Is It Cheaper to Buy a New Printer than Ink and 9+ Things You Needs to Consider!!

People might wonder if is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink when there is a cartridge problem, ink running out, or broken. Knowing that ink cartridge and printer prices are almost similar, people might choose to buy a new printer. However, let’s consider the following factors

Should You Buy a New Printer or Ink?

Identifying Why Your Epson Printer Not Printing Black

Buying a new printer whenever you need new ink due to equal prices can be fascinating for some people. However, others might think it is impractical and wasteful because the old printer will end up in a landfill. Inkjet printers need a black and colored cartridge to run. 

Replacing those cartridges with new ones ranges from $40 to $60 but finding a standard printer with free ink for less than those prices is easy. If you have $50, it seems more economical to buy a new printer than the inks but you get fooled by it. 

When it comes to whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than inkit is technically yes but remember that the ink cartridges included in the printer out of the box are only starters, not high-yield ones. The overall cost per page may rise because they are not full of usable inks

The Reasons Why Is It Worth Buying a New Printer

The idea why buying a new printer is cheaper than ink appears due to some reasons. You should know the following factors contribute to the thinking of whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink. Thus, you can choose whether to buy a printer or replace the new ink wisely.  

  • Replacing cartridges is pricier than the actual printer

Replacing cartridges for inkjet printers usually requires you to spend more than $30 while purchasing an entry-level inkjet printer need you to pay less than that. You mostly need to pay five dollars more when buying black and colored cartridges instead of buying an actual printer. 

This condition helps you understand why is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink. Replacing cartridges for specific brands may be better than the starter inks, but it happens scarcely. For instance, HP starter color cartridges can produce up to 150 pages while their replacements can create 165 pages. 

Meanwhile, their black replacement cartridge can print almost 200-page yield from the starter ink. You should observe ink cartridge types and prices to get the best one if you plan for cartridges replacement

  • The new printer features enough amount of starter ink

The amount of ink is another consideration when people think buying a new printer is more affordable than replacing the ink cartridges. Quite unpopular to most beliefs, new printers feature an adequate amount of ink on their starter cartridges. 

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It is not surprising if people think is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink. However, some less famous brands come with starter inks that last only a week. 

Hence, ensure you make a smart and wise decision when you face a condition to choose a new printer or cartridge replacement. If you decide on the option properly, you can make more savings

  • Printer prices can deflate almost single digits

The possibility of printer prices dropping is another factor why the idea of whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink exists. Choosing a new printer than replacing an ink cartridge is more appealing because printer prices can drop nearly into single digits. 

Hence, you will spend less money to return the printer function. You may think inkjet printers are cheap but you always find other printers at very low prices. 

It is even harder to select which printer to buy if they are on sale at a quarter of its original price. Several people benefit from saving nearly $10 when they buy a new printer than replace ink cartridges.

  • Pricing strategy for basic and complementary products

The idea of whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink also appears due to pricing strategy in the market. A pricing strategy called the razor-razorblade business model involving selling basic products at low prices can increase the sales of complimentary products. 

Perhaps, the printer companies apply this selling model. Hence, cartridge replacement prices surpass the printer replacement. It is because the company sells printers with price at the lowest and compensates for them by increasing the ink cartridges price.

You perhaps do not realize when spending the money but when you will understand gradually as your ink runs out

  • The ink cartridge price is higher

The amount of money to buy an ink cartridge can increase easier than how much you need to spend to buy the printer. It likely happens when you use an affordable inkjet printer featuring ink cartridges that only produce a few pages before it runs out. 

However, many small businesses prefer to buy a more efficient printer with a slightly higher price to save more money in the long run. 

Other Considerations before Buying a New Printer

is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink

The idea of whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink is very appealing yet you should consider the effects before making the decision. See some of the impacts below if you plan to buy a new printer instead of replacing the ink cartridges. 

  • Convenience

Those who work creatively or professionally using printers usually prioritize more on quality instead of prices. Above all, convenience also becomes a top-notch consideration for them. They will choose the best option that allows them to increase the productivity of their work. 

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Knowing is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink maybe become a good offer for them to get more convenience in work. However, if you replace the ink cartridges, you and the other employees using the printer do not need to double-handling it. 

