2 Ways on How To Restart Your Brother Printer!!

Are you one of the users of Brother printer who might have asked yourself: how to restart my brother printer? Basically, restarting printers from various manufacturers is simple. You only have to reset their printers to factory default settings. But, you have to follow the right steps carefully. 

How to Restart Your Brother Printer Easily

How to Restart Your Brother Printer Easily

Restarting Brother printer is as simple as restarting other kinds of printers. The methods are very easy as users have to follow the steps as the main process. Or else, they can’t complete it successfully.

Wondering why you have to reset their printers? This is especially for Brother printers. There are several reasons why you need to reset their Brother Printers. One of them is the problem with the printer’s response. 

When a Brother printer doesn’t respond correctly, you have to reset it.  This is because the printer might find difficulties in connecting to the system.  Resetting the printer is the best thing to do and the easiest things to do before checking anything else. 

Why You need to Reset Your Brother Printer to Factory Settings?

Some users might find problems with the printer’s software. Usually, there are some glitches that may occur. The only solution is resetting the printer. 

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Resetting the Brother printer to the basic factory setting is also recommended when the Brother printer is turning on and off without any prior notice or there are also some problems that occur like the printer doesn’t work properly. It can also be done if your printer doesn’t respond at all. 

When it happens, it is recommended to reinstall the software first. If it still doesn’t work, then you can try to reset your Brother printer into factory setting. It is the best solution to make sure that the printer works properly. 

5 Steps to Restart Your Brother Printer

You can follow the instruction below to restart your brother printer.

  • You have to make sure that there is no interface cable connecting to the printer. If there is an interface cable that connects to the printer, it may causing problem when resetting the network.
  • Go to your printer Control Panel and then Tap MENU.
  • You should find navigation keys to opt for INITIAL SET UP and click OK.
  • Choose ‘RESET’ before tapping OK. 
  • Press 1 to “Reset All Settings”, and press 1 again in some brother printer if it’s asked for confirmation.

Your printer should start resetting, all you need to do is wait until it’s done.

Resetting All Settings 

If you find it’s too hard or a hassle using the brother printer Control Panel, you can also try resetting it using the software. Brother provides software to reset your printer directly from your computer.

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  • Before doing anything, make sure you know your printer model, as different model needs different software. The model number is usually printed on the front or the back of the printer.
  • After finding out your printer model number, go to support.brother.com.
  • Search your printer models number on the product search box. 
  • You also need to choose your OS or Operating System.
  • Scroll down towards the management tools and download the BRAdmin software.
  • Run the BRAdmin and choose the printer you want to reset.
  • Find Control Menu and then choose network configuration.
  • Enter your password if asked and then choose factory reset.

Resetting your printer to factory settings should get rid most of  your trouble especially if it’s a software one. If you still encounter trouble or problems while printing, you can try resetting it once again. If it still doesn’t work, I suspect you got a hardware problem instead of software.

For hardware problem, you need to open your printer and check what’s broken or misplaced inside your printer. It can be as simple as a paper jam or as far as something broken. You can try bring it to the nearest printer center.

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