7+ Cheapest Places to Buy Printer Ink Online for Both Inkjet and Laser Printers!!

 Do you want to know how much printer ink cartridges cost? Or have you just realized how expensive ink may be now that you need a refill? Choosing which ink to buy will either save or cost you money. Additionally, seeking for the cheapest place to buy printer ink online is beneficial. It is critical to select the correct printer for your requirements, whether they are personal or professional.

Where is the cheapest place to buy printer ink online? 

7+ Cheapest Place to Buy Printer Ink Online

Here is a list of online retailers where you may get the greatest deals on laser and inkjet printer cartridges and toner.


Customers may explore by brand or price on the e-commerce giant’s website amazon.com, which returns hundreds of results for printer ink. Price comparisons are also available on Amazon’s website, making it easy to save money. Furthermore, Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on all items, which typically arrive within two days.

Nobody will be surprised to learn that Amazon has a large variety of ink printer cartridges. Cartridges are available from both OEMs and third-party producers, with the occasional small price decrease on both.

Cartridge People

Cartridge People, another store that provides a simple search procedure via a drop-down tool, supplies both OEM cartridges and its own-brand ink alternatives which, naturally, are substantially less expensive than the manufacturer’s options.


999inks.co.uk – This online ink shop offers a wide selection of toner and cartridges for a total of 27 different printer manufacturers. You may find your cartridge by searching for it by printer model or by ink cartridge model number.

Cartridge Shop

Cartridge Shop’s store sells office supplies in addition to printer cartridges and toner. Despite the low costs, the store gives a two-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if your cartridges are not up to par or you have compatibility concerns, you can return them for free.


Wilko sells OEM cartridges from Canon, Epson, Brother, Brother, and Samsung, but if you are buying at Wilko, you should opt for the store’s own-brand remanufactured ink cartridges. They are very inexpensive, the products from all of the major brands above are widely available. Some offers are only available online.

Ink Factory

Ink Factory manufactures its own range of ink cartridges that are compatible with major manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson. They try to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of ink cartridges, photo paper, and printers at very competitive rates, so if you routinely update your cartridges, it’s worth checking here to see if any discounts are suitable with your printer.

Internet Ink

Internet Ink, manufactures and sells compatible cartridges that are half the price of OEM counterparts and have a larger capacity, according to the company’s website. This business sells cartridges for Epson, Brother, Kodak, HP, Canon, Advent, and Ricoh printers.


Currys sells OEM cartridges, but the store’s own-brand Essentials collection is also worth investigating for your home printer ink requirements. These are guaranteed for two years and are compatible with HP, Epson, and Canon printers.


Staples provides both ink cartridges and toner, and their website has a dropdown search tool to help you discover the proper product for your machine. However, keep in mind that this store only sells OEM cartridges.


ryman.co.uk – On its website, the UK high-street stationery business sells ink cartridges and has some of the lowest discounts on OEM cartridges. Some of the deals are only available online. However, if you bring your old cartridges into the store, Ryman will recycle them and give you a discount on your next printer ink purchase, so it would be worth a look.

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Which Type of Printer Ink is The Right for You?

Which Type of Printer Ink is The Right for You

Printer cartridges and toners vary greatly in price, and there is a lot of lingo to learn while looking for new ones. So, here’s a rundown of the key terminology and what you should be aware of.

Toner VS InkJet

In general, you may buy two types: ink and toner. This is the first thing you should check for – don’t buy the wrong kind since it could not work with your home printer. If you have an inkjet printer, you must purchase ink cartridges; if you have a laser printer, you must purchase toner cartridges. Each retailer normally offers an estimated number of prints that come with the box.

Single vs combination packs

Ink can be purchased as a single cartridge or as a multipack. It’s just as it sounds, with single choices holding one hue, commonly cyan, magenta, yellow, or black and multipacks including every tone that you want. Single cartridges will be less expensive, but combo packs may be a better long-term investment if you will be using the printer frequently.

Buying a combination pack is usually less expensive. Individual packs, on the other hand, are occasionally on sale and should be purchased instead. Check the prices of both on the day of your order to ensure you obtain the best deal on that day.

OEM vs Compatible

When shopping for printer ink, you’ll see a number of cartridges and toners labeled OEM, which stands for Original End Manufacturer. This indicates they were created by the same company that created the printer for which they were developed. HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother are the most popular home printer brands. Xerox and Kodak are two well-known manufacturers of laser printers.

On the other hand, there are compatible printer cartridges, which are simply the industry term for those manufactured by third-party suppliers. In comparison, these are sometimes referred to as “off-brand supermarket items.”

