Where to Buy 3D Printer Filament Locally? Here’s 10 Best Place to Buy It!

You have the best 3D printer you can buy. You can’t start printing right away, though. You need materials. The question is, where to buy 3D printer filament locally? We got you covered. Below we listed the 10 best stores to buy 3D printer filament from.

10 Best Places to Buy 3D Printer filament

Where to Buy 3D Printer Filament Locally

1.     Walmart

Walmart Photo

You don’t have to go far to get your filament. Indeed. You can find Walmart’s local stores that sell 3D printer filament. Walmart has thousands of grocery stores, departmental warehouses, as well hypermarkets. All of them offer a wide range of items.

You can find 3D printing essentials such as filaments, resins, printers, and scanners in the stores. So, if you need 3D printer filaments, just head to the nearest Walmart branch for in-store shopping. Alternatively, you can order the materials online and pick them up later.

Note that the products Walmart sells, including 3D printer filament, are from reputable local and international brands. Walmart sells them at reasonable prices. Plus, the staff is always ready to help and meet the customers’ needs.

Next time you are looking for where to buy 3D printer filament locally, look for the nearest Walmart branch.

2.     Staples


There is also Staples. Staples is renowned for offering brand-name printing services and electronics, among other things. The chain retailers stock high-end 3D printer filaments, printers, printing resins, as well as other accessories from premium brands like MakerBot.

Staples 3D filaments come in materials such as TPU, ASA, PVA, PLA, and PETG. The company guarantees that the stores only sell high-precision products that have passed through quality checks. In addition, at Staples, these filaments are available in multiple diameters and various colors.

Staples is rather customer-friendly when it comes to pricing. You are sure to find a bargain at the store. Just keep in mind that the in-store prices may differ from prices displayed on Staples e-store.

Staples also allows the goods bought in-store to be returned and exchanged provided that they are in their original condition.

3.     iMakr Store

iMakr Store

Perhaps you want to buy your 3D printer filament at a place that specializes in 3D printers. If that is the case, iMakr Store is a good option where you can buy 3D printer filament locally. Situated in Manhattan, New York, iMakr Store is among the biggest retailers for 3D printers, filaments, and scanners.

iMakr Store has a dedicated team of experts who offer on-demand 3D printing services and classes. The retailer also provides advising and consulting services as well as hosts printing events and demos.

iMakr Store offers a variety of 3D printing filaments from brands. For example, 3DXTech, PolyMaer, NinjaTek, and MakerBot, to name a few.

Plus, the filaments iMakr Store sells are available in a wide array of materials. From nylon, carbon fiber, ASA, PETG, and PLA, to ABS. iMakr Store offers deals and discounts, which you can check by visiting the retailer’s website.

4.     Imagine That 3D

IMAGINE THAT 3D - 6526 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT - Yelp
source: https://www.yelp.com/

Imagine That 3D is a Utah-based local store that sells 3D printers and consumables, from premium, well-known brands to less popular ones.

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What’s more, Imagine That 3D offers visitors and customers alike an opportunity to try its printers and 3D printing materials. Yes, including printer filaments and resins. The passionate in-house experts at Imagine That 3D also offer live demos during interactive sessions.

The retailer stocks various 3D printing filaments. So if you are looking for a lot of options, Imagine That 3D is where to buy 3D printer filament locally. At Imagine That 3D, you can see display models created from these filaments, providing potential buyers with information about them.

Imagine That 3D also allows customers to view the latest design tools and 3D scanners. On top of these, the prices of products at Imagine that 3D are customer-friendly. The customer service is superb, too.

5.     Micro Center

Micro Center

If you have been 3D printing for some time, you probably have heard of Micro Center. Micro Center is an Ohio-based Computer and Electronic retailer. The retailer has 25 stores in 16 states, which enables customers from all over the country to access its products and services conveniently.

The retailer’s stores have expanded their departments to include a wide range of goods, including 3D printer filaments. That’s not all. They offer one-stop shopping and customer assistance and easily accessible shops. They also offer ample parking space, which definitely adds to the customer experience.

