How to Design a Spine of Book that Can Steal Every Reader’s Attention

The spine of book becomes the first thing people see when looking at the books displayed on the shelf. Although it is one of the narrowest parts of its physical body, it has an essential role in the book presentation. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn about it

How to Define a Book Spine?

A book spin is an edge or narrow part where you can see the location of pages bounding. You can discover several ways of bookbinding. Paperback or perfect bond or softcover refers to the same binding method that is the most popular one among the rest available methods. 

To create a perfect binding, you need to mill the edge of the pages so they can form a sequence of notches. Then, use a printer to apply the glue over the edge and press the block towards the cover until it perfectly secures that part. The glued edge becomes the spine of book after it sets

spine of book

What Information Should You Put in the Book Spine? 

A book spine usually comprises essential information about the book that involves the title, the author, and the publisher. Many books also include the year of publication in their spines. Two primary factors affect the spine design; the binding method and the book’s length.

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The hardcover creates a longer book than a paperback because of the binding process. Therefore, you can add more information in the spine like larger fonts and images for a hardcover. Besides, books containing more pages usually have wider spines than others with fewer pages.

How to Decide Information in the Book Spine?

Publishers frequently have several factors to consider about designing the spine of book. Publishers or printing companies likely want to display their logo or name clearly on the spine. They also will decide the title or the author’s name in the spine, using a full or last name.

Another important consideration before designing a book spine is the available budget. If you ask for help from a professional, it will need more budget depending on the design complexity. You can use only the key elements of the spine to reduce the design cost.

Besides, publishers must ensure to continue the design of the front and back cover to the spine. Follow the available spine template so the text fits perfectly in the spine. Then, use fonts that are easy to read so readers can identify them

How to Calculate Spine of Book?

It is necessary to calculate the book spine because it will determine the look of the spine. You should include several factors in the calculation like paper thicknesses, number of pages and book features printing. If it is tricky for you, use an online calculator to help you determine its expected width.

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The online spine calculator usually requires you to fill in the paper type, paper weight, cover type, and page count. Then, it will calculate automatically based on the given information. 

You will need extra effort to design the spine of book because there are many things to consider. However, if you can make a distinct spine successfully, it will replace all of your sweat and tears.

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