How to Unlock Disabled iPhone without Restoring with Incorrect Passcode

Some iPhone users perhaps wonder whether they can unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. It usually happens when they enter the wrong password a couple of times to access the iPhone. There are some alternatives that iPhone can use to unlock the device without potentially losing the data from restoring

Why Does Your iPhone Get Disabled?

A disabled iPhone is a condition when you cannot access this device due to several incorrect passwords entered. This condition often happens when the owners forget the password or strangers try to access the iPhone but enter the incorrect passwords multiple times.

It indicates with a notification ‘iPhone is disabled’ or ‘iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes’ appearing on the screen. This issue likely occurs after someone fails after six consecutive attempts to enter the passwords. However, iPhone still gives four more chances until it disables the device.

People want to know how to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring because the usual method is frustrating. The common unlocking method that includes restoring will erase all the data to access the device. Therefore, it can disadvantage you if not making a backup previously to protect them

Can You Unlock the Disabled iPhone without Restoring?

Unlock Disabled iPhone

It is unlikely to unlock a disabled iPhone without erasing data and settings if the users forget or do not know the passcodes. However, some exceptions allow you to unlock disabled iPhone without erasing data. First, you may unlock it properly if you remember the passcode again.

Another situation that allows you to get access back without losing the data is having a backup of your iPhone. As you know the importance of backing up the device and performing it regularly, you can open the disabled device but keep having all the required data and settings.

You also can unlock disabled iPhone without restoring if it is running iOS 10. You can regain access to your iPhone by using its virtual assistant, Siri. You only need to follow the guide from Siri to open the locked iPhone

How Many Wrong Attempts Lead to Disabled iPhone?

The notification saying ‘the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes’ likely appears after the tenth wrong passcode entering the device. It indicates that iPhone completely locks it from further access. The iPhone usually provides different waiting times to try the passcodes again depending on how many you have performed.

The more incorrect passcodes you enter, the longer the waiting period is. For instance, five wrong passcodes consecutively allow you to try again after 1 minute. Meanwhile, you need to wait around 15 minutes after entering eight consecutive attempts to enter the password but fail.

If you enter nine wrong passcodes repeatedly, you should wait around 60 minutes to get the last unlocking chance. However, the chance will end directly after trying the tenth incorrect passcode entry. Therefore, it is time for you to decide the most suitable way to unlock disabled iPhone.

What are the Options to Unlock Disabled iPhone without Restoring?

You cannot unlock a disabled iPhone with passcodes unless you remember it again. If you previously backed up the device, you can enable the iPhone without losing the data by connecting it with iTunes. If not, you can try some handy tools and other alternatives as follows:

  • WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock is a professional unlocking tool that is the easiest option to deal with a disabled iPhone and currently supports iPhone 14 and iOS 16. Hence, it gives you peace of mind regardless of your iPhone version due to its compatibility.

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This tool offers a high success rate in unlocking many devices so it is not surprising if many iPhone users recommend it to solve iPhone’s accessing issue. Unlock disabled iPhone without restoring with this tool is easy and only comprises several steps

How to Enable Locked iPhone with iDelock:

First, you need to open WooTechy iSalvor and choose ‘Unlock Screen Password’ among the four options available on the screen. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB and continue by clicking on the Next option. When the computer detects your device successfully, iDelock will auto-detect the iPhone model.

iDelock will suggest the appropriate firmware for the users to download the package. You need to click on the Unlock button, read the notification, and enter ‘000000’ to confirm iPhone unlocking process. Then, it will unlock the device by displaying connect to iTunes notice.

Wait for the process for a few minutes until the program unlock disabled iPhone without restoring because it takes time to remove the lock from your device

  • TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

Another best solution to access a locked iPhone is using a dedicated iOS unlocking program like Tuneskit. It is one of the most recommended options because this program has many unlocking features to open an unlocked iOS display. It also can remove apple ID, MDM restriction, and screen time passcode.

TunesKit is very beneficial with various unlocking issues like passcode not working or forgetting the passcode. You can unlock disabled iPhone without restoring with TunesKit only by following several clicks. However, remember to check the latest supporting iPhone models and iOS versions to meet the compatibility

How to Enable Disabled iPhone with TunesKit:

First, you must download Tuneskit iPhone Unlocker and install it on your computer. After that, connect the iPhone to the computer and choose the Unlock iOS screen option when the computer successfully detects the device. Click on the Start button and put the iPhone on Recovery mode.