When it comes to 3D printing, Micro Center is renowned for selling premium and high-performance products, including printers, filaments, and resins. In addition, Micro Center sells a generous selection of 3D printer filaments, from budget-friendly filaments to the most popular ones.

6.     Lowe’s


If you are looking for stores to buy 3D printer filament, look no further than Lowe’s. As one of the leading home improvement retailers, Lowe’s has partnered with more than 300,000 associates and serves no less than 20 million customers per week.

The mega-store offers a wide selection of 3D printing products, including printer filaments. Lowe’s sells 3D printer filaments from two renowned brands Made in Space and Dremel. These high-quality products can help you make your dream projects into reality.

Lowe’s also offers a lot of home improvement ideas and services. You can find plenty of interesting DIY projects to try out on Lowe’s website. Who knows you can find inspiration for your next 3D printing projects. You can find interesting deals there, too.

So, if you are looking for where to buy 3D printer filament locally, the nearest Lowe’s can be a good choice.

7.     Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Where can I buy 3D printer filament near me? Try Ultimate 3D Printing Store. The family-owned company takes pride in creating opportunities for customers, hobbyists, and public corporations who want to advance their enthusiasm for 3D printing.

It provides all 3D printing tools and supplies. These include 3D printing filaments, printers, printer components, resins, laser cutters, and a wide selection of accessories.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store offers 3D printing filaments made from different materials, from fiberglass, copolyester, carbon fiber, ABS, to PLA. In terms of pricing, the company has options for all types of customers.

So, whether you are on a budget or looking for premium and high-end filaments for your projects, Ultimate 3D Printing Store has it. Not to mention it offers discounts and deals frequently, too. If you live in Odessa, Florida, Ultimate 3D Printing Store is where to buy 3D printer filament locally.

8.     3DXTech


The next where to buy 3D printer filament locally is 3DXTech. It is a Minnesota-based brand that takes pride in manufacturing and distributing high-quality 3D printing filaments. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture professional-grade filaments.

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3DXTech serves the needs of 3D printing enthusiasts, from absolute beginners to experts, by offering a wide selection of filaments for creating complex engineered products and industrial-grade objects.

3DXTech’s filaments are available in different materials as well. This includes nylon, HIPS, PLA, and carbon fiber, among others. 3DXTech not only serves the local community in Michigan and Grand Rapids but also customers in other parts of the country.

So even if you live outside of Minnesota, you can still buy filaments from 3DXTech for your printing projects and have them delivered to your door. For orders exceeding $50, 3DXTech offers free shipping.

9.     Grainger


Perhaps you are looking for unique 3D printing filaments for your next projects. Grainger offers a wide range of filaments, available in not only various materials but also colors. At Grainger, you can find carbon fiber, HTPLA, PETG, and PLA filaments, among others.

What’s more, Grainger’s filaments also come with attractive qualities. From matte and glossy materials to metal-filled, ultra-rigid, and abrasive. Grainger sells filaments from sought-after manufacturers such as Creality, Dremel, and LulzBot.

The renowned distributor has numerous branches in more than 200 locations. If you want to buy 3D printing filaments, check your locality. You may find a Grainger store in your locality.

You can choose filaments from Grainger’s website. There are filter options that will make searching for your preferred filaments a lot easier. You can filter search results based on material, color, finish, or collection. Then, make your order and pick them up at the nearest store.

10.  Plug N Play 3D

Plug N Play 3D

Plug n Play 3D offers high-tech 3D products, including filaments. You can find a wide selection of filaments from various brands at the Plug n Play 3D store. The California-based distributor offers filaments to meet the needs of customers in professional, commercial, as well as industrial sectors.

If you live in California, you want to check out the Plug n Play 3D store. At the store, you will find a vast array of high-quality filaments. They are made from various materials such as PLA, PET CF, PETG, TPU, and Nylon, among others.

What’s more, Plug n Play 3D provides customers with resources on 3D printing on its website. In terms of pricing, Plug n Play 3D’s pricing is quite reasonable. Its customer support is good, too, which helps to improve the shopping experience.

