What Is Perfect Bound? 4 Perfect Bound Advantages!!

You are looking for the best binding method for your print materials. One of them is perfect binding. But what is perfect bound exactly? Why is it called perfect bound? What are the benefits and downsides of this binding method? Read on. We have the answers below.

What Is Perfect Bound?

The Benefits of Perfect Bound

It is a binding method that involves gluing together the pages and cover of a book at the spine with glue. The other three sides are trimmed, thus giving the book clean and “perfect” edges.

Most softcover books nowadays are perfect bound. Yes, many if not most of the books that you see at the bookstores are perfect bound books.

Why Is It Called Perfect Bound?

The term “perfect” in the perfect bound refers to the appearance of the book. The perfect binding method uses standard-size paper. After the cover and pages are glued together, the other three sides are cut down evenly.

The result is a “perfect” final product that doesn’t have irregularities found in other binding methods. It looks even on all sides. The saddle stitch, on the contrary, has irregularities in the shape of a hollow center. The perfect binding

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How Many Pages Are Needed for Perfect Binding?

You can bind your works if it has more than 32 pages. The binding method works wonders for publications with 100 to 300 pages. If your publications have 32 pages or fewer, the perfect binding is not recommended. For such publications, coil or staple binding will be a much better option.

The Benefits of Perfect Bound

What Is Perfect Bound

· Perfect bound books look appealing and professional

The perfect binding method offers visual appeal. Not only that, but perfect bound books also look professional. The evenly-cut sides make them easy to store. They stack well, too.

· Perfect binding is affordable

One of the best things about perfect binding is its low cost. If you are on a budget, the perfect binding method is definitely worth considering.

· It is consistent

The evenly-cut sides ensure that the books are consistent in size.

· It produces high-quality results

In and of itself, the perfect binding method produces high-quality final products. It is even better when combined with a decent-quality of paper. They will result in final products that will last for years to come.

The Limitations of Perfect Bound

· It is not good for publications with fewer than 32 pages

As said earlier, if your publications’ page count is less than 32, it is not recommended to bind your works using the perfect binding method. It will be better to use coil or staple binding in such a case.

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· It takes more turnaround time

While a perfect binding process is done automatically, it tends to take more turnaround time than other binding methods. So, if you want to bind your publications this way, make sure to allow an extra day or so to anticipate the turnaround time.

What is perfect bound? It is a binding method that involves gluing together the cover and pages of a book and cutting down the other three sides evenly. The method is low-cost, consistent, and produces a high-quality final product.

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