firmware.

Whether it’s an update or a fresh new install, you need to ensure that the SD card is in the right format. And if you’re using the one from your printer, don’t forget to do the necessary backup.

The file you download from GitHub will be compressed into a zip file. You’d need to extract it and find the right bin file. It’s the firmware that you are about to install.

Turn off your printer before removing and installing the SD card. As soon as you put the SD card back inside the printer, Jyers firmware will automatically load into the printer. You can check this through the info tab in the printer.

But that method works only for Ender 3 printers with the 32-bit motherboard. Older printers that run on 8-bit motherboards will need several extra steps. It’s because printers with 8-bit motherboards don’t have the bootloader function, so you need to do it manually.

You can also watch the video below if you are still confused.

Can I use the Firmware on Other 3D printers?

Yes, you can download and use Jyers Firmware for your older Ender printers. You also can use this firmware for other 3D printers. 

Even if you have older models such as Ender 3 Pro, you can install the latest Jyers firmware and won’t see any problems. 

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Some 3D enthusiasts mentioned that they installed Jyers on their non-Enders printers. Most of them claim that the new firmware doesn’t give out any issues to their printers.

Since Jyers firmware uses Marlin as its base, it’s safe to assume that you can install Jyers on other printers that use Marlin as their stock firmware. Still, you will need to check its compatibility before installing the firmware. 

How Often Should I Update the Firmware?

How Often Should I Update the Firmware

There is no rule on how often you must update your firmware. But you should update your firmware whenever they release a stable version. Do not wait until your 3D printer starts showing any problems.

Keep in mind that updating the firmware means you’re keeping the bugs away. You’re helping your printer to stay in its peak condition. You also can notice if there are any issues before it surfaces into a real problem.

In case you have a lot of experience updating your 3D printer’s firmware. You may want to try the beta testing when available. Or maybe build custom firmware that will provide you with features you like.

Some users are tech-savvy enough to write their firmware code. And you can be one of them. You can use Marlin or even Jyers as your base since both are open-source. 

What happens if I don’t update my firmware?

Theoretically, you do just fine with the stock firmware. Even more so if you hardly use the 3D printer. Or you don’t have any ambitious printing project in mind.

After all, updating the firmware is purely optional for all users. But you need to be aware of the bugs within the stock firmware. You may have difficulties adjusting or customizing your design. 

If anything, custom firmware is superior because it is custom. It caters to what users need in addition to the basic features. It helps you with file naming, adjusting bed level, and other general functions you didn’t know you need until you do.

Jyers firmware will allow you to do auto-leveling. And that’s something you can’t do with the stock Creality firmware. But if you prefer to do manual leveling, it’s on you.

I don’t like this update, how can I revert it?

revert Jyers firmware ender 3 v2 update

You can always revert to the previous Jyers version. Or even the stock firmware you had in your Ender 3 v2 printer. As long as you still have the file and can install the firmware back to your printer.

That is why before updating to Jyers firmware, you need to back up your previous setting on a separate SD card. In case you forgot to prepare the backup file, you need to download your preferred firmware before reinstalling it.

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Thankfully, updating firmware on Ender 3 v2 can be as easy as switching the SD card. This 3D printer’s motherboard is already supporting the automatic bootloader. Still, each firmware has a different installation process.

You need to prepare your preferred firmware in a separate SD card. This can be a different firmware or your previous setting. Then turn off your 3D printer to remove Jyers firmware.

You only need to take the SD card with Jyers binary file from your Ender 3 v2. This will remove the firmware and automatically put your printer in a blank state.

The next steps differ based on the firmware you choose. If you plan to choose the older version of Jyers, then you only need to put the SD card with that version. Some firmware may require you to access the software console.

What to do after installing the firmware? 

Now you know how to download and install the firmware for your 3D printer. You also can switch back to any version that suit you better. No need to worry because Jyers is compatible with numerous design programs. 

Keep in mind that the firmware is open source so you can add or remove some functions you don’t need. At any rate, you’re replacing the very basic firmware with a much better one. It’s not a lie when most 3D printer owners call Jyers firmware as the necessary upgrade.

Anyway, make sure that you know which type of motherboards you have on your printer. Most manufacturers will include a country-specific motherboard type. Henceforth, you can open the printer case to expose the motherboard.


Doesn’t matter which way you look at it, Jyers firmware is one of the best firmware that you can get out there. It’s free and has all of the best features any 3D printer software can give.

You can download Jyers firmware from their official release page at GitHub. Being an open-source code, you can choose any of the features to include or exclude.

Now, stop hesitating and get Jyers firmware ender 3 v2 download as soon as possible. The firmware works for numerous printers. And Its features are all beginner-friendly without discounting for more advanced users.

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