No worry if you do not know the ways because you can follow the step-by-step instructions that appear on the screen. During this recovery state, click the Next button to launch the firmware package download box. You need to download this firmware package before unlock disabled iPhone without restoring.

You can do manual correction in case something wrong happens on the screen before clicking the Download button. Click the Unlock option after you successfully download the firmware. Your iPhone requires setting up again after unlocking because the data potentially lose

  • iToolab UnlockGo

iToolab UnlockGo

Another option for the best and easiest way to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring is using iToolab UnlockGo. You do not need to wait for a long time because it can resolve the locking issue within 5 minutes. It is an alternative to iTunes because it receives a high rate in customer reviews.

Unlocking with iToolab does not take longer time because this program can recognize the iPhone fast so you can perform the unlocking process afterward. It also does not require complicated methods because you can finish the process with only three primary steps

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone with iToolab:

First, you must download the iToolab UnlockGo program and run it on your computer. Then, choose the Unlock Screen Passcode among the options shown on the screen. Second, you need to connect the iPhone to your computer and download the firmware package after both devices connect successfully.

You can click on the Download option and import the firmware package from the computer by clicking on the Select option. Third, click on The Unlock Now option after downloading the firmware package to start the unlocking process. You can create a new passcode after this program successfully removes the old ones.

Although it can unlock disabled iPhone without restoring, you must make a backup for your data and settings. It helps you to return the data from the prior backup in case something unexpected happens during the unlocking process

  • EaseUS MobiUnlock

EaseUS MobiUnlock

Using iPhone unlocking software is the most common option for iPhone users to gain their iPhone’s access back. EaseUS Mobiunlock is one of the recommended options you can try because it can remove different lock screen passcode on iOS devices including iPhones. It is beneficial for disabled iDevices and forgotten passcode on iPhones.

After unlock disabled iPhone without restoring, you can set up the device again. If you previously backup the data, you can restore it from cloud service or iTunes during the setup. It helps you to gain access to a locked iPhone without removing the data

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How to Open Disabled iPhone with EaseUS MobiUnlock:

First, you must connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable to launch the EaseUS program. Then, click on the Unlock Screen Passcode shown on its homepage and click the Start option to proceed with the program after the computer detects your iPhone. Click on the Next option to download the required firmware package.

If you have owned the firmware, you only need to click on the Select option at the low part of the page to choose the package manually. Click on Unlock Now to launch the warning window after successfully downloading and choosing the firmware. Fill the information asked into the available box.

Then, click on the Unlock option again to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. Wait for a while to let the program complete the unlocking process. Finally, you can set up the device and make a new passcode for accessing your iPhone.

  • Passcode Tuner

Passcode Tuner

Looking for the quickest alternative to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring? You can benefit from iPhone Passcode Tuner to help you remove the screen locks and reset your device. Many iPhone users also consider using this method to deal with disabled screens due to its easy process.

Pay attention that you likely lose all the data and settings during the unlocking process. However, you can set up your device again as long as you remember to make a backup. Setting up usually happens after this program successfully removes the screen lock

How to Enable Locked iPhone with Passcode Tuner:

First, ensure to install iTunes previously on the computer. Then, you need to download and install the Passcode Tuner on your computer. After that, launch the software and choose Unlock Lock Screen that you discover on its homepage.

Continue the process by clicking on the Starts option to direct you to the following interface. Connect your disabled iPhone to the computer and click on the Next option. The software will display all the iPhone details if it detects your device successfully.

Then, click on the Download button to take the firmware package you will use to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. The software will verify whether your iPhone is compatible or not. After the verification process, click the Unlock on an onscreen interface and wait until the unlocking process is complete

  • iCloud


iTunes seems to be the most popular method to resolve unlocked screens on iPhones. However, iCloud enables you to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. Opening the disabled iPhone via iCloud also becomes the favorite option among iPhone users because it only takes several simple steps.

Remember you should prepare your Apple ID and its password if you want to deal with disabled iPhones using this method. After that, you can return the iCloud backup to prevent data loss.

