3 Factors That Affect How Many Pages Does an Ink Cartridge Print!!

There is a special connection between the ink cartridge and page yield. To answer the question of how many pages does an ink cartridge prints, you need to learn both ink cartridge and page yield. Fortunately, this page is showing all details you want to know about your printer.

Page Yields and Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

Page yield is a term that is representing the average number of papers or pages printer users can print before they must replace the printer’s ink cartridge. ISO or International Organization for Standardization is determining page yields for the printer.

Inkjet printers today come with impressive page yields. Many ink cartridges allow you to print between 120 and 220 pages before they require a replacement. If you are looking expecting the page yield and ink cartridge to be higher, you must know the printer’s expected lifetime first.

Can you do something that affects the page yield and make ink cartridges work longer than expected? There are some ways you may want to try to increase your inkjet printer’s page yield. Keep in mind that there are things that will affect the printing process and the page yields of your printer.

Things That Affect How Many Pages Does an Ink Cartridge Print

How long can your cartridge last until you must replace it? It depends on some factors below that are going to affect the lifetime of your ink cartridge. Make sure that you learn about some different factors below to find the answer to the question you’ve been asking.

  • Model of the printer

The first factor that is going to affect the lifetime of the ink cartridge is the model of your printer. Today, various printers are available and the manufacturers of those printers are updating the models every year. You need to compare two models to know the lifetime of ink cartridges.

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HP DeskJet F2400 for example is using 300XL inks and it can print 450 color pages and 600 black and white pages. The younger printer from the same manufacturer, HP OfficeJet 7500A came to the market five years later. It is using 920XL cartridge with Smart Ink.

The latest HP printer can print 700 color pages and 120 black and white pages. This means you need to get a newer printer if you want to expand the lifetime of your ink cartridge. This is because newer printers come with outstanding technology that the old ones didn’t get.

  • The type of printing 

Another crucial factor that is going to affect the lifetime of your ink cartridge is the printing type, either colorful or black and white. Look at a picture with beautiful colors, it has different hues and shades of the same color. During printing, your printer is going to reflect those hues and shades.

Black and white pictures are different, they only have two colors and some different grey shades. That’s why your black ink cartridge and color ink cartridges will produce different numbers of pages. Almost all printers have higher page yields for the black ink cartridge than for the colorful ones.

If you don’t have to print color documents or pictures, then consider getting inkjet printers with black ink cartridges only. Those printers are going to let you print black and white documents in higher yields. Don’t forget to get the latest model with much better technology.

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  • The cartridges themselves

The next factor that affects how many pages does an ink cartridge prints is the cartridge type you use. There are various types of ink cartridges based on the available size. Some of those sizes are L, XL, and also XXL, they offer different page yields.

Usually, cartridges for Smart Ink are in XL size, which allows you to make more prints without replacing the cartridges oftentimes. If you print a lot and you need an ink cartridge that is going to let you print without replacing it oftentimes, pick printers with Smart Ink cartridge technology that has XL cartridges.

Since you don’t have to replace the cartridges as often as you used to, you can save up a little bit on something more important for your business. This is a great benefit you will get though you may have to invest in a quality printer in advance.

Extending Ink Cartridges’ Page Yields

how many pages does an ink cartridge prints

Interested in purchasing a Canon printer and then using it in your home office or small business? Then you need to learn about some ways that are going to help you increase the printer’s overall page yield. However, some tips below are working for common printing jobs.

  • Using high-yield ink cartridges

It is possible to increase your printer’s page yield, one step to do it is by purchasing an ink cartridge that offers higher capacity. Those high-capacity ink cartridges are going to double and even triple the inkjet printer’s page yield. However, those cartridges are pricier than the ones in standard size.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is not all inkjet printers can integrate with those cartridges with high capacity. Before purchasing ink cartridges with high capacity, you need to read the instructions on your printer first. Don’t purchase anything that won’t be compatible with your printer.

  • Considering generic ink cartridges

Another trick to extend the answer for how many pages does an ink cartridge prints is using a generic ink cartridge. You may have an HP printer but it doesn’t mean you should use all products from HP. Many printers allow you to use generic ink cartridges or cartridges from third-party manufacturers.

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Those generic ink cartridges usually are cheaper compared to the ones from famous companies. But keep in mind that not all third-party manufacturers are creating the same ink cartridge. You need to research generic ink cartridges before purchasing one.

One more thing to consider before purchasing generic ink cartridges is the printer you use. Some printers may drive you crazy when you use ink cartridges from third-party manufacturers.

  • Adjust the printer’s resolution settings

The easiest way to enhance your inkjet printer’s page yield is by adjusting the printer’s resolution settings. Many modern printers allow you to work on ink-saving mode, you can access the mode easily from the printer’s menu screen.

Every printer has different features and options, so you may have to take different processes to adjust the resolution settings. Don’t use the lowest resolution, especially when printing essential documents. The lowest resolution may create a blurry document.

The answer for how many pages does an ink cartridge print is different, depending on three different factors. A Printer’s model, printing type, and ink cartridges type are affecting the page yield of your printer.

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