Filaments Basics

In 3D printing, filaments are thermoplastics that melt instead of burn when heated. Filaments can be molded and shaped. They solidify when cooled.

When you 3D print, the filament is fed into the printer’s heating chamber, where the material is heated to its melting point. After that, the filament is squirted through a metal nozzle, tracing a desired shape.

Filament is sold in spools, weighing 0.5 to 2 kilograms. Filaments come in two thicknesses: 1.75 mm and 3 mm. Most filaments are 1.7-mm thick.

The most common filament types are polylactic acid (PLA) and butadiene styrene (ABS). They are widely available and relatively inexpensive. The vast majority of basic 3D printers are designed to exclusively use PLA and ABS.

Does the Filament Keep Its Color after Printing?

3D Print Spaghetti

Normally, yes. If your 3D printer isn’t well-calibrated, it might burn the filament, which would result in discoloration. But normally, the color of the filament before and after printing is usually pretty close. If the color changes, it wouldn’t be too different from the initial color.

As for clear plastics, you won’t be able to get a completely translucent print with a 3D printing filament. The nature of the 3D printing process makes any clear plastic misty. Not to mention the infill makes the print blurry, too.  If you want to print glass-like objects, you will need a resin printer for it.

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What to Consider

There are various 3D printer filaments out there. The most important thing to consider is the final application of the print. In other words, which filament you should buy depends on the function of the final product you are printing.

So yes, you don’t have to buy the fanciest filament you can find. These filaments are not only often more expensive but they are also inconvenient to print. Plus, they may not even guarantee extra value to the final product just because it is a high-end material.

More basic materials are worth considering. Especially those that are more aligned with the overall purpose of the part you are printing.

How to Get the Best 3D Printer Material

·         If You Are Just Starting

If you are a beginner in 3D printing, it is a good idea to get materials that are easy to use. These materials will help you to get acquainted with the 3D printing process. The most common filaments for beginners are PLA and PET-G.

PLA is the most commonly used filament in 3D printing, especially for beginners. And for good reasons. PLA is easy to print with a standard configuration. In addition, the filament is inexpensive, too.

Don’t be mistaken, though. Despite being a beginner-friendly material, many designers and manufacturers use PLA for prototyping and tooling.

·         If You Are an Advanced

For advanced users, mid-level filaments like TPU, PA, ABS, and PP are excellent options. These filaments can be used to print more complicated designs.

While you can go with the standard profile, you may need to tweak your configuration in your printing software when using these materials.

For professional users, PAHT CF15 and PPGF30 are great materials. These filaments contain carbon fiber and glass fiber, respectively. These materials are more difficult to print. You also need a special hot-end to print them as well.

·         Prototyping and Tooling

3D printing is commonly used for building prototypes and tools. The most commonly used materials for this purpose are PLA and PET-G.

In some cases, a prototype or tool needs to be resistant to stress, heat, and strong chemicals. If your printing project is like this, consider a more advanced filament like TPU or ABS.

If you are planning to print specifically for tooling, you want materials that are reinforced and more durable. Carbon fiber materials like PAHT CF15 are a good option as they have more resistance.

·         Commercial Use

If your product needs to be ready for commercial use, your best option is to go with a mid-level or professional filament like TPU, PA, or PAHT CF15.

TPU is not only durable but also flexible. As such, it makes an excellent option for products that need to bend and last long.

For a more professional-looking finish, go with a carbon fiber filament as it offers high durability and sleek looks.

·         High-stress Applications

For high-stress applications, you want materials that can withstand weather, heat, or chemical. For example, if you want to print a product for outdoor use, PP is a good material to go with.

For high-stress applications that involve high levels of heat, use PAHT CF15, PET-G, or ABS as these materials have heat capabilities.

For products that need to have resistance to corrosive substances, use PP GF30 or PP.

Now that you know where to buy 3D printer filament locally, you can start your printing projects immediately. To make shopping easier, decide what kind of filament you want beforehand. That said, it is also okay to be undecided. The staff at the store will help you find the filament for your printing needs.

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