7 Popular Types of Paper for Digital Printing!!

Many types of paper for digital printing are available to meet different printing needs and projects. You can discover them in various designs, thicknesses, weights, compositions, and purposes. The abundance of options can be challenging because you must consider several factors before choosing

7 Popular Types of Paper for Digital Printing

7 Popular Types of Paper for Digital Printing

There are so many options to select but you can consider the following paper types because they are popular choices for printing works. Knowing about them helps you understand the features of each paper type to decide the best one. 

  • Bond Paper

Bond Paper

Bond paper is a sturdy paper because it comes from rag fiber pulp. The material and composition make this paper stronger and more durable than other paper types. It becomes the reason why bond paper is ideal to use for electronic printing.

This paper has an opaque look making it a perfect option to print business projects like letterheads, envelopes, invoices, business forms, and a variety of reports. You should choose a bond paper if you want to use a fuzz-free paper bringing a quality finish. 

  • Bright White Paper

Bright white paper is the most popular type of digital paper for printing. People usually use this paper to print with their inkjet printers. This paper has a very smooth surface and is free from acid, making it the best option for producing documents, emails, or web printing.

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This paper features blue undertones and produces a distinct and clear image. That is why bright white paper is the most suitable for daily business and personal printing activities. This paper is famous for making good-quality printed images due to its vivid colors

  • Coated Paper

Coated Paper

Like its name, the coated paper uses a coating combination of different materials like Bentonite, Kaolinite, and calcium carbonate. It results in a smooth and glossy texture making this paper a perfect option for high-quality printing projects. The characteristics of coated paper are excellent color and a shiny look.

Many use it to print business cards, brochures, and magazines. Coated paper is a good choice if you want types of paper for digital printing that does not absorb ink and let it stays only on the surface. It creates a better effect on the printed images

  • Matte Paper 

A matte paper offers a lusterless look because it features less coating of chemical additives or other combinations, creating pores amid paper fibers. It forms a more porous paper that can absorb more which makes it less concentrated images. Besides, it does not have a vibrant color finish like the coated type.

However, matte paper can produce non-glaring photography and good-quality images that do not interfere with fingerprints. It creates texts that are convenient to read and suits best pamphlets and other marketing files with no pictures due to the absence of glare. 

  • Silk Coated Paper 

A silk-coated paper has a smooth surface but without a shiny appearance because it looks like a combination of gloss and matte paper. It offers a luxurious feel through silk fibers binding as the primary material. 

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This paper does not have a strong reflectiveness so it remains comfortable to look at under electric light. Printing silk-coated paper with LED UV can provide a contrasting look to the ink so you can read the texts above easily. This paper is a sophisticated item you cannot find in most brochures. 

  • Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is one of the types of paper for digital printing that you usually discover in office printers. It is ideal for ink use and has good absorbency because it does not have a coating. However, the lack of coating makes this paper vulnerable to stains, scuffs, and tears. 

  • Watermarked Paper 

A watermarked paper is suitable for high-quality printing needs. The manufacturing process includes a wiring pattern attached to create a perfect subtle image on the paper. It shows authenticity and adds a luxurious feel.

You can see watermarked paper in various uses like law firms, educational institutions, and essential business documents that include names or logos.

Choosing the most suitable types of paper for digital printing is essential. Determine how the final product looks and you can choose the right paper type to print the project. For instance, you can choose coated paper if you want a document with a shiny appearance.

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