How Long Does Printer Toner Last?? Let’s Calculate it!!

 For those who do a lot of printing, they might wonder how long does printer toner last. They might even feel like they keep running out of ink. They should prepare some budget to keep them using their printer without any hassle because of running out of ink.

Some people might want to know how many pages that they can print by using one cartridge. However, they should make an estimation about the number of pages that they print, from the first time they buy the cartridge. Usually, the estimation may be based on the frequency and quality of the printing. 

Wondering How Long Does Printer Toner Last?

Wondering How Long Does Printer Toner Last

The printer toner will last be depending on the usage. But, for those who are wondering about the expiry date of the ink cartridge, they can expect about two years. Most manufacturers offer a two-year warranty. But, buyers should also prepare when the ink sponge within the cartridge may dry up. 

However, changing toner more than once in two years is not recommended. Replacing the cartridge when the printing quality is getting low is highly recommended. Or else, the printer may suffer from damage. 

For users who rarely use their printers, they still have to change the ink cartridge within two years. Usually, the cartridge may not work well when it is left unused for a long time, due to humid environments.

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It is important to notice that the humidity of a room, whether in the office or at home, can bring an impact on the printer’s performance. Humidity may cause toner to deliver unsatisfying printing results. It doesn’t only produce bad-quality printing result but also waste a significant toner amount for every page that users print. 

Printer Toner Can Last Shorter

Printer Toner

There are times when users are wondering whether their toner doesn’t last long. There is one main cause for this problem. The age of the printer plays a major role in determining the toner’s durability. The older the printer, the less efficient it will be

Everyone knows that the technology of the latest printers from reputable manufacturers allows faster printing and lower ink and toner. It means, it is much better to invest in a new printer instead of repairing of an older printer whenever users find their old printer is not working properly. 

The next thing to consider when a printer toner doesn’t last long is the printer mode. Not all users are aware that there are several modes that they can choose before printing. Users can choose ‘DRAFT’ mode when they don’t have to print quality images because this mode can save more ink than ‘BEST’ mode. 

Or, users can set the printer mode to ‘NORMAL’ for normal usage of the printer. 

Users can also consider using their printer wisely in order to save much ink. Toner can last longer when the print job size is adequate. Some users have to print lots of images or graphics with lots of colors in which they should prepare more toner. But, users who only use their printers to print documents that contain text only can enjoy longer toner life. 

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The Secret Of Saving Toner’s Life  

Some users find the idea that they can shake their toner cartridges when they find out that the printing quality is lower. This is a good idea because it can save more money. Shaking the toner cartridge when the level of ink is low is worth trying. 

So, how long does printer toner last may depend on the printer’s usage and the volume of printing jobs. Users can prepare more printer toner when they know that they have to print in bulk amounts on a daily basis. This is to ensure that they don’t run out of printer toner that can ruin the printer. 

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