Compatible ink is frequently labeled as remanufactured, which signifies it was previously used toner cartridges that were recycled and refilled. Because of the reduced cost, they are typically the most cost-effective ink alternatives available. While printer is widely believed that OEM cartridges include greater overall ink quality, checking into compatible ranges can surely save you money. 

Printer Ink Refills

Many stores that offer low-cost printer ink also sell refilling kits, allowing customers to refill their own printer cartridges. While replacing empty ink cartridges is a less expensive alternative, it is also a nasty task that many small company owners would rather avoid.

8 Tips to Shop Smarter for Cheap ink

8 Tips to Shop Smarter for Cheap ink

Purchasing low-cost ink should be approached with caution. People buy third-party cartridges because they are less expensive than manufacturer brands. However, not all online suppliers are trustworthy businesses. Here are some pointers to help you find the best site.

Shop at an Established Retailer 

One tried-and-true way is to go with a well-known brand (online or in-store) that guarantees the quality of its items. Office supply stores that sell their own branded third-party ink cartridges, such as Office Depot and Staples, are obvious examples. 

Both provide an Ink & Toner Finder that can inform you whether your model is supported. If you get suitable ink, you may purchase it online or check for availability at your local store.

Research the Online Suppliers 

Inquire about items from a seller you haven’t worked with previously. A respectable internet ink retailer should be transparent about where they get their inks. According to Internet Ink, “every Internet Ink brand product that arrives at your doorstep has been made under exacting ISO 9001/2000 standards.” If a website provides reviews, look to see if past customers have complained about typical issues such as clogged print heads or poor print quality.

Check the vendor’s website or ask the customer service representative how carefully the company inspects old cartridges. “Do they look for defects? Do they examine the cartridge’s electrical properties? A cartridge may appear to be in good condition yet contain a faulty electrical component, causing it to fail. After the filling, the vendor should test the cartridge.

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Check the warranties 

Finally, know your choices if your ink cartridge arrives damaged or gives average results. According to a poll of some of the sellers indicated above, vendors are willing to stand behind unopened cartridges for up to a year, however they may charge restocking and shipping costs for returns.

However, once you open the ink, it is yours. The majority of third-party merchants polled are prepared to refund an opened cartridge if it still has 70% of its ink supply. To put it another way, you can’t be sleazy and use the full cartridge before concluding it’s bad.

4 Ways to Save on Printer Ink 

Learning how to save money on printing costs might be a useful method to make some additional money. There are several strategies you may use to save money on ink cartridges. Here are a few suggestions and strategies for individuals who wish to learn more about saving money on ink cartridges.

Use Print Preview 

The Print Preview tool can help you save money on reprinting by allowing you to check your work before it is printed. Needing to print another copy after noticing an error on the previous one wastes not just ink, but also paper and time. Make the Print Preview your buddy, and you should save money on ink and paper over the course of your printing job.

Print Regularly 

This may seem like an odd suggestion for individuals trying to learn how to save money on ink cartridges, but making sure you utilize your printer on a regular basis can actually help you save money on printing costs. When you leave your printer idle for weeks at a time between print jobs, your printer ink may dry out, forcing you to discard the entire ink cartridge.

Printing a test page might help you figure out how to save printer ink from drying. When you don’t have anything to print, you can utilize this. A test sheet is also useful for assessing your printer’s performance and spotting any problems.

Use ink-saving fonts

If you’re searching for methods to save money on ink, employing ink-saving typefaces is one option. There are several ink-saving typefaces available, and the good news is that many of them are readily available on Microsoft Word.

 For instance, Times New Roman and Garamond are two ink-efficient typefaces that come standard with Word. If you are dissatisfied with the fonts included with Microsoft Word, you may download extra efficient fonts such as Ecofont to help save ink.

Choose an ink-efficient printer

One important advice for saving money on ink cartridges is to choose an ink-efficient printer. A printer that uses less ink might help you save money on ink. While it may be tempting to purchase a low-cost printer, they are frequently ink-inefficient equipment.

As a result, investing a bit more money on an ink-efficient printer may wind up saving you money on ink in the long run. There are several ink-saving printers on the market, and a little research can help you find get the one that meets your needs.

5 Best Cheap Ink Cartridges

5 Best Cheap Ink Cartridges

There are numerous options for the most affordable ink cartridges. To buy the greatest value ink cartridges, evaluate the number of pages it can print and the cost per page depending on your printing needs in addition to the price. So, which ink cartridges are the most affordable? Check out the list below.

