Do Laser Printers Use Ink? And 3 Ways to Save Your Toner Usage!!

One of the reasons to choose laser printers over inkjet printers are because they print much faster. Many users often wonder, do laser printers use ink? They might be wondering how a laser printer could print so fast. Does it require special ink and technology? Read further to find the answers.

Do Laser Printers Use Ink? Here is the answer!

Do Laser Printers Use Ink And 3 Ways to Save Your Toner Usage!!

Laser printers do not require ink. Laser printers, on the other hand, utilize toner cartridges. Toner is a thin, dry powdered material that is packaged in cylindrical cartridges. When a laser printer prints a document, it is really toner on the final printed sheet.

What is Toner?

Toner, a microscopic powder that is fused onto the paper to form a permanent picture, is used in laser printers. Toner-based printers, which include xerographic copiers, often print swiftly and produce papers that are resistant to fading and smearing for many years. They also often have lengthy cartridge lifetimes, making them ideally suited to the higher printing volumes required of most corporate printers.

How a Laser Printer Work

Laser printers begin the printing process by flashing the picture of the page onto a revolving light-sensitive disc, charging the portions of the disk that correspond to where areas of black or color appear. The drum then spins through a toner reservoir, where oppositely charged toner leaps onto the light-struck spots.

When the partly toner-covered drum approaches the strongly charged paper, the toner jumps off the drum and onto the paper. On its journey to the printer’s output tray, the paper travels through a fuser, which melts the toner onto it. This procedure may appear complicated, yet it all happens at breakneck speed within your laser printer without you knowing.

Pros and Cons of Laser Printer Toners

The following are the general benefits and drawbacks of laser printer toners.


  • Toners enable laser printers to print at higher rates, however this is dependent on the kind of your printer.
  • Toners are capable of printing more pages per minute.
  • Toner cartridges have a lengthy shelf life. They lower the number of replacement and maintenance services necessary.
  • Toners generate more precise and sharper pictures due to the use of laser technology, which gives more defined and clear print quality.
  • Toners are excellent for printing graphics and photographs.


  • Toners are pricey, especially if you use them frequently. If you want to save money, it is recommended to buy from a trusted supplier.
  • Toners are only used for laser printers, which are larger and more costly than inkjet printers.
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Laser VS Inkjet Printer: Which one is better?

While laser printers use toner, the other type of printer, Inkjet printers use ink. Manu users are then wondering which printer is the best. Here are the main differences between the two kinds of printer.

Difference in Technology

As previously stated, a laser printer prints using toner rather than ink. Toner is a powder that is heated and sprayed onto a paper. It comes with huge toner cartridges, so you may print for a long period before replacing it.

Toner is less expensive than ink but is less appropriate for color printing. Laser printers are frequently quick and efficient, making them ideal for use in the business. Do you print frequently at home as a freelancer or teacher? In such situation, a laser printer is also an excellent option.

An inkjet printer, on the other hand, prints by spraying small drops of ink onto a page in a specific pattern. This ink is dispensed from plastic capsules known as cartridges. These cartridges are available in a variety of ink colors. Many printers only come in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. However, there are inkjet printers that can hold up to 9 separate cartridges. That explains why an inkjet printer can produce stunning color printouts.

Difference in Price

Difference in Price

Many inkjet printers cost less to buy than laser printers, however they have greater printing expenses. These low-cost printers can generally scan, copy, and print in color. Because an inkjet printer does not need to warm up, it consumes less energy than a laser printer. However, cartridges are costly and must be refilled frequently. Do you seldom print? The most cost-effective option is an inkjet printer.

On the other hand, an average laser printer is costlier when purchased, but toner cartridges allow you to print more reasonably. Because toner cartridges last longer than ink cartridges, toner is less expensive than ink. In the long run, using this printer really saves you much money.

With a cartridge, ink might run out quickly. This is not the case with toner powder, and a toner cartridge allows you to print more pages. Do you do a lot of printing? A laser printer is definitely best option to be more economical.

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Difference in Performance

Later printers, on average, print far quicker than inkjet printers. The majority of models print more than 25 black and white pages per minute. This implies that one print takes around 2.4 seconds. Color laser printers are also available, although they only support the four basic colors and never have a good print quality. You can offer a report with colorful photographs, but you can’t print high-quality photos. A laser printer’s prints are both waterproof and dry.

Meanwhile, inkjet printers nearly always outperform laser printers in terms of resolution and color representation. As a result, you may include vivid graphics in text documents or print crisp photos. There isn’t much of a difference between text documents printed on an inkjet printer and those printed on a laser printer.

Inkjet printers print slower than laser printers on average. Ink prints are not waterproof, and color printing may cause the paper to become moist. Furthermore, ink might dry out and spray nozzles can become blocked. This is not true for laser printers.

How to Save Toner Usage in a Laser Printer

It is already mentioned above that toner cartridges are commonly far more expensive than their ink counterparts. The following ways can help you to be more economical when using a laser printer.

Use Print Review

Check the preview before printing, particularly if you’re printing a webpage. There is often a lot of superfluous content on websites. Advertisements in the margins or random user comments at the conclusion of an article use a significant amount of space.

You can see precisely what will be printed, how many pages there will be, and whether there are any additional pages that you can entirely remove out of your printing by glancing at the preview. This will significantly minimize your toner and paper use.

When printing in color, be especially cautious with advertisements, which can waste much more toner than extra text. To eliminate all the random junk on the internet, it is often more convenient to just copy the text off the webpage, put it in a document, and print from there.

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Avoid Using Stop/Start Cycle

In addition to utilizing Printer Preview, you may avoid using stop/start cycles to cut your use even more. Even if you are not printing, toner will gather on the drum throughout the stop/start cycle. This is a wasteful behavior that many individuals are unaware their printers are engaging in.

To avoid this, go to your computer’s “Printer Properties” tab and change the settings so that your pages only print after the final page is spooled. This reduces the number of times your printer stops and restarts, saving you a lot of toner.

Use Your Toner Cartridge until It Runs Out

When a low toner alert appears on a laser printer, you may be tempted to replace the cartridge immediately. However, many of these warnings appear when the cartridge still has 25% of its toner remaining. This might amount to an additional 400-500 pages printed with the same cartridge.

Keep an additional toner cartridge on hand, but only use your current toner cartridge until it runs out. To get the most out of your cartridge, change your toner when your pages become faded rather than immediately after you receive a warning.

Now after you found out the answer to the question do laser printer use ink? You got to know the differences between ink and toner as well. So, which one is better for you? Because laser printers print quickly, they are suitable for frequent text-based document printing because they may print up to three times quicker than inkjet printers. They also provide more detailed photos. However, whether you choose a toner-based or ink-based printer will still be determined by your printing needs.

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