How to Enable Disabled iPhone via iCloud:

You can begin the process by going to the computer and accessing Then, sign in on that page with your Apple ID to log into the disabled iPhone. iCloud will launch the Find My iPhone interface and you need to choose the All Devices option when it is locating the current position.

Choose your disabled iPhone and click on Erase option to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. Confirm your action and re-enter the Apple ID and its password. You must wait until the unlocking process is over and you can open the iPhone again

  • Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

You can use Find My iPhone in the first place to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring by removing the passcode remotely. This app is beneficial for erasing your device from another iPhone like the one used by your family. What if you do not have another iPhone to erase the disabled one?

Nothing to worry about because you can use Find My iPhone online by accessing it with another mobile phone or computer to erase the disabled iPhone. However, it requires you to pass the verification before signing in to the app online, especially if you never use it before from your device

How to Unlock the Disable iPhone using Find My iPhone: 

First, sign in to the Find My iPhone app by entering your Apple ID with another available iPhone. Otherwise, you can use the online version app via computer or another mobile phone if you do not have another iPhone. Then, choose the iPhone device you like to erase from the device list.

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Next, click on the Actions option at the bottom of the page and continue by tapping on the Erase iPhone option. The confirmation box will pop-ups on your screen. Click on the ‘Erase iPhone…’ option. Type the Apple ID and password if the following instruction asks you to do so.

This app will erase your disabled iPhone immediately. After successfully erasing the device, you must activate the previously erased iPhone using your Apple ID account. 

  • iTunes or Finder

You can use either iTunes or Finder to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring depending on the computer you are working on. It allows you to enable the locked iPhone again after several incorrect attempts. However, you must set it to recovery mode previously if you cannot detect your device.

The app you use and the unlocking steps are different from one iPhone model to another. Hence, get to know the proper methods based on your iPhone model before performing the unlocking process. Ensure the iPhone keeps connected to the computer until the process is complete

iPhone 8 and newer models

The unlocking process on iPhone 8 and newer models is the most different from the previous one and includes more buttons. You must press and discharge the volume up and volume down buttons together. Next, press and hold the side button for a few seconds until the recovery mode interface appears on the screen. 

iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and its Plus version do not include the home button in the unlocking process. Instead, it requires you to press and hold the volume down and side buttons at the same time. Wait until the recovery mode interface pops up on the screen. 

iPhone 6 or older models

Meanwhile, iPhone 6 and older models do not involve volume button pressing. However, you need to press and hold the home and side buttons at the same time. It usually takes a few seconds until the recovery mode interface emerges on the screen. 

  • Mac Finder

Can you unlock disabled iPhone without restoring it from other Mac devices? Yes, you have the option to do so by using Mac Finder. However, you must ensure that your Mac device is running macOS Catalina or the newer version to support this app’s work. Unlocking disabled iPhones with this app is very easy.

Remember that Mac Finder has some weaknesses you need to consider before using it. It sometimes faces difficulties in detecting the backup file, resulting in a time-consuming process. The possibility of errors and data loss is high compared to other unlocking options

How to Bypass Disabled iPhone with Mac Finder:

The first and foremost thing to do is connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Then, you need to click on the Finder option available on the screen. Find your iPhone model and choose it from the menu.

Next, you can continue the process by clicking on the Restore backup option. Select the latest backup and enter the required passcode to start the unlocking process on your disabled iPhone. Last but not least, click on the Restore option and ensure the device remains connected to the computer during the process. 

  • Recovery Mode

Putting the device into recovery mode allows you to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring. However, making a backup for all your data is necessary before the unlocking process because it may remove them from your iPhone. After putting the disabled iPhone into recovery mode, you need to restore it through iTunes. 

How to Access Disabled iPhone Via Recovery Mode:

Set the disabled iPhone into recovery mode is similar to the iTunes or Finder option requires pressing several buttons depending on the iPhone model. Each iPhone model has different steps for the unlocking process. The difference is you still need to perform the following step for this method.

After putting your locked iPhone into recovery mode, you will discover a pop-up notification on your screen. It needs your confirmation whether you need to restore or update your iPhone. You only need to click on the Restore option if you want to get access to your iPhone back.

Although you have a small chance to unlock disabled iPhone without restoring, there will always be a way to do so. Each available unlocking method is effective but you will benefit more from regular backup. It gives you peace of mind anytime your iPhone is disabled and you must unlock it

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