HP 952XL Ink Cartridges

The HP 952XL high yield printer ink is the most affordable HP ink cartridge. A normal HP ink cartridge has a page yield of 700-1,000. When you get the high yield model, you will save more money since it can offer up to 2,000 pages for high yield black and 1,600 pages for high yield cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges. Because HP 952XL cartridges are all pigment-based, these best inkjet inks are also a wonderful alternative if you want smudge-free, fade-resistant, and sunlight-ready ink.

Canon PGI-280XXL and CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridges

The pigment-based PGI-280XXL black ink cartridge is used, whilst the dye-based CLI-281XXL cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges are used. These cheap Canon printer ink cartridges can print many more pages than both normal and high yield cartridges, resulting in a significantly reduced cost per print in the end, making it an affordable Canon printer ink.

The Canon PGI-280XXL black ink cartridge itself can print up to 600 pages compared to the standard yield of 250 pages, while the CLI-281 XXL cyan, yellow, and magenta ink cartridges may print up to 820 pages each as opposed to the standard yield of nearly 260 pages.

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HP 940XL Ink Cartridges

If you are searching for low-cost HP ink cartridges, this is a good option. These cartridges are all pigment-based, making them perfect for usage if you print images frequently because they are water-resistant, robust, and can be exposed to UV radiation for an extended amount of time.

When you buy the HP 940XL high yield ink cartridges, you get the best value because they can print up to 2,200 pages of black ink compared to 1,000 pages for standard yield. High yield magenta, cyan, and yellow ink cartridges may provide up to 1,400 pages each, compared to 900 pages each for the normal version.

Brother LC3039 Ink Cartridges

Are you seeking for low-cost Brother Printer ink cartridges? Brother employs a unique tank technology to preserve ink. The Brother LC3039BK black ink cartridge is pigment-based, making it ideal for picture printing, whereas the yellow, cyan, and yellow ink cartridges are dye-based. Dye-based inks are typically used for documents and crisper prints because they provide brighter colors.

To get the lowest cost per page, invest in the Brother LC3039 ultra high yield, which can print up to 6,000 pages in black and 3,000 pages in high yield. When it comes to colored cartridges, it can offer 5,000 pages per magenta, cyan, and yellow ultra-high yield ink cartridges against 1,500 pages per high yield ink cartridge. If you print regularly, this is a huge benefit.

Epson EcoTank 522 Ink Bottles

If you are seeking for the least expensive Epson ink online, this ink bottle is an answer to your prayers. First, these amazingly yield ink bottles are dye-based, which means they are far less expensive than pigment-based ink bottles. 

The Epson EcoTank has the lowest cost per page since the black ink bottle alone could print up to more than 4,000 pages. Meanwhile, the magenta, cyan, and yellow ink bottles can each print up to 7,500 pages. Isn’t that incredible? 

Here is some additional information. Even after printing hundreds of pages, you will still receive more bright color in your prints than with pigment-based inks. In addition, unlike ink cartridges, they are relatively simple to refill. The only disadvantage is that the ink may dry out if you don’t print for a few weeks, therefore this is only suggested for those who print 5 or more pages every day.

The Advantages of Buying Printer Ink Online

Buying Printer Ink Online
In general, while looking for places to buy printer ink, you must first choose between online and offline retailers. Despite the fact that just 15% of worldwide purchases are done online, it is a much better choice for a customer. Here are the reasons why.

A Wider Choice of Products

How many times you went to a store looking for a product only to be told that it is out of stock? This happens far more frequently than it should.  But, with an online store for printer ink or toner, you have considerably more possibilities for your specific make and model, which means you don’t have to go from store to store hunting for it.

When purchasing a cartridge online, you may do your own research, compare different manufacturers, check pricing, and read reviews. You have a broader range of diverse items online since you are not limited by the selection of a certain store. This is just another reason of why buying ink cartridges online is the best option.

Free Shipping 

Every business owner understands that buying in bulk saves money, yet there is rarely an advantage to purchasing 10 ink cartridges at a high street retailer. If you do the same thing online, you’ll frequently be rewarded with discounts and free shipping. 

Furthermore, it allows you to purchase many cartridges and printer components at a lower cost and store them until they are needed. It’s inconvenient to have to go to the store merely to get printer ink or toner if you print frequently. When needed, online businesses can provide same-day delivery.

24/7 Customer Service

You may make a purchase whenever it is convenient for you and receive advice on how to select a cartridge and properly install it. The customer car team at online retailers is usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get help and support whenever you need it.

More Payment Options 

Online retailers typically provide more payment choices than physical stores. PayPal, for example, is extensively used worldwide, and many customers choose to use it instead of a credit card.

So, if you still have a question where the cheapest place to buy printer ink online is, make sure to check the aforementioned online retailers. This will allow you to save money on cartridges while still getting a high-quality ink cartridge that goes well with your printer. 

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