Canon MG3620 Troubleshooting is As Simple as 1,2,3!!

No matter how sophisticated this printer is, you still have to know Canon MG3620 troubleshooting. The popularity of the Canon Pixma MG3620 is beyond doubt. Many people might have stated their positive reviews.

Check Out Canon MG3620 Troubleshooting

Canon MG3620 Troubleshooting is As Simple as 1,2,3!!

Regardless of its excellent features, this printer is affordable. This wireless inkjet printer is the best price of its kind. There is no other wireless printer with such complete features.

Printing anything is much easier by using this printer. Users can just count on their smartphones to print documents by using this printer. Still, there will be some important things to consider before using this printer.

Some problems might occur when users don’t read the manual instructions.  Another common problem is the unawareness of users about operating the printer. However, there are also ways to make this printer work without any problem.

Canon MG3620 Printer Does Not Print

Most users reported that their Canon Pixma MG3620 is not working. It is actually very simple to solve. At first, users find the ERROR notification before they are about to print.

Of course, this is not the problem that Canon MG3620 faces. Most printers can experience it. This is usually because of improper configuration, including the Wi-Fi setting, or other wireless connection configuration.

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Another cause is the wrong installation of an ink cartridge. It seems simple but it happens most of the time. Users have to pay attention to the manual instructions.

Steps in Fixing Canon Pixma MG3620

Steps in Fixing Canon Pixma MG3620

When the printer is not responding, users can try several efforts. But, they don’t have to apply them all. They can try each step until the printer is working again.

  • Check the ink cartridges. The ink cartridges that may not be inserted in the correct way.
  • Check the papers. Make sure the paper is inserting correctly.

These two steps usually will solve your problem 70% of the time. Yet, when papers and ink cartridges are already inserted properly but the printer is still not working, then users can try another way. They can easily restart their PC or laptop and the printer. This simple method may still work because of some problems like cache, bugs, or glitches.

Printer’s Connection

This is also one of several problems that relate to the troubleshooting of Pixma MG3620. Connecting this printer to a device is as simple as using Bluetooth or a USB cable. However, problems occur when users miss some important steps.

First, let’s say that users are about to use a USB cable to connect to the printer. They should make sure that the USB slot on the computer is working.  It is as simple as trying to plug another device into the USB slot in order to check whether the slot is working or not.

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If the slot is working but the printer cannot connect to the printer, then users might want to check whether the USB cable is broken. Usually, there is an issue with the cable. When it happens, users should change to another suitable USB cable to find out whether this method works.

Using Wireless Method 

Fortunately, this printer is very versatile. It can connect to any device by using either a cable or a wireless connection or WiFi. So, when users can’t connect to a network through the WiFi feature on the printer is on then they should make sure that the connection to the internet is stable.

Usually, the problem may occur on the internet connection. Users can check whether the router is working or not. They can try rebooting the router to check whether this method can fix the problem.

Another wireless method that this printer uses is Bluetooth. Users who choose this method should make sure that both the printer and the computer stay close. Then, they can check whether both devices are already paired with each other.

Resetting LAN Settings

Fewer users understand this method in which they don’t know how to reset this printer’s LAN Settings. Users can choose this method when all of those aforementioned efforts fail.  Resetting the LAN settings of the printer can be the best solution.

Before starting, users should ensure that there isn’t any device that connects to the printer.  Once the LAN Settings is reset, then users should uninstall the software before reinstalling it again.  The same thing applies to other wireless devices available.

It is as simple as pressing the STOP button for five seconds. When the alarm indicator blinks several times, then users can release it.  Afterward, turn off the printer and plug off the power cord and let the printer calm for five to ten minutes. Then, restart the printer after users make sure that they have reset the router as well.

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The Computer Cannot Recognize Pixma MG3620

This is another problem that users might face when they use Canon MG3620. Once the installation occurs, they might think that the printer will start working.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen.

If it happens, then users can uninstall the Canon MG3620. Afterward, they can choose Control Panel to find Devices and Printers. After finding this menu, choose START before finding SETTINGS. Under this menu, they can click on Devices and choose Printers and Scanners.

Reset the Network Settings is the next thing to do. It is as simple as:

  • Choose STATUS from the list of options.
  • Uninstall the Canon MG3620 printer software.
  • Reboot the computer.

Checking out the Print Spooler

The Print Spooler contributes to all the printing jobs by storing print jobs in the memory of the computer temporarily. Sometimes, when there is a problem with this program, the printer will not work. Users only have to restart this service by choosing RUN after right-clicking the Windows logo and restarting Print Spooler.

Make A Test

Of course, after applying all of those theories about Canon MG3620 troubleshooting, users can try a test print. This is to ensure that any of their efforts work.  One important thing to notice is reading all the manual instructions carefully in order to make sure that their Canon MG3620 really works.

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