You also can avoid problems in setting up the printer in the network. Buying a new printer leads you to another inconvenience because you need to manage the old printer or dispose of it so it is not thrown directly into the landfill. Besides, consider new printer models that can increase the prices too

  • Environmental impact

You might know that is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink and can afford it but considering the environmental impact of your consumer behavior is crucial. Several manufacturers still use original materials containing precious metals and minerals to create printers. 

Hence, it can be wasteful if you directly send the printer to a landfill if you no longer use it. Besides, not all manufacturers are aware of and have advanced environmental operations. Throwing printers into landfill will cause negative impacts and threats to the environment. 

Fortunately, many top brands begin to involve partially or fully-recyclable materials to produce printers. However, this effort will turn to waste if they like buying a new printer instead of replacing it with new ink

  • Only replaced the needed 

Ink cartridge prices are higher than other parts in the printer so it is understandable if consumers think is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink and fall in the selling strategy. They perceive that a printing unit is worth buying than ink. 

Remember when you run out the ink, it does not mean you need to replace every color. Instead, you should buy a new color that needs a refill. If you print more black files than color ones, you will spend a more affordable price to change the black ink. 

Besides, setting the printer not to produce a high-quality document in monochrome is beneficial, especially if the files only contain text. Some printers also have eco settings to use ink more efficiently and other printing functions in small batches

  • XL cartridges 

]Ink Cartridges

Almost all printer manufacturers now launched several models with high-yield XL ink cartridges. They may feature two, three, or more ink than standard cartridges. 

Adding XL cartridges support heavy printing needs because you can buy several inks at once. It will be more affordable than working with printers using standard ink cartridges requiring more frequent replacements. 

  • Sturdiness

Each printer has a specific design to meet the different printing needs of users. Printers that can withstand daily heavy printings are a perfect option for any home office. 

Aside from whether is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink, the printer’s monthly duty cycle and the amount of regular printing are crucial to consider. 

Using the printer over its capability designed by the manufacturer will damage the printer quickly. This condition will make you spend more prices for repairs and early replacements

  • Quality control 

Not every manufacturer applies the same standard when producing printers and design flaws lead to troubleshooting. Hence, it is necessary to check the printer reviews online and discover whether customers find any issues or share their complaints regarding specific printer models. 

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If you find many customers showing their discontent toward primary components, like the feeding system or print head, you can find other similar models that receive better reviews online. 

  • Replacement parts 

You should consider the replacement cost of particular printer components and include it in the decision before buying a new one. Each manufacturer has a different way of designing the product that affects the quality of its parts and how much the cost you need for component repair.

For instance, Epson applies a fixed head design with the ink cartridges sliding into the fixed carriage. This design requires high-quality components for the print head but needs a more expensive cost to replace them when broken. 

Repair cost does not affect you too much if you buy a cost-effective printer but it is a matter of a high-quality printer for the office for the long term.  

  • New features 

Your older printer maybe is more efficient in its performance and ink usage but lacks new technologies that support better printing tasks. Thus, you might be thinking is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink whenever an issue is affecting the cartridge. 

Choosing a printer with a new ink technology will make a big difference. Small expenses can accumulate quickly when you run a business. Fortunately, making little adjustments to the devices used for the business can protect you from financial loss. 

Although saving twenty or thirty dollars a month seems like nothing, it can be very beneficial in the long run

  • Third-party compatibles

The cartridge prices are not always pricey because the prices available online are usually the original prices from the manufacturer. You can get ink cartridges at a lower cost with their aftermarket versions to save more money. You can find more than 50 percent cheaper prices if you are lucky enough. 

Ensure to observe whether aftermarket cartridge versions of your printer are available in the market before you decide to replace your printer with the new one. Buying aftermarket cartridges will help your old printer survive longer and primarily allow you to make savings. 

If you want to buy a new printer, try to choose a model with cost-effective alternative ink replacements. If you only discover third-party ink compatibles for your old printer but cannot get the new unit, you may spend more to replace your printer with the new one in the end. 

Although is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink, you cannot directly follow this idea because there are many factors to consider. You may prefer buying a new printer than replacing the ink but you need to do some work from setting it up to disposing of it when broken.

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