5+ Tips on How to Check Ink Level on HP Printer!!

For those who use printers for everyday purposes, you need to know five tips on How to Check Ink Levels on HP Printers. One printer brand
that is quite often used and popular in the market today is HP.

With extraordinary features and high technology, HP is one of the printers that are very suitable for work mobility which is quite dense. Therefore, the part to show monitor ink exhaust in the printer tank is information that needs to be known.

How To Check Ink Level Ink on HP Printer

5+ Tips on How to Check Ink Level on HP Printer!!

Check the ink level regularly and regularly to estimate the remaining ink or toner. Therefore, when the ink runs out, you can buy the supplies in advance to replace them if they run out. In addition, you can also consider the use of cartridges in your HP printer. Do you want to use a new cartridge or refill it?

Here are some ways to check the ink level on the HP Printer.

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1. Checking the Ink or Toner Level with the Computer Control Panel Menu

You can view settings regarding the ink or toner levels on HP printers through the control panel menus on the computer. You can search for the Ink drop menu (shaped like a water drop), the cartridge icon menu (shaped like a box containing three dots), or use the toner level indicator menu.

2. Checking the Ink or Toner Level (Windows Computer)

Here’s how to check the ink level on your Windows computer:

Via the HP Smart App (Windows): Open HP Smart – then search the Microsoft Store (in English) to install the app and set up the printer whose ink will display the toner level on the home screen.

Via HP Print and Scan Doctor: You can download and run this HP Print and Scan Doctor by selecting your printer device, clicking the Printer menu in the top menu bar, then clicking Supply Levels.

Through the printer software: Find the name and model number of the printer you are using on the Windows menu, and then click the printer name to open the HP Printer Assistant. Click the Estimated Ink Level menu.

If your printer does not find the search results, then you can go to HP Software and Driver Downloads to install the software first.

Through HP Laser Printers: Locate and open the Windows Easy Printer Manager menu and find information about your printer’s ink level.

3. Checking the Ink or Toner Level (Mac Computer)

Here are a few ways to check your Mac computer’s ink or toner levels.

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Click the Apple icon menu > System Preferences > then click Printers and Scanners > Print & Fax or use the Print & Scan menu.

Select your printer type from the list, click Options & Supplies > then click the Supplies tab.

4. Checking Ink or Toner Levels (Through Android and iOS Devices)

In addition to your computer, you can use the HP Smart app to check the ink or toner levels on your Android or Apple iOS device.

Or you can visit 123.hp.com to install the HP Smart app on your mobile device. Then add your printer device to see how the ink or toner level is on the home screen.

5. Checking HP Printer Ink Levels On Ink Tanks and Smart Tanks

The way to check the printer’s ink level through the ink tank window is to see where your printer’s ink level is. What’s between the maximum and minimum fill lines?

In this way, you need to pay attention to the following: Ink levels below the minimum fill line can cause poor and poor print quality. Meanwhile, the ink level above the maximum fill line can also cause leakage. 

The damage experienced by this printer occurs due to improper filling of the ink tank or due to the use of non-original ink from HP, so it does not have a warranty. 

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Is the Ink or Toner Level Displayed Always Accurate?

Is the Ink or Toner Level Displayed Always Accurate

Through software or settings on your computer, you will find the ink or toner level displayed in the HP printer software. The number shown is the estimated ink level calculated from the estimated usage. To determine if this estimate is inaccurate, be aware of the following conditions.

You are not using genuine HP brand ink or toner.

You are using a cartridge that has been remanufactured and refilled and has already been installed.

Your printer uses only the ink tanks and not the cartridges.

A complete hardware reset has been set on your printer.

Why it’s Important to Check Printer Ink Levels

Constantly checking the ink condition on the printer usually does have a purpose so that you can find out how much is left. You may consider replacing a new cartridge or using a refilled cartridge.

In addition, this also prevents the ink from drying out and clogging after being left for a certain period. Therefore, if you want to save on your budget, you can still do it by shopping for compatible cartridges with the same brand for refills.

It is about five tips on how to check ink level on HP printers, the accuracy of the results displayed, and the importance of regularly checking their condition. So, are you ready to put it into practice yourself on your printer?

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