Canon vs Epson Photo Printers; Which One To Choose

When users give opinions about Canon vs Epson photo printers, they might be wondering which one is better. The fact is that both printers are very popular for their quality. They are not only popular for their best prices, but also for durability.

Canon vs Epson Photo Printers; Check These Out

Canon vs Epson Photo Printers

Everyone is very familiar with these two manufacturers as they have been in the business for decades. Canon and Epson are the main options for those who need to print documents, images, and graphics for both home and office purposes.  Either Canon or Epson is ready with various features in which each brand has loyal users.

As both manufacturers offer lots of advantages for their users, each of them has its own special characteristic. Canon has been very popular in producing high-quality images with strong colors. Meanwhile, Epson is always known as the kind of printer for various purposes.

There is no doubt that people might be very confused about choosing the one that they need. Of course, there are lots of considerations before choosing either Canon or Epson.  Buyers have to figure out their specific needs before using the right printer.

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Years of Experience in Business

Canon is actually more popular, thanks to its seven decades of consistency in quality. This manufacturer doesn’t only specialize in printers. It is also popular for other products like copiers, cameras, and so forth.

Meanwhile, Epson is specializing in printers. This manufacturer proves that its printers are very reliable when it comes to quality, sustainability, and durability. There is no doubt that Epson is one of the best pioneers of printer products.

The Price

Canon vs Epson Price

When it comes to the price, Canon is usually more affordable than its competitor. Canon is always popular as an affordable printer. Regardless of the same features, Canon ensures that the prices of its printers are reasonable.

There is no doubt that Canon is perfect for home purposes. But, it doesn’t mean that Canon is the best option for office usage. Canon is always versatile for various printing purposes.

What about Epson? Well, Epson printers offer pricier printers as compared to other series with similar features.  There is no doubt that Epson ensures high-quality printing, particularly for images and graphics.

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Printing Quality

The printing quality of all series of Canon is also very good. It is famous for its fast printing with excellent quality. For example, Canon IP22770 with the ability to print 7.0 ppm for black printing, and 4.8 ppm for color printing.

For most users, Canon printers are very good for office printers. This is because most offices need to print documents in faster ways. This printer is good for companies that need to print lots of documents within a shorter time.

This is the reason why Canon becomes the main priority instead of Epson when it comes to printing documents. Canon printers ensure excellent printing quality, particularly when users use original ink.

Does Epson Ensure High-Quality Printing?

Epson Ensure High-Quality Printing

Definitely, Epson assures excellent printing quality.  The printing quality of Epson printers is very good. But, the speed is slower than Canon because of its high DPI. Users who only need to print lots of documents might not need too high resolution.

The fact is that color printing is the main advantage that Epson offers.  Epson printers produce the more vibrant color of images as compared to Canon printers with similar specifications.  Epson is always popular for its natural and bright color printing images.

It is not surprising that Epson printers remain as the main choice for photographers, photo studios, and printing businesses.  Due to its excellent color print quality, Epson is always perfect for commercial usage. Popular advertising companies will choose Epson as their main printer.

Spare Parts

Printer Spare Parts

Actually, both Canon and Epson ensure durable spare parts.  As reputable manufacturers, they ensure that their loyal users are satisfied. Epson printers are popular with their excellent head cartridge durability which is known as Micropiezo.

Micropiezo is the exclusive spare part of Epson. It ensures the high-quality printing result in which users will enjoy natural, yet the sharp color of printing without any grain. The transitions also ensure smoother tone transitions.

However, Canon manufacturers are also proud of their durable components.  There are very rare cases that relate to Canon’s main board, roll paper, and other components.  So, both printers have their own specific features that deliver advantages to their loyal users.

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Basic Differences

The basic difference between Canon and Epson is the overall performance in the long term. As Canon produces lower color quality printing than Epson, then the head cartridge lasts longer. It means Canon is very economical.

When it comes to printing quality, Epson is better. Yet, it means that the printer will use the ink in a higher volume.  Users of Epson printers have to be ready with a higher budget.

Another main difference is the low maintenance of Canon instead of Epson. Spare parts of Canon are also easy to find and cheaper than those of Epson’s. But actually, both manufacturers offer high-quality spare parts with good durability.

Eco Tank ET-7460 by Epson

Eco Tank ET-7460

Let’s make some comparisons between the two latest Canon and Epson printers.  One of the best and the latest Epson printer is the EcoTank ET-7460 series. It offers a solid performance with abundant features. Meanwhile, its ink costs are very low as it has a high capacity, yet refillable ink tanks.

Epson introduced this printer as one that is good for heavy duties. The name implies that it can print thousands of pages within a month.  Buyers will get ink bottles set for printing 7,500 black color pages and 6,000 color pages.

It offers fast printing and copying.  Its compact footprint and easy two-sided printing make this printer popular among office users.  The price is also good and worth paying.

The Canon Pixma TR8620

Canon Pixma TR8620

This printer is comparable to the aforementioned Epson printer series. Pixma TR8620 is mostly the best option for office users. It also ensures great quality of image with long-lasting performance.

It is equipped with an automatic document feeder with a built-in duplexer. Fast copying and printing can be done conveniently. It is also equipped with a fax feature.  Yet, the costs of ink can be somewhat high because of its image quality printing.

Users stated that this Pixma TR8620 is popular for its glossy and strong photo prints. Its 5-ink cartridge system makes the printing result excellent. But, this printer isn’t suitable for high-volume printing.

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Is It True that Epson Printer Head Tends to Clog?

There are some reviews that stated that the print head of Epson printers tends to clog often. Basically, every print head of inkjet printers mostly clogs. This is why some manufacturers equip their products with head cleaning and nozzle check.

Epson is popular for its exclusive MicroPiezo® AMC™ print head. Older versions of Epson printers may not have automated head cleaning periodically. But now, the latest Epson printers apply automated nozzle checks and head cleaning for minimizing print head clogging.

Users of Epson printers should know that it is recommended to keep using the printer regularly.  The less usage of the printer will increase the chance of head clogging. When users don’t use Epson printers for a long time, then they should print one or two pieces of paper on a weekly basis.

Is Canon Printer Safe Enough from Head Clogging?

The best thing about Canon is the thermal print head technology that every printer applies. This technology allows the head to heat up prior to the printing process. This process can dissolve any debris on the head essentially.

When it comes to maintenance, Canon printers don’t require frequent cleaning. Most Canon printers can still work, regardless of very rare usage. All printers from this manufacturer are designed for such features.

Canon printers complete the procedure of ink tank agitation automatically. It means, head cleaning and nozzle check procedures regularly. But still, users have to perform a regular check on the head cleaning and nozzle.

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Ultimate Consistency

When it comes to ultimate consistency, both Canon and Epson are consistent in certain features. Canon printers are perfect in the Color Calibration procedure, in which users can create a baseline standard by using Canon Branded paper for color printing. This procedure can be set up at the initial installation.

Meanwhile, Epson printers need an official technician for performing linearization or calibration. It ensures ultimate consistency in the printer’s performance.  Users can rest assured that their Epson printers work perfectly though it may not be as easy as Canon.

Paper Feeding

Some Epson photo printers may find problems with the paper feeding mechanism as the printer ages. This issue may take place, due to the environmental aspect in which printers may be contaminated with dust and debris.  It is actually easy to solve in which users can use an air blower for blowing out the dust from the top feed tray.

Meanwhile, the latest Canon printers have a vacuum transport mechanism. It means paper feeding is much easier without complicated efforts of maintenance.

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